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Glytch Energy Drink Review

Hotspawn Team
glytch energy falcon smash

Glytch Energy

Glytch Energy Drink

Glytch Energy has positioned themselves as a “whole-body wellness brand” for gamers. Should you be taking their products?

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The world of gaming energy drinks is becoming more and more saturated by the day. With a seemingly endless number of companies and products to try, it can be hard to know where you should spend your money. One brand that has started to make noise in the scene is Glytch Energy. Glytch has positioned themselves as a “whole-body wellness brand” for gamers, rather than one just focused on pumping you full of sugar for a short high.

This focus on wellness has meant that Glytch, aside from producing the usual energy drink powders, have also created supplements for gamers. These supplements range from everything from your basic energy formula to helping you sleep and more.

With a wide variety of products and a focus on your well-being, we decided to put Glytch Energy to the test and see if it is truly here to “revolutionize the landscape of esports.”

Glytch Energy Drink Flavors

  • Aim Assist (Sour Cherry)
  • Berry-A 51 (Berry)
  • Blood Orange
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Cotton Candy
  • Falcon Smash (Sour Blue Raspberry)
  • Grannys Greenades (Green Apple)
  • Gumball
  • Loopy Fruits (Fruity Cereal)
  • Magic Charms (Marhsmallowy Cereal)
  • OA Slurp (Fruits and Berries)
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Rainbow Magik (Rainbow Candy)
  • Rocket Pop (Cherry, Lime, and Blue Raspberry)
  • Slaughter Melon (Watermelon)
  • Sour Bomb
  • Sour Grape Ape
  • Sucker Punch (Fruit Punch)
  • Tropic Thunder (Tropical)
  • Blackberry Lemonade (Caffeine-Free)

Glytch Energy Drink Review

glytch energy gumball

Glytch Energy Taste

For this review, we tested nearly every flavor that Glytch makes year-round. And, as you would expect, it often came down to personal preference to which ones tasted the best. We did find that pretty much every flavor was as advertised and tasted as we expected it to.

We did find that Glytch tended to lean closer to the sweet side of things. That means that the sweetest sounding flavors (Gumball, Magic Charms etc) were VERY sweet. We would recommend sticking to the more traditional flavors of Glytch, at least until you have tried them out and taste the sweetness level yourself.

The flavors that seemed to be the most popular around the Hotspawn office were Cherry Bomb, Pink Lemonade, Aim Assist, and Blackberry Lemonade. Overall, we found the flavors that leaned more towards the sour and tart were the best at balancing out the natural sweetness of Glytch.

Glytch Energy also introduces seasonal flavors regularly. During the Halloween season, you can expect to see their Candy Corn flavor. During the fall season, they carry “Basic,” which is their pumpkin spice flavor.

If you are overwhelmed by the pure selection of flavors, you may look to get one of Glytch’s bundles. They have their starter kit, which comes with a shaker and seven single-serving packs of various flavors. Alternatively, you can go the route of buying a Big Pac, which is a larger pack of 20 single-serving packs (four flavors of your choice). The only thing to note about the single-serving packs is that you will not find the season flavors noted above. So, if you want to try these, you will need to take the dive and get a full tub.


Glytch Energy Ingredients

One of the first things you will notice when looking at Glytch Energy is the caffeine levels. At 175 mg per serving, excluding their caffeine-free formula, Glytch is on the higher end of caffeine for energy drinks on the market. We were definitely able to feel that extra kick you get compared to some other products. If you are looking to kick the caffeine habit, then you only have one option with Glytch, which is far from ideal for those folks.

Looking at ingredients beyond caffeine, Glytch has four blends that go into each energy drink. These blends are what really separates Glytch in the space, in terms of ingredients.

The performance blend, which is easily the highest concentration, contains L-Citrulline Malate (2:1), Taurine, Beta-Alanine. Citrulline is an amino acid created naturally in the body that, when taken regularly, may help widen the blood vessels in the body leading to reduced fatigue. Taurine is also found naturally in the body and can help with a wide variety of things, but is widely studied regarding its benefits for working out and decreasing fatigue. Beta-alanine aids the body in the production of carnosine, which helps increase endurance.

The energy blend contains the previously mentioned caffeine, theobromine, Vitamin B12, and coconut extract. Theobromine is something regularly found in the cacao plant (and chocolate). Caffeine and theobromine work similarly in the body to produce extra energy.

The focus blend contains Alpha-GPC, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Noopept. Alpha-GPC aids in the creation of a chemical called acetylcholine in the brain, which is a key factor in memory and learning functions. Tyrosine helps create phenylalanine, which is essential in the creation of neurotransmitters. Theanine is naturally found in teas and some mushrooms. It is theorized to help with focus over long periods. Noopept is a popular ingredient in the nootropic community, helping in various functions in the brain including the creation of acetylcholine.

Finally, the ocular blend contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Bilberry. Lutein has become synonymous with eye health over the past several years, showing signs of helping prevent macular disease. Zeaxanthin goes to the eyes to help protect eye cells from the damaging effects of certain light sources. Bilberry is a berry that grows naturally and has long been attributed to eye health, especially vision a night.

The TLDR of it all, Glytch Energy’s blends combines various well-known ingredients important to both health and performance.

Glytch Energy Mixing

Glytch mixes about as well as you would expect. We do highly recommend that you use a shaker to do your mixing for the energy drinks though. As with most drinks on the market, trying to mix it in a glass is not ideal, as there does tend to be some separation of certain particles over time. In theory, you could just stir Glytch often in a glass, but it is likely easier to splurge and go with a shaker.

Glytch Energy Supplements

  • AI
  • Bluescope (Ocular support)
  • Godmode (All-natural Testosterone Booster – Must be 18 to use)
  • In-Game Energy (Caffeine/Energy Booster)
  • Lvl Up (Multivitamin)
  • Respawn (Broad-spectrum CBD)
  • Rez (Sleeping)
  • Shield (Immunity Booster)

Glytch Energy Supplements Review

glytch energy god mode

Supplements are an excellent alternative for those who do not enjoy the taste of energy drinks. With that in mind, Glytch Energy produced a wide variety of gaming supplements that we have not seen elsewhere on the market. Of the eight supplements, Hotspawn tested four (AI, Respawn, Rez and Shield).

AI is what you would likely call the “typical” nootropic supplement. It is meant to increase cognitive function. It is a mix of Glytch’s AI Tri-Shroom blend, which is comprised of various mushrooms and their extracts, L-theanine, Noopept and Huperzine A. If you are looking to get a jolt of energy without consuming an energy drink or caffeine, AI is a great choice. We were honestly shocked at how relatively fast it worked and the sustained energy it provided.

Respawn is used to relax after a long day of gaming – or anything really. The first thing for you to know is that Respawn does contain 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD per serving. broad-spectrum CBD is somewhere between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Broad-spectrum basically means that the CBD is combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes to heighten the effect. 15mg is about on par with many other gummies on the market and Respawn did a great job at relaxing us after a long day.

For those who struggle to sleep, Glytch Energy created Rez. This sleep aid product contains Rez Sleep Mode Complex. This complex contains several ingredients meant to help you relax and sleep including Beta-Phenyl-GABA, L-Theanine, and Melatonin. The supplements worked well for us, just make sure you follow the instructions.

Shield is meant to help build your immunity. This immunity booster contains two different formulas – the Shield Complex and the Immune Defense Complex. The Shield complex is meant to increase your body’s defenses against sickness while the Immune Defense complex is meant to help, well, build your immune defense. It seems as though Shield works well, as nobody at Hotspawn has caught a cold since taking them. Additionally, though Glytch is directing this towards gamers, there are plenty of non-gamer targetted products that provide similar results. Using our experience with those – and some similar ingredients – we tend t believe Shield will work.


We definitely feel that Glytch Energy is going to quickly rise to prominence in the space. The products have real benefits for gamers and manage to do so without being gross-tasting. They offer a wide variety of flavors that should basically appeal to anyone who is looking for an energy drink. Their supplements have worked well in our time using them and have proven basis in the supplement community.

Long and short, there really is no reason to not try Glytch Energy. We know that it can be difficult choosing an energy drink because taste plays such a vital role. But, we think that taking the leap with Glytch Energy is one that will prove successful.

Disclaimer: Glytch Energy provided Hotspawn with the products for this review. Glytch Energy was not consulted before publication and all findings from Hotspawn staff were not altered in any way. 

Hotspawn Team

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