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Rocket League Championship Series 2022 Spring Split Major Results

Luna Meschiari

The Rocket League Championship Series Spring Major has concluded, and what a way to cap it off. This Major in London has had incredible twists and turns throughout the competition. It came all the way down to an amazing, dare I say shocking bracket reset. Ultimately, Moist Esports have managed to best Team Falcons twice in a row to take the crown.

rlcs 2022 spring split major falcons

Image Credit: Rocket League Esports Twitter

The Grand Final was a sight to behold; both teams were forces to be reckoned with, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The entire Major was jam-packed with excitement, with around 200,000 people tuning it at one point. We also got to find out who is going to be participating in the upcoming World Championship, which starts on August 4th. Let’s recap what happened during the Spring Split Major.

Unexpected Beginnings

Going into the tournament, a lot of people thought we would see Endpoint and Team BDS go the distance. BDS emerged victorious in the Fall Major and were shaping up to dominate here. That wasn’t the case unfortunately, as they recorded two losses in a row. They lost 3-0 against Team Secret. They were looking to pick things up after the initial loss but they ended up defeated 3-0 again, this time against Pioneers.

Endpoint did have harder opponents to overcome, at least on paper, so it is not quite as shocking. The expectations were still higher than what the end result brought us ultimately. OpTic Gaming and Version1 succeeded in eliminating Endpoint and getting one step closer to entering the World Championship.

FaZe Clan and G2 Esports were also teams people were on a lookout for, yet they got eliminated pretty quickly as well. BDS may have won the Fall Major, but G2 Esports won the Winter Major and were looking to add another win to their collection. This was prevented by Team Liquid, who got the victory with a tight score of 3-2.

FaZe didn’t go all the way in the two previous Majors, but they did end up in the impressive top four both times, showing great consistency. In this one, however, their progress was halted by none other than FURIA, beating them 3-2. With an overall score of 1-2, FaZe and G2 Esports were out of there, watching the rest of the Majors like us mere mortals.

The Lower Bracket

Moist Esports started this tournament by beating OpTic Gaming 3-0. Their celebration would not last as they lost the next game to Version 1, who pulled a 3-1 victory. That meant Moist would have to go into the lower bracket, but the players on this team are not strangers to that.

They were previously part of Team Queso, and during the Winter Major, they got to the Grand Final through the lower bracket. Queso even managed to get the bracket reset in Los Angeles, but would ultimately lose the second one against G2 Esports.

This time however, playing as Moist Esports, things went differently. They first played Pioneers and beat them 3-0. Attention then turned towards Team Liquid, who gave them a bit more trouble, but it ended up in a 3-2 victory for Moist. Spacestation Gaming was next, and this appeared to be the toughest opponent yet. Moist Esports got the victory, but it was a hard fought one that resulted in a final score of 4-3.

Karmine Corp were up next, but they didn’t pose much of a threat, as the battle ended with a 4-1 score. The last opponent to beat was Version1, the ones who forced them to the lower bracket. Moist Esports were out for revenge, which showed in the final score. They managed to beat Version1 4-0. What awaited them after their victory was a spot in the Grand Final.

The Upper Bracket

We’ve known for some time now how dangerous Team Falcons’ roster is. The players were formerly playing as part of Sandrock Gaming. They even managed to get the top 8 spot, which is no small feat. Now, under Team Falcons, they continue to show just how strong they are.

They beat both Liquid and FaZe Clan with a score of 3-1. Spacestation proved to be more of a problem, with the Falcons barely scraping by with a score of 4-3. That got them to the Upper Finals, where they had to face off against the dangerous Version1. The match was full of excitement; it looked as if it could go either way. Team Falcons managed to prevail, beating V1 4-3 and sending them to the Lower Finals to face off against Moist Esports.

With that victory over V1, Falcons became the first team not located in Europe or North America that got into the Grand Finals. That is an amazing achievement by itself, especially when you see who they had to go up against. With their incredible performance, they have also got themselves a spot in the group stage for the World Championship.

The Grand Finals

And then, there were only two. The upper bracket’s Team Falcons versus the lower bracket’s Moist Esports. Everything was shaping up towards an incredible Grand Finals, and was it ever. The Falcons took the lead with a crazy 3-0 score, at which point it looked like it would be a short and brutal Finals.

This is when things took a turn and Moist Esports started to mount an epic comeback. They have succeeded in evening out the score, with only one victory separating them from a bracket reset. Amazingly enough, they did exactly that, achieving four victories in the row against a team that was up 3:0 on them.

Once the bracket reset happened, not much changed. Moist Esports already won four in a row, and they continued to do so. Not only did they win the entire Spring Major, but they did so in spectacular fashion. The final score ended up being 4-0, meaning Moist actually won eight in a row, winning the entire Spring Split Major with a bang.

Overall Results

1st: Moist Esports – $90,000 & 801 pts

2nd: Team Falcons – $60,000 & 700 pts

3rd: Version1 – $30,000 & 600 pts

4th: Karmine Corp – $24,000 & 500 pts

5th & 6th: FURIA Esports & Spacestation Gaming – $18,000 & 420 pts each

7th & 8th: OpTic Gaming & Team Liquid – $12,000 & 360 pts each

9th – 12th: FaZe Clan, Team Secret, Pioneers and G2 Esports – $6,000 & 260 pts each

13th – 16th: Gaimin Gladiators, PWR, Team BDS and Endpoint CeX – $3,000 & 160 pts each

With the amazing and exciting conclusion to the RLCS Spring Split Major, we now turn towards the RLCS 2021-22 World Championship. Tune in next month to watch it, as it will be happening from August 4 to August 14 at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. The total prize pool for the event will be $2,085,000.

Here are the eight squads that managed to get into the group stage:

  • Moist Esports (EU)
  • Team Falcons (Middle East)
  • FaZe Clan (NA)
  • FURIA Esports (SA)
  • G2 Esports (NA)
  • Team BDS (EU)
  • Endpoint CeX (EU)
  • The General NRG (NA)

And here are the teams that will be participating in the Wildcard stage:

  • OpTic Gaming (NA)
  • Dignitas (EU)
  • Spacestation Gaming (NA)
  • Version1 (NA)
  • The Club (SA)
  • Team Secret (SA)
  • Renegades (Oceania)
  • SMPR Esports (EU)
  • Karmine Corp (EU)
  • Pioneers (Oceania)
  • 01 Esports (Middle East)
  • Bravado Gaming (Africa)
  • Orlando Pirates Exdee (Africa)
  • Gaimin Gladiators (Asia)
  • Tokyo Verdy Esports (Asia)
  • Veloce Esports (Middle East)

Another exciting World Championship awaits. See you there!