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The Best and Worst VALORANT Agents for Each Map

Scott Robertson

As VALORANT’s agent and map pools both expand over time, there’s going to be more and more for competitive players to keep track of. There will be new abilities, new sites, new angles to hold, and new ultimates to unleash. But which VALORANT agents should you pick for each map?


Haven is a great map for most VALORANT Agents, just not Reyna (Image via Riot Games)

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If you’ve already been finding success with a specific agent on certain maps, then by all means don’t fix what isn’t broken. But if you’re looking to reset your go-to compositions, then consider these VALORANT agents for each of the six maps. And be sure you are seeing each map in all of their glory with the best gaming monitors.

The Best and Worst VALORANT Agents on Split


Use smokes and walls to split the site and get the wins. (Image via Riot Games)

Best: Jett, Sage, Skye, Astra/Omen, Viper/Killjoy

With so many elevated spots on Split to play with, Jett is a must-have. One of her main draws is her ability to elevate herself and thrust forward, which is vital to pulling enemy crosshairs away from the site’s main entry points. Jett’s teammates, if paying attention, can come in and kill the distracted opponents, or at the very least get trades. Skye’s flashes can be used prior to or after Jett’s entries, and can also be properly used to slow down retakes or delay pushes while on defense.

Sage, of course, is the defensive icon of the group, and can use her wall on the defensive side of mid to slow down pushes there, and can jump up on wall if feeling dangerous. The same walls can be used to box off entry points after plants, slowing down an enemy team’s retake. Having an Omen or Astra that can fire off smokes quickly from virtually any spot is vital to success on Split when rotates can happen so quickly. The final spot comes down to preference, but both Viper and Killjoy are great for post-plants and defense.

Worst: Sova

You’ll see Sova as a go-to pick on lots of maps in this list, but Split is certainly not one he excels at. There are a lot of cubbies and corners to hide from his recon arrow. There’s not a lot of great lineups for post-plant shock arrows. And the changes in elevation make it harder to land a successful Hunter’s Fury. I love Sova, but just not on Split.

The Best and Worst VALORANT Agents on Ascent


Win mid, win the map, continue your rank ascent. (Image via Riot Games)

Best: Jett, Sova, Killjoy, Astra/Omen, Phoenix/Skye

Sova is an ideal candidate for taking control of mid on either attack side or defense. A well-placed recon arrow can illuminate the enemies hiding behind the arch at the bottom of Mid, or a group at Top Mid. A shock arrow can chase someone out of Catwalk or Mid Link. While Sova fights for information, Jett can fight for control by using one-way smokes, getting kills without trades by using Dash, and deterring peekers with an Operator.

Killjoy alternatively can be used to hold down either site defensively, with numerous places on both sites to drop down a turret. She can also place Nanoswarms in some ideal spots, especially in the tight-knit sections of the B site. Like almost any other site, a controller like Astra or Omen is ideal for smoking off angles on entires and slowing down pushes and retakes. There are also some delicious one-way smoke options on both sites. Phoenix and Skye are both great flashier options, with their other abilities providing lots of use as well.

Worst: Reyna

With mid being so large, Reyna is less ideal compared to other agents with blind capabilities. There are lots of angles in mid where opposing players can avoid getting blinded, or just shoot the eye out. And if she gets a kill and tries to Dismiss out, mid is so big that she might not even make it. Again

The Best and Worst VALORANT Agents on Breeze


Open sites, long-distance fights. Playing Breeze is no vacation. (Image via Riot Games)

Best: Viper, Sova, Sage, Omen/Astra

To take control of the open sites and win the long-range duels, you’ll need agents that fit the need. Viper’s walls and toxic clouds are perfect for shortening those long-range duels in favor of her team, and she provides valuable post-plant utility. Sova arrows are critical again on Breeze, and can be pivotal in getting opening kills.

Sage is ideal for walling off the main entrances to either A or B, freeing up the rest of the team to watch mid or other entry points. Either Omen or Astra can smoke off some of those long-distance angles on sites, giving their team freedom to move up more confidently. There’s really no clear-cut fifth option on Breeze, so it really just comes down to preference.

Worst: Raze

These sites are so open, and there are so many hiding spots that a controller would have better success smoking out. There’s just so much opportunity for Raze’s abilities to be wasted when trying to clear out a spot.

The Best and Worst VALORANT Agents on Haven


Three sites, three places to win or lose your match. (Image via Riot Games)

Best: Raze, Killjoy, Sova, Phoenix, Omen/Astra/Viper

There are no very wide open areas on Haven at all, except maybe mid, and that’s ideal for Raze and her Boombot. She can also nade off areas like Heaven on A or the back corner of B. The sites are also so compact that Killjoy’s ultimate can pretty much clear out any of the three sites. The entry points are also so skinny that her Alarmbot or Nanoswam can completely derail a push.

Both Sova and either Omen, Astra, or Viper are still extremely viable picks on Haven, because of all the things they can offer on other maps. Personally, I think Phoenix is a great final pick due to his flashes, and his ability to wall off sections of any site. Also, there are lots of hiding places for him to Run It Back from.

Worst: Reyna

There are so many deep angles that defenders can hold in the back of all three sites, that Reyna’s blind just doesn’t have the same effectiveness. It doesn’t help that you can just look at the minimap and see when her eye disappears. Haven just isn’t her spot.

The Best and Worst VALORANT Agents on Bind


Don’t push through teleporter. Just don’t. (Image via Riot Games)

Best: Phoenix, Jett, Omen/Astra, Sova, Viper

Viper is a go-to for Bind, as it’s probably where her walls are most effective. She can safely place walls that can split A, B, or mid down the middle, creating tons of opportunities for her team. There’s lots of spots that Raze can effectively clear out with her grenades or Boombot as well, and there’s also some fun explosive pack peek plays you can make.

It’s been said once, and it’ll be said again; Sova and Omen or Astra is pretty much a necessity. There are some great Sova arrow lineups, and more tasty one-way smoke opportunities. Rounding out the group again is Phoenix, but agents like Reyna, Jett or Skye could fill in the fifth spot as well. Even Cypher would do well.

Worst: Yoru

There are few places where Yoru is at least serviceable, like Icebox or Breeze. He needs wide-open sites with lots of hiding spots to utilize in order to be effective, and the more space available the better. So on a tight map like Bind, or even Haven as well, there’s just no space for him to play with, for now.

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The Best and Worst VALORANT Agents on Icebox


With the right comp, you can get hot surrounded by ice. (Image via Riot Games)

Best: Viper, Sage, Jett, Sova, Phoenix

Walls are key to success on Icebox, especially when it comes to the B site. Viper’s poison clouds provide more security during plants, and her Snake Bite is tremendous for post-plants. Sage’s wall has so many great placement spots that can protect a plant or deny a push. Phoenix’s wall may provide less protection, but he can flash through to catch enemies by surprise.

The sites for A and B are so big on Icebox that having recon arrows and drones from Sova is a necessity. And there are several spots where Jett can dash to and from safely, and like on Split and other maps, it creates opportunities for her teammates.

Worst: Astra, Omen

This is a rare sight. But, the sites on Icebox are so open and have so many entries, that controllers like Omen or Astra just aren’t as valuable. Astra’s other abilities could provide some use, but as a primary smoker, there’s not much that can be provided compared to on other maps.

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