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How to Play Skyfell in Rogue Company

Aaron Alford

Skyfell is the newest Rogue Company map which is set in a futuristic commercial urban district located on top of a skyscraper above the clouds. It is one of the few maps in Rogue Company that is laid out in symmetrical fashion. Although there are a number of differences between the two sides of the map, the pathing to both the A and the B site is mirrored.

Skyfell Rogue Company

To master Skyfell, you will need to move quickly on both attack and defense. (Photo courtesy Hi-Rez Studios)

This is a large map, with a lot of open space separating every position. The A site is on the north side of the map, while the B site is placed on the south side of the map. An open courtyard connects the two lanes of the map. This large map demands bold pushes from the attackers and quick rotations from defenders. It’s also useful to have a healthy usage of utility from both sides.

Map layout

Skyfell Map Layout

Attackers start each round on the west side of the Skyfell. From their landing zone, they can either funnel into the middle courtyard, or take ziplines which lead to the northern and southern lanes. The defender spawn is very similar. Defenders land inside an open courtyard on the east side of the map. From there, they can access the middle courtyard or take ziplines to the A or B sites.

The B site is inside the gallery area which is located in the southern portion of the map. This area has several breakable glass walls as well as a number of solid pieces of cover. This includes a large central pillar which protects the site. There is also a flank route with a zipline on the southern side. Be careful when using this zipline, since enemies will likely be watching it. In addition to the defender and attacker side entries, this atrium can also be entered through a set of doors from the middle courtyard.

Skyfell Gallery

The A site is on the north side of the map. It is placed in a small room and features very little on-site cover. It can be accessed via a set of breakable glass windows on the south, the aquarium entry on the west, or Long A on the north. There are two main areas of engagement on A. One is the aquarium area that leads into it from the west, and the other major approach is from long A to the north of the site.

Skyfell Map

There is a large courtyard which connects the two lanes on this map. In the middle of the courtyard there is an abstract statue. This artistic feature provides cover, and can also be used as high ground in a pinch. On the north side of the courtyard, there is a set of stairs which lead into the aquarium. On the south side there are stairs that lead into the southern atrium. Mid is a popular area for snipers to hang out, and will be a common ground for engagement in most of your matches on Skyfell.

Defensive Strategy

Skyfell Defense

Skyfell is a difficult map to play defense on. The rotations between the sites are long, and the map features a lot more options for attackers than defenders overall. If the site you are defending is attacked, it is sometimes best to play passive until the rest of your team rotates. Defensive rotations are crucial on Skyfell, since both sides of the map are attack-sided, so you are going to need all the help you can get during every teamfight.

B Site

When it comes to defending the B site, the room directly to the south is an excellent area to defend from. This spot has a Lamborghini for cover, and has sightlines on the site and the zipline flank both. Area control rogues excel in this position, since they can use all of their utility to fortify the site and hold the line under pressure. Saint also works well, since he can use his trip wire to booby trap the zipline.

The other defender on B has a couple of different positions that could work. One of the better options is to play the double doors position in the courtyard. This position gives the defender a great view of the attacker approach to B. Be careful though, attackers will also covet this powerful position. Keep an eye out for enemy flankers coming to take you out. This position can be played by a duelist, sniper, or any other rogue that can deal large amounts of damage very quickly.

A Site

When defending the A site, you should place one defender in the Aquarium. From this position, you can get sightlines on all three approaches to A, whether the enemy is attacking from the courtyard, aquarium, or A long. Area control rogues are best for this position, as you will likely be exposed from a number of angles. The defensive abilities that Rogue’s like Vy and Anvil bring will be helpful for holding down the fort until help arrives.

Skyfell A Site

The other defending rogue should play in the courtyard itself. This player can play as a duelist or a sniper. They should either play from the statue position in the middle or the defenders entry to mid. From either position, they should play pretty passively. This Rogue’s primary job will be to take duels in mid or expeditiously rotate to whichever site ends up being attacked.

Attacking Strategy

Attacking Strategy

A Site

When attacking A, one of the best ways to take the site is to split push through A Long and Aquarium at the same time. Send a breaching rogue along with an aggressive duelist to A long. During that, the other two team members flank though Aquarium. This split attack is designed to take defenders off guard. The rogues moving through Aquarium should lay down smoke at the entry from the courtyard if they have it. That will slow down defenders who are looking to rotate through the courtyard for the retake.

It is best to attack the site quickly, before enemies have had time to rotate. Once the bomb is planted, you can’t effectively defend the retake from on the site itself. The room is simply too small and too vulnerable to explosive attacks. Instead, the best after-plant position for attackers on the A site is the aquarium and north stairway. So one of the best plant spots is at the bottom of the stairs, which is visible from either location. This will force enemies to confront a deadly cross fire if they want to retake the site.

B Site

The best strategy for attacking B is to do a 3 and 1 split push. Send your flanker to the mid doors entry to B. If they can win over this position, you will have a big positional and intel advantage near the start of the round. While your flanker is trying to take the courtyard, the rest of your team can breach from the west site of the atrium. There is a lot of cover in this room to assist your assault. Once the enemy knows you are pushing B, defenders will likely rotate through mid. At that point your flanker at mid doors should be prepared to cut them off.


The B site is the better site to attack overall. It provides more cover, and the open design of the site makes it easier to utilize utility like grenades or smokes to cover your advance. The key to success when taking B is to work quickly, just like when you attack A. On Skyfell, attackers have a huge advantage early on in rounds before defenders have had a chance to rotate. After you get the bomb down, the best after plant position is the room to the south of the site. It provides an entrenched location with full vision on the site.

Best Rogues for Skyfell

Defending composition

  • Anvil
  • Vy
  • Ronin
  • Saint

Anvil is a great control rogue to use on this map. His mobile cover is perfect for securing either site. His C4 is an amazing tool for slowing down enemy pushes or setting deadly booby traps for unsuspecting opponents. On top of that, he carries one of the most reliable, high damage weapons in the game in his machine gun. He can work on the attack side of Skyfell too.

Vy is another awesome control rogue option. Her poison is probably the best tool in the game for slowing down an enemy push, and on this map you can use her poison to cut off enemy rotations as well. She can be an effective option for both B and A, but she is most effective playing the A position in Aquarium, since her poison can essentially cover the entire A site if needed.

Ronin is the best flanker in the game. There are so many strong spots to place her ballistic knife on this map. On top of that, her high damage loadout and ability to remain off enemy radars makes her a huge flanking threat at all times.

Finally, Saint is a great pick for this map. Of course his healing drone is always a useful tool for picking up fallen friendlies. His longer range weapons can be quite effective on some of the longer angles around mid and on the flanks of both A and B. Finally, his trip mine is a terrific tool for securing the zipline flank on the far south end of the map.

Attacking composition

  • Dima
  • Sigrid
  • Lancer
  • Dahlia

Dima is one of the most powerful breaching rogues in the game. His cluster grenade can clear out entire rooms of enemies and he is able to buy up to three more grenades using his gadget slots. With so much explosive utility at his fingertips, Dima is always more than ready to hard breach either site on this map.

If you are looking for a different breaching agent, or just want to double up your breacher count, consider Rogue Company’s latest hero Sigrid. Sigrid’s shield can be a very effective tool for pushing a heavily guarded area, and her passive ability Athletic makes her immune to slowing effects. As a result, she can very quickly and aggressively push enemy positions even if they are using area control utility.

Although Ronin is one of the best flankers in the game, Lancer might be a better pick for attack on this map. The main reason she is preferable to Ronin is her access to the smoke grenade. When attacking A and B, it is helpful to smoke off some entries. On A, smoking the mid entry to aquarium is important and on B smoking the doors from mid is important. Since Lancer has a smoke grenade and is still a more than competent flanker, she is a strong pick for attacking on Skyfell.

Finally, Dahlia is an all around good rogue for Skyfall attack. She is definitely a strong pick for defense too, but she really shines when attacking. Like Lancer she carries a smoke grenade, which is an essential utility. She also has a standard grenade, the ability to revive her linked ally from a distance, and the ability to inherit the passive ability of any of the rogues on her team.

When Dahlia links with Lancer on Skyfell, the combination is absolutely ridiculous, since it allows Dahlia to reload by rolling. When this rolling reload is combined with Dahlia’s already high damage output weapons, she can play very aggressively and win duels that the Support rogue would typically struggle in.

Aaron Alford

Aaron Alford

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