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Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair Review

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Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair

Anda Seat

Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair

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Dating back all the way to 2007, Anda Seat has experience in the premium gaming chair market for well over a decade. With the original team dipping their toes into strictly gaming chairs and eventually expanding to all gamers, they have an experience that few other companies can match. This immense experience shows itself in the Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair.

The Anda Seat Kaiser Series is not only built with some of the best materials around but brings some new innovations to the gaming chair scene. Does the chair hit all of the checkboxes? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of the Anda Seat Kaiser Series.

Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair Specifications

Maximum User Height: 7’1

Weight Limit: ~441 lbs

Tilt: 90 to 160 degrees

Armrests: 4D


The assembly for the Anda Seat Kaiser Series chair was fairly straightforward, especially if you have built any gaming chairs in the past. There were a couple of small things to note from our assembly though.

First, it can be done by yourself but we would recommend having another person handy. As the Kaiser Series is one of the sturdiest chairs around, thanks to its steel frame and high density foam, it is heavier than other chairs on the market. When looking to assemble the top and lower half of the chair, it will be much easier with a second body to help. It is not impossible with one person, but it is a little more challenging.

The other small issue was the absence of two small guide holes during our assembly. These holes were not missing in the metal parts, but rather a small part of the leather that is covered up. We ultimately had to make our own small cut into the leather to make the nuts fit easily. This was obviously on the model we tested, so. we can’t speak to this being a consistent issue.

Ultimately, the assembly was pretty simple. No major concerns or areas of needed improvement.


The biggest pro to the Anda Seat Kaiser Series chair is clearly the construction and strength of the chair itself. From top to bottom, the Kaiser Series is decked out with top of the line materials. From the steel frame, to the high density foam padding, the DuraXtra leather, to the memory foam pillows included are all top-notch.

Because of this stellar construction, the Kaiser Series is able. to conform to sizes that many other gaming chairs simply can’t. The Kaiser Series has a max height of 7’1. That is almost a foot taller than most other recommended height requirements for other products. And the maximum suggested weight for the Kaiser Series is 441 lbs. That is practically double of many other chairs on the market. That being said, it is still plenty comfortable for others. We have no complaints about the chair being “too big” despite not meeting those suggested height and weight limits.

One thing you will definitely notice is the memory foam pillows included with the Kaiser Series. The lumbar support pillow appears much bigger than most, but actually never feels like it is too big. And the head pillow is completely different than anything we have seen. Instead of being one pillow designed to position behind your neck, the Kaiser Series has a longer pillow built to cradle your neck and shoulders. It may feel a little weird at first but it ultimately feels amazing and helps a lot to minimize back strain.


The cons of the Anda Seat Kaiser Series are generally pretty slight. First, it is bulky. Obviously, this is by design, but it feels like it takes up much more room than many other gaming chairs. This also plays into the chair being pretty heavy.

Second, though the leather is great on the chair and feels like it will be able to hold up over a long time, it does not breathe the best. You can expect to be a little warm when spending extended time in the Kaiser Series, to the point of causing some sweating.

Finally, the 4D armrests are good, but not great. It does ultimately feel like the only part of the chair that is not the highest quality materials. They are solid, just nothing to write home about.


Ultimately, you are not going to find a better gaming chair on the market if you are looking for support and don’t fit the rigid size requirement of many other products. The Anda Seat Kaiser Series is built to last. We have sat in a lot of different gaming chairs over the years, but the Kaiser Series feels like the most bullet-proof, durable chair around. The small cons we have with the product don’t come anywhere near outweighing the positives.

If you are looking for a durable, well-constructed, surprisingly comfortable gaming chair, there are not many options that can match the Anda Seat Kaiser Series.

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