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Rocket League

Rocket League Season 8 Adds New Arena, Honda Civic Type R-LE

Luna Meschiari

Rocket League has been out since 2015, and while it has gone through many changes over the years, we’ll soon be reaching its 10-year anniversary.

rocket league season 8

Image Credit: Psyonix / Epic Games

Rocket League also has its own competitive seasons that usually last between three to four months. The season number was reset when Rocket League went free-to-play in 2020, making the new Season 8 technically the game’s second Season 8, and Season 22 overall. However, that’s just semantics; more important is that the new season of Rocket League brings with it a new Arena and a new Rocket Pass.

What’s New in Rocket League Season 8?

New Arena

The new Battle Arena, Sovereign Heights, is finally here. You will be able to play it in both Private Matches and Free Play. Psyonix has listened to its fans and made it so that Sovereign Heights features a grass field.

Playing the same Arenas over and over again can become repetitive for some, so we are glad Psyonix has given us a new one. People seem to like it and are already much more receptive to this Arena compared to the previous one.

Rocket Pass

Get ready because we are getting one of the craziest novelties up to date – a real life car. That is right, we are getting a real car for the first time ever and it is no less than a Honda Civic Type R. You get it immediately when you buy the Premium Rocket Pass.

You can even upgrade it to a Honda Civic Type R-LE, but you need to climb to at least Tier 35 in the Rocket Pass to be able to do it. These Hondas are one of the most well known tuner cars of all time, so this season will be exciting for all car enthusiasts.

On top of that, there are tons of additional items you can acquire through playing the game, especially from when you reach Tier 70 and upwards. Every season brings a huge amount of new customisable options, and this one is no different.

This season is set to finish at the end of 2022, so there is plenty of time to grab all the new goodies. And as usual, there are a lot of goodies to be obtained or traded for. Even if you don’t pay for the Rocket Pass, you can still receive various cool items at any given time by just playing the game.

We are incredibly excited for what this season holds, and we know you are too. There is not much left to say except see you on the pitch!