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Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2: How to Play

Bradley Long

Overwatch 2 has released its 37th hero, Lifeweaver further expanding the roster of support heroes. A brilliant scientist who combines hard-light technology with plant life, Liveweaver brings a wholly unique style of play to Overwatch. His ability to manipulate the battlefield is unmatched among supports, and he has a high ceiling when played well. Mastering him is certainly a challenge, so we’ve got some tips to help you get started playing Lifeweaver.

Lifeweaver Overwatch

Overwatch 2's newest support hero, Lifeweaver has one of the highest ceilings in the game. (Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

Lifeweaver’s Abilities

Healing Blossom

Lifeweaver’s primary fire functions as his main way to heal your allies. To use Healing Blossom you charge a burst of healing by holding the primary fire button. You can then target an ally within range and release the burst. It will lock onto the target and follow them, healing upon contact. A full Healing Blossom takes 1 second to charge and will heal 75 damage. Shots must target allies or the Blossom will not fire. Lifeweaver also suffers a 25% movement speed penalty after holding a charged shot for more than 1 second.

Thorn Volley

Thorn Volley is Lifeweaver’s only truly offensive tool in Overwatch 2. He shoots a spread of projectiles at a quick rate of fire but with significant spread after the first several shots. The thorns are fast-moving projectiles with no damage falloff. He still won’t be much of a threat at long range, but he can defend himself well in close quarters. Both Thorn Volley and Healing Blossom will reload automatically after 2.5 seconds without being used.

Petal Platform

Liveweaver’s first cooldown ability allows him to affect Overwatch’s map geometry in fascinating ways. He places a platform on the ground that then activates when stepped on by an ally or enemy. Upon activation, the platform rises into the air, giving any atop it an excellent vantage point over the battlefield. Petal Platform lasts for 10 seconds after being triggered or until it is destroyed. 

Lifeweaver Overwatch

Rejuvenating Dash

The most straightforward of Lifeweaver’s abilities, Rejuvenating Dash provides him some useful mobility and self-healing all in one. Lifeweaver dashes horizontally in any direction and restores 25 health upon activation. It won’t be a huge game-changer, but it gives Lifeweaver a way to escape tricky situations or survive longer in an isolated duel.

Life Grip

The most interesting part of Lifeweaver’s kit is also the most controversial. Life Grip allows Lifeweaver to target an ally in range and pull them to his location, preventing damage and crowd control during the pull and restoring 50 health. It can be used to save teammates from dangerous situations or to aid in their positioning during a fight. However, there is also tremendous potential to cause problems if you pull someone at the wrong moment. 

Tree of Life

Lifeweaver’s ultimate gives him another way to shape the battlefield while also providing tremendous healing during a teamfight. He places a large tree within range that instantly heals all nearby allies for 150 damage. From there the tree will pulse every 1.75 seconds for 14 seconds granting an additional 75 healing per pulse. Like Petal Platform, Tree of Life can be targeted and destroyed by enemies, but with a beefy 1200 health that’s easier said than done. 

How to Play Lifeweaver

Lifeweaver’s unique kit means that he can have a massive impact on any Overwatch 2 match that he’s in. More than any other hero, he can survey the landscape and micromanage both his own position and that of his teammates. If situational awareness is one of your best skills in Overwatch, Lifeweaver is the hero for you. 

Generally, Lifeweaver wants to play in positions where he can peak out from cover to fire off Healing Blossoms that he charges up from safety. High ground is incredibly important for him to avoid danger. Luckily, Petal Platform gives him easy access to almost any position he wants to take. Use it to set yourself and your teammates up before a fight so you can safely dish out the healing throughout. 

Lifeweaver Overwatch

If you do come under pressure, remember your two escape tools in Petal Platform and Rejuvenating Dash. The platform can quickly lift you away from aggressive diving enemies and the dash can get you behind cover if you’re facing a ranged threat. Together they’re an effective way to remove yourself from any tricky situations that might arise.

If you manage to maintain a comfortable position, you can give your teammates the opportunity to play aggressively knowing that you can always Life Grip them away from danger. This strategy works best with heroes that can throw themselves at the enemy for big damage but don’t have an easy escape tool. Much of the tank roster fits this description, but Damage heroes like Reaper, Junkrat, or Symmetra also benefit from Lifeweaver having their back. 

Advanced Tips for Lifeweaver

Alternate damage and healing. Take advantage of his passive reload feature by swapping between primary and secondary fire. You can always have one or the other going, which will help farm ultimates quickly.

Only pull when necessary. Life Grip can be the best part of Lifeweaver’s kit if used properly, but it’s easy to panic and waste it. Having it up to save your tank or support partner is usually more valuable than using it on a DPS with their own mobility options. 

Set up your teammates. Lifeweaver is unique in his ability to affect your allies’ positioning on the map. Ultimates that can benefit from a Petal Platform include Deadeye, Tactical Visor, and Overclock. Occasionally, it will also make sense to Life Grip teammates into position for a big ult.

Use Life Grip’s Invulnerability. Not only does Life Grip pull teammates out of potential danger, but it can also be used to block certain abilities. For example, Life Grip can block multiple shots from an enemy Deadeye, provided the pulled ally blocks the shots while shielded.

The best time to plant a tree is now. Don’t be stingy with your Tree of Life when it’s available. It can turn almost any even teamfight into an easy win or at least force enemies to disengage. The burst heal is fantastic but the lingering pulses can negate all but the highest burst damage.