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Omen in VALORANT: How to Play

Antonio Kaurinovic

VALORANT’s Omen is one of four Controller Agents, with the ability to smoke off choke points and take map control. He is also the best teleporter in this game, with plenty of teleporting options. Stick around and check out how to play as Omen in VALORANT and how to use his abilities properly.

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Image Credit: Riot Games

Omen Abilities

Omen has one Basic ability, two Signature abilities, and one Ultimate ability. Unfortunately, this Agent does not have any additional passive abilities.

C – Shrouded Step: 100 Credits, 2 Charges

  • EQUIP a shrouded step ability and see its range indicator. FIRE to begin a brief channel, then teleport to the marked location.

Video Credit: Riot Games

The Shrouded Step is a short-range teleport ability. This ability can be used a maximum of two times per round. Although it is only a short-range teleport, it can be used in multiple ways. You can use it for lurking purposes like climbing onto boxes or teleporting behind your enemies. It can also be used in battle as an escape option to get out of dangerous situations. If you want to avoid getting spotted, you can cross some angles you suspect might be watched just by teleporting on the other side.

Keep in mind that teleporting is slightly faster than running, so it is possible to beat timings with it, like teleporting at the beginning of the round or trying to get away from a Spike blast.

Q – Paranoia: 300 Credits, 1 Charge

  • EQUIP a blinding orb. FIRE to throw it forward, briefly reducing the vision range and deafening all players it touches. This projectile can pass through walls.

Video Credit: Riot Games

Omen’s flash is not like other flashes in VALORANT. Paranoia does not blind the enemy; instead, it nearsights them for 2.5 seconds, giving Omen and his teammates more than enough time to make a move. This ability is great for blind sighting the whole site. However, you must be careful as this can also affect your teammates. The best way to throw Paranoia is through walls directly onto the site. The travel speed of Paranoia is affected by your movement speed, so make sure to run forward while throwing it. The faster it travels, the harder for your enemies to escape from it.

E – Dark Cover: 150 Credits, 2 Charges

  • EQUIP a shadow orb, entering a phased world to place and target the orbs. PRESS the ability key to throw the shadow orb to the marked location, creating a long-lasting shadow sphere that blocks vision. HOLD FIRE while targeting to move the marker further away. HOLD SECONDARY FIRE while targeting to move the marker closer. PRESS RELOAD to toggle the normal targeting view.

Video Credit: Riot Games

Omen’s signature ability is a refreshing smoke. You get one for free at the start of every round, and you can purchase the second one for 150 credits. In case you throw them both, the smoke refreshes every 30 seconds, so you can throw it again. Omen’s smoke is hollow, and a lot of Agents tend to play inside of it.

This smoke can be thrown directly or using a map. Simply open the map and navigate where you want the smoke to land. The timing is important because the smoke lasts for 15 seconds, so make sure to time it properly in coordination with your teammates’ attack.

Omen’s smoke is the best smoke in VALORANT for one-ways. One-way smoke is smoke where enemies can’t see you, but you can see them. The one-way smoke can be thrown in multiple places on all maps; just open a map, and the indicator will show you exactly where the smoke will land and will touch the ground. Get creative with it and try to invent some one-way smokes enemies do not know about.

X – From The Shadows: 7 Ultimate Points

  • EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to begin teleporting to the selected location. While teleporting, Omen will appear as a Shade that can be destroyed by an enemy to cancel his teleport or press EQUIP for Omen to cancel his teleport.

Video Credit: Riot Games

From the Shadows costs 7 Ultimate Points, and it allows Omen to teleport anywhere on the map. This ultimate is great for quick rotations, flanking behind enemy lines, or teleporting at the beginning of the round to confuse enemies and make them look for you. When you teleport, the enemies’ mini-map is completely blocked, and they can’t see anything for a couple of seconds.

Your Ultimate can be blocked by both you and your opponents. Opponents can block it by shooting at you while the animation lasts, while you can block it by just pressing the ultimate button twice. Even though it sounds amazing, the ultimate isn’t that great, so it is always better to leave Ultimate orbs for your teammates to collect them. You should play casually, and once you reach enough Ultimate Points, do not waste it immediately; save it for clutch situations instead.

Playstyle for Omen in VALORANT

The majority of Agents have a predetermined playstyle. However, this isn’t the case with Omen in VALORANT. Omen can be played aggressively, passively, or even as a lurker.

The most important thing is to get the most out of his abilities. Shrouded Step can be utilized in multiple ways. For example, you can fake a teleport and confuse your enemies. Your teleportation makes a sound, but the sound source is where you teleported from and not where you teleported to. You can also use it to fake teleport on Bind while using Shrouded Step to get out of the teleporter.

His Ultimate ability can also be used for fake teleports. In addition to that, it can be used in certain situations to obtain the Spike. If your enemies are holding the Spike, you can use your Ultimate and teleport directly onto the Spike. As soon as you pick up the Spike, cancel teleportation, and you will be at your current location with the Spike in your hands. The enemies won’t know which site you are on, and you can safely plant it.

In case you are in the opposite team, and the Omen has an Ultimate, the best way to counter Omen’s teleport-spike-pick is by standing directly above the Spike and crouching on it. This play can often win you rounds, because Omen players will usually wait until the last second to use a teleport to pick up the Spike.

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Omen in VALORANT:

  • When you use Shrouded Step, you can re-orient yourself before you teleport to give yourself a better line of sight. If you Shrouded Step into a corner, you’ll find yourself looking at the wall once you teleport. However, if you turn around during the teleport countdown, your back will be to the corner when you reappear. Kills in VALORANT can come quick and from out of nowhere, so don’t give the enemy team the opportunity to shoot you in the back.
  • Paranoia will grow larger as it travels, meaning that it won’t nearsight your teammates if you throw it while close to them. Do this as opposed to deliberately pushing up to try to avoid blinding your team. Omen is not an entry fragging Agent, so sing paranoia in this way works out just fine.
  • Dark Cover is affected by gravity, meaning that if you place it in midair, it will drop to the ground. There is a centre point where it will land after it falls, so you can place it precisely where you want to. Omen’s smokes in VALORANT are considered some of the strongest because you can get really creative with their placement and using them in conjunction with his other abilities.

Truth be told, VALORANT’s Omen is not an S-Tier Agent for most players. However, if you learn all the ups and downs of Omen and perfect your gameplay, he can surely be an S-Tier Agent. He can do things a lot other Agents just can’t, like reach places other Agents can’t climb to, or teleport and escape from no-way-out situations. There is a lot to learn if you want to play Omen in VALORANT effectively, but once you do, you will be unstoppable.

Antonio Kaurinovic

Antonio Kaurinovic

Antonio has been an Esports journalist since 2016. He is an FPS lover and a former CS:GO player. After reaching Global Elite, he switched to VALORANT, but occasionally still opts for a game or two of CS:GO. He is here to share his FPS knowledge with anyone who is interested.

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