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Community Guidelines

Welcome to Hotspawn – a website built for esport and video game enthusiasts by those who share the same passion! We strive to deliver you the best esports experience around. From articles to guides, videos to tweets, streams and more, we strive for excellence. To help us provide that experience, there are guidelines we expect all of our users to follow which are outlined below and cover everything from moderation, banning, posts and our own commitment to these practices.

TL;DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read)

Be nice – No name calling, trolling or being disrespectful to fellow users and writers. Any comment meant to foster discussion can be made without trying to drag others down.

Moderation – We reserve the right to ban any user on any social media channel that posts comments or messages containing racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, or any other derogatory behavior.

Our Channels – Both of the above points apply across all of our channels including (but not limited to): Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube.

Corrections – Did we make a typo? Miss a tweet? A suggestion? Let us know via our contact page and we’ll work to get it fixed (with a shout out to you!)

What We Ask of You, We Ask of Ourselves

We’re all about transparency and clarity at Hotspawn. So, we promise to honor the same guidelines that we ask of you. We welcome your insights, experiences, and strategies to push the dialogue and lifestyle around esports further.

See a strategy that you tried but have some tips on how to refine it?
Is there a new character you’re excited to play as?

Are there certain teams and players you want to hear more about?

Comment, tweet and share your thoughts with us and the Hotspawn community!


Believe it or not, it takes a lot of work to run a website. Our team of moderators works on all of our social media channels to keep the comments section clear and welcoming under the Hotspawn brand. Our moderators reserve the right to delete comments, ban users and report them to the corresponding social media platform.

What Will Get You Banned, Muted and/or Removed

Curious about what will get you taken off of our pages? We developed a complete list for your review below covering public comments, page comments and personal messages to the Hotspawn account:

Trolling – We don’t feed trolls. Any remarks that insult other players, are off-hand of the conversation or are targeted to hurt others will be removed (and the poster with them!)

Hate Speech – Whether it’s dressed as a prejudicial statement, slur, comments containing racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia or any other type of derogatory language will be removed.

NSFW Content – Hotspawn caters to people of all experience levels – from the beginning esports player to the seasoned pro. Any posts containing pornography, gore, vile language, sexualization – and the like – will be removed.

Insulting Other Sites – It doesn’t matter if you’re insulting us, another esports site, or another website in general. It will not be tolerated.

Spam – It doesn’t matter if it is digital or canned, we don’t like it and we will delete it. If a post contains self-promo materials, automated messages or copies from other websites, they will be deleted.

Illegal Activities – Any comments or posts to pages with illegal downloads, piracy, or information on tools that do harm to others in the real or cyber world will result in a ban and report to the social media platform it was posted on.

Where to Post

You are invited to comment and post on our social channels, all of which are linked below:

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