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Jett in VALORANT: How to Play

Antonio Kaurinovic

Out of all Duelist Agents in VALORANT, Jett is by far the most agile. Her speed and agility raise her to another level, which allows her to have a unique playstyle when compared to even the other Duelists. With proper ability usage, this Agent is completely unpredictable, and you can never know where to expect her.

Jett valorant

Image Credit: Riot Games

Jett Abilities

Besides two basic abilities, one signature ability, and one ultimate ability, Jett also has an additional passive ability that she can use. All of her abilities are closely tied to her aggressive and agile playstyle.

Passive Ability

  • Holding the jump button while falling allows you to glide through the air.

Unlike other Agents with passive abilities, Jett’s passive is something that can be controlled. Drift does not need any recharges, and it can be used infinitely. It is a movement ability that allows you to glide through the air and jump down safely from any height without losing HP. This ability can be combined with all of Jett’s other abilities.

C – Cloudburst: 200 Credits, 2 Charges

Video Credit: Riot Games

  • INSTANTLY throw a projectile that expands into a brief vision-blocking cloud on impact with a surface. HOLD the ability key to curve the smoke in the direction of your crosshair.

The Cloudburst ability is Jett’s smoke. This smoke only lasts for 4.5 seconds, so it’s not designed like other regular smokes. It can be used to smoke choke points, but it won’t last for long. Use it for choke points only if you have no other option, or in case you don’t have a real smoker like Brimstone or Omen on your team.

What is this ability designed for? Cloudburst is a perfect Duelist ability, as it can be thrown quickly and used in any situation. You don’t have to think about it too much; just press C, and the smoke will instantly appear. You can even curve the direction of the smoke using your crosshair.

The real power of this smoke comes from combining it with other abilities. It can be combined with both Tailwind and Updraft. Probably the most used technique for Jett in VALORANT is called the “smoke-dash”. You can smoke yourself into a site; just throw the smoke on the site and dash directly into that smoke. Enemies will be completely unaware of your whereabouts, which should be enough to distract them while your team pushes simultaneously. You can also use it to fake attacks or smoke on top of the box and upward-dash into it.

Q – Updraft: 150 Credits, 2 Charges

Video Credit: Riot Games

  • INSTANTLY propel Jett high into the air.

The Updraft ability separates Jett from all other VALORANT Agents. Simply put, Updraft is used to reach the unreachable – Jett can get on top of some boxes that are usually unreachable for other Agents. This allows Jett to be deadly and unpredictable on every map.

As for the ability itself, don’t overuse it by always going on to the same boxes. After some time, enemies will anticipate you and check those boxes. So, try to be creative and change your position frequently. If you are attacking, Updraft can help you reach enemies that usually think they are safe. For example, you can jump straight into Heaven and surprise the enemy while they reload, thinking they are safe behind cover.

E – Tailwind: Free

Video Credit: Riot Games

  • ACTIVATE to prepare a gust of wind for a limited time. RE-USE the wind to propel Jett in the direction she is moving. If Jett is standing still, she propels forward.

Jett’s biggest asset is creating space, and Tailwind allows her to do just that. Tailwind, more casually called Dash, is the ability that allows her to escape from any situation or create space for teammates.

Before the 4.08 update, Jett could use Tailwind at will. However, that is not the case anymore. Jett first needs to activate Tailwind before being able to use it.

Upon activating, Jett enters into wind form, which lasts for 12 seconds. That means there is a 12-second window for Jett to use Tailwind. Otherwise, it will deplete, and you will need to get two more kills to recharge it. You can’t just double press E to activate it instantly because there is a 0.75-second delay before you can actually use it. This nerf makes it harder to use an Operator and just Tailwind away in case you miss. That’s why you should activate Tailwind only when you are certain the enemies are nearby, or if you are attacking and trying to take the site.

X – Blade Storm: 7 Ultimate Points

Video Credit: Riot Games

  • EQUIP a set of highly accurate throwing knives. FIRE to throw a single knife and recharge knives on a kill. ALTERNATE FIRE to throw all remaining daggers but does not recharge on a kill.

Out of all Ultimates in VALORANT, Jett’s is probably the hardest one to master. It gives Jett a set of deadly daggers that she can fire one by one or all at once. One dagger deals 50 damage for a body shot, while a headshot is always an instant kill. The daggers refresh after every kill if you are firing them one at a time, and they have 100% accuracy in the air, which makes them synergize perfectly with the passive ability.

The biggest mistake new players tend to make is to go eco as soon as they have the Ultimate ready. If you decide to use it at the beginning of the round, you will probably just waste it. So, don’t go eco; buy like every other round, because if you miss a shot, you will have no weapon to shoot with. Instead, save Blade Stormand try to find the appropriate situation to use it. If the Ultimate is ready, that does not necessarily mean you have to use it that exact round.

Playstyle for Jett in VALORANT

Jett players should use her agility to move quickly, and take the initiative when it comes to openings. She has a great potential for creating space and opening up the map so your team can take map control, push into sites, or retake sites.

Keep in mind that creating space is more important than getting kills. Even though she is a Duelist, if it’s not your day, don’t blame it on yourself. Just make sure to do your job and try to create enough space for your teammates. If you die, you die; there is nothing you can do about it. Dashing into sites is a high-risk, high-reward job. Playing cautiously is just not what Jett does. Jett can also play as an entry fragger or an Operator. Alongside Sova, Jett was and still is the best Agent for using an Operator.

As a Defender, you should seek early engagements and play off angles. Just make sure to prepare a Tailwind in case you need to dash out.

Here are a couple of tips to help you get the most out of playing Jett in VALORANT:

  • After using Tailwind, it takes Jett approximately 1.42 seconds to re-equip her weapon, which is probably much longer than you think it is. To avoid finding yourself in an engagement with no weapon, you should always try to Tailwind towards any cover you can find, including high ground or smokes. This won’t decrease the time it takes Jett to re-equip, but it will make you a harder target to hit.
  • Jett can jump peek using Blade Storm, which throws off crosshair placement of any waiting opponents. You can similarly use Updraft.
  • It may look and feel awesome, but you should almost never use the alternate fire of Blade Storm. The alternate fire is a lot less accurate than the primary fire, and the spread of the knives may make it so that even if you hit a close opponent, you won’t deal enough damage to kill them. Additionally, even if you get a kill with an alternate-fired Blade Storm, the knives won’t refresh as with the primary-fired version. Just one kill with a Jett knife in a VALORANT round can make a huge difference; if you truly want to succeed with her, you need to be confident that you can hit a headshot on anyone at any range.

Jett was one of the first Duelist Agents in VALORANT. Even though a lot of new Duelists came after her, she is still frequently used, remains extremely popular, and is overall a decent Agent to play with. If you dedicate enough time to learn her abilities properly, she could easily become your main Agent. The nerf to her Tailwind made things a bit more difficult, but she can still do things not a single other Agent can do. If you use her abilities properly and take the time to practice, you’ll find yourself well on the way to mastering Jett in VALORANT.

Antonio Kaurinovic

Antonio Kaurinovic

Antonio has been an Esports journalist since 2016. He is an FPS lover and a former CS:GO player. After reaching Global Elite, he switched to VALORANT, but occasionally still opts for a game or two of CS:GO. He is here to share his FPS knowledge with anyone who is interested.

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