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How to Play Astra in VALORANT

Jalen Lopez

Astra is the latest Controller introduced in VALORANT and has a powerful ability kit. Players can control enemy movement and prevent pushes by carefully using their abilities and planning. Astra can also help her team enter sites with her smokes and concussions or pull enemies into the open with the Gravity Well ability.


Astra is a newest Controller with a powerful ability set. (Image via Riot Games)

However, understanding how and when to use Astra’s abilities is vital.

Astral Form


Astra brings an out-of-this-world set of abilities to VALORANT (Image via Riot Games)

Astra’s Astral Form is the crux of her ability kit. Players can place up to five Star rounds per round while in the Astral Form. The Stars can be placed around the map, and Astra can move around the entire map in Astral Form.

Astra can activate each Star to use one of her three other abilities. This allows players to have a lot of creativity each round and help give the team the utility they need. Remember that you are vulnerable in Astral Form and can take damage.

Players start with two Stars automatically per round and can purchase more Stars for 200 credits each. Coordinating with your team is to make sure your Stars are in the proper places for the round.

Gravity Well

Gravity Well

Astra’s Gravity Well can pull enemies into the open. (Image via Riot Games)

The Gravity Well ability pulls all players in its area toward the Star’s center before it explodes. Players hit by the blast receive the vulnerable debuff, making them easier to kill for a short period.

Players should use the Gravity Well ability to pull enemies from popular hiding spots. It can also keep enemies in the open while they push a spot. This can also buy time for other players to rotate to the site and stall a team from taking a site.

Nova Pulse

Nova Pulse

Use a Nova Pulse to concuss enemies. (Image via Riot Games)

Astra’s Nova Pulse ability concusses players in the area after a short charge period. This is an excellent ability for defense or offense.

Players can concuss enemies in popular defensive positions before pushing a site. They can also concuss enemies moving into a site to slow them down or pick them off. Placement of the Stars is important to ensure the Nova Pulse hits enemies.

Nebula/ Dissipate

astra nebula

Astra smokes off an entry point with her Nebula. Image via Riot Games.

Astra can smoke areas for her team with the Nebula ability to help cover an advance. The smoke can also act as a deterrent for attacking teams as it obscures their vision.

Use the Dissipate ability to block critical chokepoints or popular spots on sites. As a Controller, Astra is designed to control what the other team can see, and she can use two Nebulas simultaneously.

However, Astra does not have to commit a star to a Nebula to help provide cover. The Dissipate allows Astra to recall a Star to use elsewhere. When the ability is activated, it creates a short, fake Nebula that offers a couple of seconds of cover.

This can be useful to help a teammate escape a dangerous situation or to trick enemies into rotating. Remember that the fake smoke does not last long, and capitalize on it quickly.

Cosmic Divide

The Cosmic Divide ultimate ability creates a large wall that blocks bullets and dampens sound. This ability is an excellent tool to help provide extra protection for you and your team, but enemies can still walk through it or use their abilities.

Players can activate the ability while in Astral Form by pressing their alt-fire button and double-clicking to determine which direction the wall will go. Once the wall is activated, the sound will be dampened on both sides, and players cannot shoot through the wall.

Enemies can still use abilities through the wall, so players should not expect to be fully protected.

The Cosmic Divide ability can easily block multiple entries into a site. This can be detrimental for a team pushing a site and stop their advance. Astra can also use it to protect her team from multiple angles while entering a site.

Adapt and Communicate

Astra’s abilities can help teams hold and attack sites with ease. But having to place the Stars while in Astral Form requires planning and communication to ensure they are not wasted or misused.

Establish which site your team plans on attacking before dedicating multiple Stars to that site. The Stars can be recalled with the Dissipate ability, but there is a short cooldown before Astra can use them again.

Using the proper ability at the right time is also important. Ask your team, specifically your Duelists entering the site first, what ability would help them the most. Sometimes dragging enemies into the open with Gravity Well is the best choice. Other times overwhelmed teammates will need a Nebula smoke to protect them from enemies.
The Cosmic Divide ability is also a powerful tool on defense and offense. Use it to protect your team from enemies or to help defend a site. Using the Cosmic Divide simultaneously with other abilities can create chaos for the opposing team.

Astra has one of the highest skill-ceilings in VALORANT. Dedicated players who take the time to learn her abilities and adequately use them can help teams in almost every scenario.

Jalen Lopez

Jalen Lopez

Jalen has been destroying noobs for almost as long as he could read. When not working full time in marketing, Jalen is combining his passions of gaming and writing as an esports writer.

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