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Hotspawn: Best of Worlds 2020

Hotspawn Team

The 22 best League of Legends teams in the globe have descended upon Shanghai, China for Worlds 2020. Over the span of more than five weeks of action, the field will slowly be widdled down until just one team remains.

Hotspawn has gathered all the best content about Worlds 2020 in one convenient place (Photo via Yicun Liu

Hotspawn has gathered all the best content about Worlds 2020 in one convenient place (Photo via Yicun Liu

Of course, we here at Hotspawn will have you covered from the first day of play-ins all the way to the finals. That means there will be a lot of content for you to read, along with all of the hours of League to watch. This is why we will be gathering all of our best content for Worlds 2020 into one place, to help you see the cream of the crop from interviews to opinion pieces to meta-analysis.

October 4 – Group Stage Day 2

G2 Wunder: “Suning might be the best Chinese team”

After a ridiculous start to their Group Stage, one that resulted in a victory over Suning, we had the luxury of speaking to Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen. The G2 top laner was able to speak to the weird handicap he played with vs Suning, what it is like being in quarantine and the differences between Chinese and EU teams.

October 3 – Group Stage Day 1

Ashley Kang Speaks to FlyQuest Support Ignar After Loss to TES

October 2

Six Worlds Play-In Superstars That Should Move Regions

Now that the Worlds 2020 Play-Ins are in the books, our own Nick Ray took a look at the standout performers from the first stage of the event. Many fantastic players stamped their names on the collective minds of League fans everywhere and we looked at six who could find their way to bigger things next season.

Josedeodo was one of the clear standouts during Worlds 2020 Play-Ins (Photo via Riot Games)

Josedeodo was one of the clear standouts during Worlds 2020 Play-Ins (Photo via Riot Games)

September 30 – Play-In Day 6

Gadget: “Our Roster Would Be Really Successful in Other Regions”

After earning a spot in the Group Stage of Worlds 2020, Hotspawn spoke to Unicorns of Love bot laner Ilya “Gadget” Makavchuk. Gadget spoke about UoL’s unique champs pool, their chances in Group D with DRX and Top Esports, and if UoL could compete in other regions.

September 29 – Play-In Day 5

Ashley Kang Speaks to SuperMassive’s KaKAO

Armut: “I Don’t Care About Pressure. I’ll Just Play My Game.”

Maybe the biggest breakout star of the Worlds Play-In stage was İrfan “Armut” Berk Tükek. The SuperMassive top laner showed a level of skill and depth that few outside Turkey knew of. Our own Nick Ray spoke to Armut about shotcalling in-game, if he plans to play in a major region next year, his family full of doctors and more.

September 28 – Play-In Day 4

Babip: “I Think We’re Definitely Good”

Legacy Esports has cultivated new fans from every corner of the globe and has put the OPL on the world stage. After the best performance the region has ever seen, our own Nick Ray spoke to Legacy jungler Leo “Babip” Romer about their games vs Team Liquid, where he may like to play next and realistic expectations for the region.

An Amazing Wake-Up Call

September 27 – Play-In Day 3

Ashley Kang Speaks to Asher After V3’s Exit From Worlds 2020

Gadget Carrying On Twitch

September 26 – Play-In Day 2

KaKAO: “My Team Always Has Faith That ‘KaKAO Can Make It Happen’”

The road for Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon has not always been an easy one. Once regarded as the next great jungler from Korea, KaKAO has formed a solid career but never reached the heights many placed upon him early. However, a trip back to Turkey, and Worlds, for SuperMassive has been special for the jungler. We spoke to KaKAO about his new team and how he joined SuperMassive to created a potential darkhorse for Worlds 2020.

Nomanz: Unkillable Kassadin

September 25 – Play-In Day 1

Kaiser: “We will become a really good team”

It was not the best start to Worlds 2020 for MAD Lions, going 1-1 on the first day of Play-Ins. However, support player Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser was still in good spirits when he spoke to Hotspawn. Kaiser joked about playing Among Us in quarantine, how excited he was to play in his first international game and how MAD Lions prepared for the biggest esports event of the year.

(Photo via David Lee | Riot Games)

(Photo via David Lee | Riot Games)

INTZ Redbert: “It is really frustrating that we lost against Legacy”

INTZ became the first team to lose two games in Worlds 2020, as they lost both of their games on the first day of play-ins. However, support player Ygor “RedBert” Freitas felt as though having some more tape on their upcoming opponents could really help out the CBLOL winners moving forward.

Uniboy’s Shockwave Puts The Nail in the Coffin