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Rocket League Season 9 Adds Emperor, Forbidden Temple Variant

Luna Meschiari

Rocket League launched its ninth season on December 7th, and Psyonix made sure it is a substantial one. They have turned some arenas into fire and ice battlegrounds, stating that the dragons of Forbidden Temple Arena are behind it. I guess that now we know why its name is the Forbidden Temple Arena.

rocket league season 9

Image Credit: Psyonix / Epic Games

So to put it in simple terms, Rocket League is a soccer car game that now also has dragons. Definitely not the twist we could have expected, but it is a welcomed one nonetheless. Dragons aside, let us dive in and check what else is new in Season 9.

What’s New in Rocket League Season 9?

There is quite a lot of new stuff rolling in with the newest of the seasons, so we will kick it off with actual “stuff” that “rolls”. A brand new car called The Emperor is available right off the bat if you have the Premium Rocket Pass.

There is also an Emperor II, and you can get it by working your way up the Tiers. In Pro Tiers, you can also get the Emperor II: Frozen and Emperor II: Scorched, which is really fitting considering the overall theme. All 4 versions will use the Breakout Hitbox.

Unlocked at Tiers 95 and 115, you will be able to get the Brimstone Goal Explosion and the Ice Age Goal Explosion too. That is really nice because, realistically, who doesn’t love good goal explosions. The Cosmosis Goal type of explosions also make a return, but unlike Comosis, these ones cover everything in fire or ice once a goal gets scored.

The Rocket Pass will also bring a lot of cool things like decals, wheels, and such cosmetic items. Constella Decal, Piercer: Crystalized Wheels, Forerunner: Roasted Wheels, Ice Drake and Fire Drake Player Banners are just some of the items that are newly available. 

There are, of course, also new tournament rewards, which include:

  • Seared Trail 
  • Fireball Boost
  • Oil Can Antenna
  • Fire Clap Goal Explosion
  • Skulking Scale

And the biggest change, at least visually, goes to the re-imagined Forbidden Temple. It is now packed with fire and ice, due to the aforementioned dragons. Just like the old version, one side will be blue, one will be red. The blue side will represent the ice, whereas the red one… You get the point.


As with every season, we have gotten new challenges as well. You earn rewards and XP by completing them, most of which could be completed without even looking at them and just playing the game. Let’s go through the current challenges:

Free Challenges

  • Get 50,000 total XP in Online Matches
  • Score 30 Goals in Online Matches
  • Play 20 Matches in any Casual Playlist
  • Win 15 Online Matches
  • Score at least 300 points in 30 Matches
  • Get 250 Shots on Goal in Online Matches

Premium Challenges

  • Play 10 Online Matches while driving Emperor, Breakout, Fennec, Venom, Hotshot, or Takumi
  • Get 100 Shots on Goal in Online Matches
  • Get 75 Assists in Online Matches
  • Get 100 Centers in Online Matches
  • Win 15 Online Matches
  • Score 100 Goals in Online Matches

Stage 2 unlocked on January 4th, with Stage 3 unlocking on January 25, and Stage 4 on February 15.

Season 9 is shaping up to be an amazing one, and we have been excitedly playing it.

Everyone is especially pumped since the RLCS Fall Split Major recently finished, so we have all been treated to some amazing gameplay. Admittedly, our games look nothing alike, but hey, as long as we are having fun, right?

There is not much else to say but we hope you like the new Season, and see you on the pitch!