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Rocket League Championship Series 2022 Fall Split Major Results

Luna Meschiari

Another Rocket League Major has reached its conclusion, and it was a wild one! Gen.G Mobil1 Racing triumphed in the Rocket League Championship Series 2022 Fall Split Major, earning a considerable cash prize alongside with incredibly important RLCS Circuit Ranking Points.

rlcs 2022 fall split major gen.g

Image Credit: Rocket League Esports Twitter

Rocket League Majors are always a sight to behold, and this one was no different in any means. We have gotten to see top notch plays being performed by the best teams and players day in and day out. Top that off with a set of thrilling finals matches and you got the recipe for excitement. 

Let us dive into exactly what transpired in this amazing RLCS event.

Gen.G’s Road to Victory

Gen.G was, in fact, one of the favourites entering this tournament, but all of the teams could have taken the top spot ultimately. It is no fluke that these 16 teams have made it here, each bringing something to the table in terms of skill and hard work. 

They opened up by playing against PWR and won quite easily, the final score being 3-0. PWR hadn’t managed to win a single game. Next up was Oxygen eSports, and this is where things took a turn, at least for a little bit. Oxygen eSports pulled an upset and beat Gen.G 3-0. Not only that, but they got beat pretty badly. The games ended being 5-1, 4-0, and 4-0, and that had to be quite demoralising at the time. They wouldn’t let it go to their heads however, as the next day, they had to face the mighty Team Falcons.

Falcons will always be a difficult opponent ​​to beat, but Gen.G managed to keep their heads cool and win this one 3-1. Team Falcons won the first game, and then Gen.G stepped up and won three in a row.

FaZe Clan awaited them next, who is also one of the stronger opponents, but Gen.G didn’t really care, as they won 3-0. The first two games were close, ending in 2-1 and 1-0, but the third one was a landslide, resulting in a 5-1 victory.

Since they secured the third spot in the Swiss Stage, they then advanced into the playoffs. Their first playoff match was against none other than Team Liquid, who had successfully beaten Quadrant and PWR the day before.

All playoff matches were best of 7, and the first match on the final day was the Gen.G – Liquid standoff. This was a hard fought battle, and it really could have gone either way. Team Liquid snatched the first two games, but Gen.G responded by winning the third one. Team Liquid won ​​the next one; however, this was best out of seven, meaning they weren’t over the hurdle yet. Being down 3-1 in matches, Gen.G switched to a new gear and won all of the remaining games, but every match was close.

After this emo​​tional rollercoaster, it was time to start preparing for the next opponent, who turned out to be FaZe Clan once again. FaZe wanted revenge, and they got it in their first game, beating Gen.G 1-0. Their luck was about to hit a sudden, unfortunate change, as they lost four in a row after that.

The last remaining match before the Finals were the ever powerful Moist eSports versus Team Secret. This match up looked as if it could be quite interesting, because Team Secret did hold their ground, but ultimately, they succumbed to Moist.

The Finals

Moist eSports against Gen.G Mobil1 Racing. Moist eSports were the winners of the RLCS 2021/22 Spring Split Major, where they absolutely whooped Team Falcons 4-0. Gen.G, on the other hand, had never won an S-tier tournament like the Majors. Experience was definitely on Moist’s side. None of that looked to have had an effect on Gen.G’s crew.

Moist eSports won the first match, with the final score being 3-1. Gen.G got them back twice in a row, in very narrow back-to-back victories. Game 4 was a nail biter, but Moist showed their excellence and squeezed out a 2-1 victory.

Game 5 was all but Gen.G’s to take, and they did so quite easily, hitting the brakes on Moist by winning 4-1. Heading into Game 6, Moist needed to get back in it any way they could. Gen.G were leading 3-2 and only needed one more victory.

One more victory is what they have extraordinarily been able to pull off. Gen.G won 3-2 over Moist eSports in Neo Tokyo, possibly solidifying that map as their favourite, as that is where they have now made history!

The final score ended up a 4-2 win for Gen.G. This was a first ever RLCS Major win for the trio, so it was and is a huge deal. Gen.G’s Jack “ApparentlyJack” Benton was named the MVP of the tournament, and deservedly so!

Overall Results

1st: Gen.G Mobil1 Racing, $100,000, 32 RLCS Points

2nd: Moist Esports, $60,000, 24 RLCS Points 

3rd-4th: Team Secret & FaZe Clan, $25,500, 18 RLCS Points

5th-8th: Karmine Corp, Version1, Oxygen Esports & Team Liquid, $12,000, 12 RLCS Points

9th-11th: G2 Esports, PWR & SpaceStation Gaming, $9,000, 8 RLCS Points

12th-14th: The Club, Team Falcons & Quadrant, $6,000, 6 RLCS Points

15-16. Pioneers & James Cheese, $3,000, 4 RLCS Points

Another thrilling Major concluded, which was a great experience to witness. Now, we will have a month’s or so break, as the Winter Split Regionals start at the end of January. The next Major is also the Winter Major, and it starts on April 6th.