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How to Play Phoenix

Jalen Lopez

VALORANT is the latest first-person shooter that has taken the world by storm. The game features several unique agents with a wide range of abilities that can change the course of the game. Players must learn and understand each character’s abilities. This helps you to effectively win a match! Phoenix is a perfect agent for securing early kills and holding or pushing objectives. This guide explains How to Play Phoenix so that you can rank up in VALORANT.

Great Wall of Fire

Phoenix Blaze

Phoenix’s Blaze ability costs 200 credits and creates a wall of flame that hurts players who walk through or stand in it. The wall heals Phoenix so remember to use this to your advantage if low on health. The wall obscures vision and is a great tool to prevent attackers from pushing an objective.

Blaze can also be used on defense to cut off rotations of defenders from other objective sites or to block off an entrance when defending the spike. The wall can also buy precious time and protect teammates trying to plant the spike and provide cover for their escape.

You can also curve the wall of fire, so make sure to customize the trajectory to perfectly match the situation.

When you play Blaze, you can create a barrier. You can use this to prevent enemies from rotating or provide breathing room for your team. It is also a great tool to use after the spike is planted. This can be used to funnel enemies in a direction where players can hold an angle for easy kills. Enemies can pass through the flame wall, but they will take damage and will be pushing into the area blind, so it is usually not the preferred option. The wall damages teammates as well, so remember to not trap teammates without another exit.

Great Ball of Fire

Phoenix curveball

Phoenix’s Curveball is a ball of flame that be thrown around corners to blind, unsuspecting enemies. You can purchase curveballs for 100 credits each and can have a max of two equipped. The Curveball can be thrown left or right and is the perfect tool to use when pushing a blind corner. It also blinds anyone who looks at it, however, so make sure to communicate with teammates before launching the bright ball of flame.

Phoenix’s Curveball is the perfect tool to use when pushing an objective. The ability blinds all players who look at the ball of flame, so coordinating with your team to push just after throwing the Curveball can help get the jump on disoriented enemies. This can be used if Phoenix is the first person pushing the site, or to help a teammate who is properly equipped to push or to peak a corner.

The Floor is Lava

Phoenix Hothands

Phoenix’s Hothands ability allows payer to throw a fireball that engulfs an area in flames for a brief period. The ability is free and refreshes after every two kills. As such, effective players will constantly have access to the useful ability. Players caught in the fire take constant damage, this ability lets you force enemy players out. The flame also heals Phoenix, so remember to use the ability when low on health.

The Hothands ability can be used in multiple ways. Players can launch a fireball at a specific area to flush out enemies. It can also be used to block off entrances to areas for a brief period which can be valuable when defending a spike. The fire does not deal a huge amount of damage… so it can be soaked. It’s also possible for players to push through the flames if they are at full health. Make sure to keep an eye on the area blocked by the flames to make sure no brave enemies get the drop on you or your team.

Run it Back Now

Phoenix Run it Back

Phoenix’s Ultimate allows players to place a marker at a specific location where they will respawn after dying for a brief period. The ability costs six Ultimate orbs which can be collected around the map. You can get them by eliminating enemies, planting or defusing the Spike, or dying. A countdown appears after activating the Ultimate. This tells players how much time they have before spawning back at the location. Dying or running out time will spawn players back at the marked location – so be quick!

The Run it Back tool is an incredible Ultimate. You can use it to get entry kills when pushing an objective or retaking a site on defense. Make sure you use the ability in a secure area, because you will be vulnerable after respawning.

The ability can be used to gather valuable information or secure entry kills when pushing an objective with little risk. Any kills that you get with the ability make taking the site much easier for the attacking team and they will still have a full squad.

You can also use it when defending a spike to eliminate players attempting to defuse by giving players a second chance. Activating the ultimate ability in a safe area provides two chances to eliminate enemy players and can help even the odds when a player is outnumbered.

How to Play Phoenix Effectively

All of Phoenix’s abilities can turn the tides of a match when used correctly. They are powerful on their own and can be incredible when used together. Remember to use them wisely, however, as they cost credits or need to be earned before becoming available again. An efficient Phoenix player can be the entry fragger for their team and help take objectives, or they can use their abilities in a support role to help their team in a push.

Phoenix is a powerful agent with several abilities that are strong on offense and defense. When you play Phoenix effectively, you can take and hold objectives with ease and can be a huge help to their teammates. Understanding the fiery agents’ abilities and coordinating with your team on when to use them can make players an unstoppable force. Thanks for learning How to Play Phoenix.

Jalen Lopez

Jalen Lopez

Jalen has been destroying noobs for almost as long as he could read. When not working full time in marketing, Jalen is combining his passions of gaming and writing as an esports writer.

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