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Twitch Rivals Recap: Rocket League NA Showdown

Izabela Tomakic

On June 17th, Twitch Rivals entertained fans with the Rocket League NA Showdown. The Twitch Rivals: Rocket League NA Showdown invited 24 players to match their skills in a series of exciting and unfamiliar challenges. While 16 players weren’t tasked with any specific assignments except practicing various game modes, eight players were appointed the team captains. Needless to say, as designated captains, they were responsible for handpicking a winning team composition and guiding those players to victory.

twitch rivals rocket league showdown

Image Credit: Psyonix

The team captains for this event were Logan “Spoodah” Pitman, James “JG7” Guarino, Demar “Dazerin” Williams, Caleb “Hoodyhooo” Garrett, Elyse “herculyse” Herrera, musty, TopGunn7 and widow.

Twitch Rivals: Rocket League NA Showdown followed the format of previous Rocket League Twitch Rivals by dividing the event into three separate parts: draft, round-robin, and playoffs. However, this tournament, besides the standard Rocket League mode, included less popular game modes such as Rumble, Heatseeker, Dropshot, Spike Rush, Snow Day, and Dropshot Rumble.

The prize pool for this event was $25,000. The first-place team took $9,000 home, the second $6,000, the third $3,000, the fourth $1,800, and $300 less for each subsequent team.


Twitch Rivals: Rocket League NA Showdown opened with the essential and imperative part of every Twitch Rivals Rocket League tournament, the draft. For this event, Twitch Rivals agreed upon the snake-style format. The hallmarks of the snake-style draft are that the order of picks is determined randomly, and the pick order is reversed after each round. So, since the first drafting phase began with musty picking first and Hoodydooo picking last, the second drafting phase began with Hoodydooo picking first and musty picking last.


In the second phase of the event, the teams, divided into two groups, faced each other in a challenging single round-robin. Designed to push both the players and test their limits, the round-robin consisted of three rounds, each with three separate games. However, in order to warm up the players and ease the transition to other game modes, each round began with a classic match of Rocket League.

While match set 1 featured a classic match of Rocket League, a game of Rumble,, and a game of Heatseeker, match set 2 included a standard match of Rocket League, Dropshot, and Spike Rush. The final match set undoubtedly pushed the players as it featured a standard match of Rocket League, Snow Day, and Dropshot Rumble.

After the last game, the standings looked like this: 

Group A

Team // Points

Team musty – 24

Team Dazerin – 18

Team herculyse – 9

Team widow – 5

Group B

Team Spoodah – 19

Team JG7 – 16

Team Hoodyhoo – 15

Team TopGunn7 – 6

Playoffs and Grand Finals

The final chapter of Twitch Rivals: Rocket League NA Showdown, the playoffs and the grand finals, concluded the tournament with four intense placement-determining best-of-5s. While the admins clearly defined the match types for the round-robins, the teams could select and ban game modes for the playoffs and the grand finals.

The lower bracket hosted the ultimate showdown between Teams widow and TopGunn7 for 7th place, and Teams herculyse and Hoodyhooo for 5th place. In the upper bracket, Teams Dazerin and JG7tv engaged in a ferocious competition as they both tried to place themselves 3rd, and Teams musty and Spoodah pulled out the big guns to try and taste victory. 

Placement // Team

1 – Team musty

2 – Team Spoodah

3 – Team JG7

4 – Team Dazerin

5 – Team Hoodyhoo

6 – Team herculyse

7 – Team TopGunn7

8 – Team widow