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VALORANT Agent Tier List

Jalen Lopez

VALORANT features a diverse roster of Agents with unique abilities designed to help their team in specific situations. Each Agent fits a designated role, although some Agents are more viable than others. The VALORANT Agent meta is continuously evolving as new Agents are introduced. Here is a VALORANT Agent Tier List of the currently available Agents.


The best Valorant agents have already risen to the top of the meta a month into closed beta. (Photo courtesy Riot Games)

S Tier


VALOPANT Agent Tier List
Omen is one of the most widely used Agents thanks to his versatile ability kit. He is an excellent Controller that can cover his team’s advancements or stop an enemy push in its tracks. He can also disrupt enemies with his Paranoia ability and escape danger with the Shrouded Step ability.

Most players consider Omen the best Controller in VALORANT. He is consistently the most-picked Controller in professional tournaments and is a staple of almost every team composition.

Other Controllers have started to gain popularity, but Omen will likely the best Controller for the time being.


VALORANT Agent Tier List
Sova is a powerful Initiator that can provide incredible intel for his team. His abilities allow him to recon areas without risk and highlight hiding enemies. He can also deal damage with his shock dart and Hunter’s Fury ultimate ability.

Almost every successful team composition features Sova. He provides a huge advantage to any team on defense or offense and can quickly turn the tides of a round. There are dozens of lineups for Sova’s abilities on every map, and players constantly find new ways to use the character.

However, Sova is limited on Split as the map’s cramped lanes and areas prevent players from effectively using his abilities. But his potential and usefulness on every other map solidify his spot as a top-tier Agent.


Valorant Jett

Jett is the bane of every player that is not using the Agent. Her abilities allow her to aggressively push enemies before they have time to react. Jett can also escape danger with her dash and updraft abilities, and a talented player can use her to control the tempo of a round.

There are several powerful Duelists in VALORANT, but Jett’s abilities put her ahead of the competition. Using an Operator and Jett’s abilities create a deadly combination that can deliver damage while allowing players to escape from danger. Her ultimate ability also deals heavy damage if you can hit your shots, and the knives refill on each kill.

If you are an aggressive and confident player, Jett is the Agent for you.

A Tier


VALORANT Agent Tier List

Raze is one of the best Duelists in VALORANT, but her abilities are slightly more nuanced than Jett’s. Players can quickly close the distance with Raze’s satchel charges, but this does require a bit of practice. Her grenade is an excellent way to clear spots and chip away at an enemy’s armor before pushing.

Raze’s rocket launcher instantly kills enemies caught in the blast. It is even deadlier when combined with her blast packs to push enemies before they respond. Once a player understands how to use Raze effectively, she is an incredible Agent.



Cypher is the perfect Agent for players who want to hold down a site single-handedly. However, his abilities are easy to misuse and can be ineffective in the wrong hands.

The Trapwire, Cyber Cage, and Spycam abilities can prevent or stall an enemy team from entering a site. A smart Cypher player can capitalize on the confusion and chaos created by the abilities and constantly stay a step ahead of enemies.

Cypher does take time to master and is less viable on specific sites. But he is still an excellent Agent that can help any team succeed.


VALORANT Agent Tier List

Phoenix is an excellent choice for entry fraggers who want to push into a site aggressively. His flashes can make opponents easy targets, and his wall can provide fantastic cover. He might not be able to engage enemies as quickly as Jett and Raze, but he is still an excellent Agent.


VALORANT Agent Tier List

Killjoy’s ability set is tough to counter when used correctly. Her turret and swarm grenades can significantly damage enemies before they reach a site, and the alarm bot can alert her to enemy movements. Killjoy recently received a slight nerf that causes her abilities to deactivate if she is too far away, which means she typically needs to stay on one sight. But Killjoy is an excellent choice for patient players.

B Tier


VALORANT Agent Tier List

Reyna is another Duelist that can blind enemies and secure her team early kills. She can also heal or briefly teleport away after eliminating an enemy, which can keep players alive. But this also limits Reyna’s abilities as she must consistently get kills. Reyna is a great Agent if you can keep winning gunfights, but consider other options if you are inconsistent.


VALORANT Agent Tier List

Players who enjoy planning their strategy before a round starts should consider Astra. Her unique abilities require players to place stars, which can be activated with other abilities with various effects. But Astra’s ability kit does have a relatively high learning curve and is challenging to master. If you put the time into learning Astra, you will not be disappointed.


VALORANT Agent Tier List

Sage can be a crucial component of a team composition. She can heal teammates to keep them in the fight, and her ultimate allows her to revive a player and bring them back into the fight. This is an excellent option if a strong player dies early in the round or needs support. But sometimes, other Agents are better choices on certain maps in certain compositions, so consider your options before making a choice.


VALORANT Agent Tier List

Viper has a long history of being an overlooked Controller. Omen is still considered the best Controller in VALORANT, but recent buffs have made Viper a deadly force. Enemies that walk through her abilities take damage and are afflicted with the Vulnerable debuff. This can soften up enemies before they enter a site for easy kills. Viper’s smokes are still slightly less viable than Omen’s, but she is still a solid choice.


VALORANT Agent Tier List

Breach is a powerful Initiator capable of clearing a path for his team. But his abilities have the same effect as some Agents that are slightly more viable. Breach can use his abilities through walls and obstacles, perfect for creating a path without risk.

But many players prefer other Agents with designated flash abilities that can be activated faster.

C Tier


VALORANT Brimstone

Brimstone is one of the weaker choices for a Controller. His smokes last relatively long but take a few seconds to cast. The stim boost is one of the weakest abilities in VALORANT, which puts Brimstone much lower than other Controllers. His ultimate can prevent enemies from planting or kill trapped opponents, but his downsides make him a weak option.



Yoru has a unique ability set in VALORANT. He can teleport, flash, and turn invisible with his ultimate, but the nuanced character is tough to master. Yoru is still relatively new to the game, and players will likely learn how to use him effectively soon. But for now, you are better off picking another Agent.



Skye has powerful abilities that can disrupt or impede enemies. But they are not instantly available, and there are better options with other Agents. Skye’s ultimate can help find hiding enemies but is rather lackluster when compared to other ultimates. She is still a powerful Agent that can help a team, but there are better options available.

As with all tier lists, it is subject to change depending on how Riot balances VALORANT agents and how the community’s understanding of the game continues to evolve.

Jalen Lopez

Jalen Lopez

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