VALORANT Agent Tier List

Zakaria Almughrabi  | 

The best Valorant agents have already risen to the top of the meta a month into closed beta. (Photo courtesy Riot Games)

Riot’s foray into FPS, VALORANT, has recently entered closed beta, and in that time, countless strategies, agent specific tech, and team compositions have been created. Even in this short time, plenty of tournaments have begun to form, along with the addition of ranked mode. As such, the strongest agents have started to show themselves. Here’s our VALORANT Agent Tier List.

S Tier



Cypher can hold down entire sites by himself. The way he can stall pushes, gain information, and hold off rotations cannot be matched by any other agent. A good Cypher will turn any attack on its head. However, the amount of Spycam locations and strategies does take a while to learn. While his value on offense is definitely diminished, the freedom to throw Cyber Cages forward and keep Trapwires behind give him valuable post-plant utility. Cypher can do so much more than sit and stare at his camera, he can control massive areas by himself.


Breach is an expert in making space for his team. Since all of his abilities go through walls, clearing out angles is a breeze. His abilities are also just as good on the defense, allowing him to stop pushes in their tracks. A well-placed Rolling Thunder is also a guaranteed round win. If a Breach knows where to throw his Flashpoints and Fault Lines, the other team will be pulling their hair out.


Sage isn’t just your stereotypical healer character. While her heal and crowd control-based skills do bring great support and utility to her team, Sage is an amazing fighter as well. The ability to Barrier Orb herself up to high ground opens up a whole new world of gunfight possibilities. She can also use it in combination with Slow Orbs to stave off enemies’ attacks and lock defenders out of site retakes. Sage is an expert at staying alive and clutching out rounds.


Brimstone is the counterpart to Sage. Whereas Sage is best when she stays back and controls the game, Brimstone is all about hitting fast and hard. His Sky Smokes allow for quick and effective site executes and the Stim Beacon makes him great at leading his team in. Even on defense, the ability to cycle smokes gives him value. Orbital Strike is an amazingly versatile ability which can be used to clear out an area or deny spike plants and defusals.

A+ Tier


Phoenix sits in a tier of his own. He doesn’t have the sheer high baseline value of the S Tiers, but he does have enough power in various areas that make him a good pick. His Curveballs and ultimate make him great at solo plays and entry fragging. The fire wall and fire ball aren’t the most powerful utility, but the self-healing from them helps Phoenix out quite a bit.

Phoenix has some of the best entry frag power in the game, but falls just outside of S Tier.

A Tier


Sova is like the little brother of Cypher. Both agents are focused around getting information for your team to work off of. The downside of Sova is that he is not able to hold sites nearly as well. Defensive Sova is prone to getting rushed down once his information vanishes. However, he does bring more offensive power than Cypher. His abilities allow his team to clear out angles easily and pinpoint where enemies are hiding.


Omen is a fairly misunderstood VALORANT agent. His strengths lie in his utility as a controller, not as a stealth character. His Dark Cover smokes are the best in the game, being truly global and able to be played inside of. He can also mess up timings and bypass angles using Shrouded Step. Omen’s ultimate is hard to utilize against good players. Most of the time, your location will be known and one player just has to hold for a flank. However, mind gaming with it does add more depth to Omen’s strategy.

B+ Tier


Raze suffers from having an overall low impact kit. As an entry fragger, her Paint Shells and Boom Bot have limited usage. Jumping with her Showstopper rocket launcher is her only surefire option. As a defender, she struggles to stall pushes after her initial Paint Shell is gone. Raze is at her best when getting as many kills as possible to enable more Paint Shells and Showstoppers. If she’s not on point, she’s not effective. While Raze excels at stomping pubs, her value decreases exponentially in an organized setting.

B Tier


As a duelist, Jett seems good on paper. With smokes and high mobility, she should be able to find kills easily. The problem is that she is outclassed by every other duelist. Phoenix brings valuable flashbangs and safe entry power. Raze brings some zone control and near guaranteed kills with her Ultimate. Jett is much more risk oriented. Her Cloudburst smokes and mobility skills are good at getting her in, but securing kills is all on her aim and movement.


Similar to Jett, Viper is outclassed by all other controllers. Her lack of free use smokes like Omen and Brimstone makes her execute ability subpar. On the defense, her Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen are easily bypassed since they don’t have any crowd control. All she has to stall pushes is the Snake Bite slow, but even then, it can be pushed through. Viper’s ultimate only comes into play if her team already took a site or the enemy team commits to her site.

As with all tier lists, it is subject to change depending on how Riot balances VALORANT agents and how the community’s understanding of the game evolves from now until the full release of Valorant.

Zakaria is a former professional TF2 player turned caster and analyst. He has had a passion for gaming and esports for years and hopes to use his skills and experience to convey why gaming is so great. His specialty games are League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, and PUBG.