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Kian “Hyena” Moyazani Discusses Team Luminosity

Gillian Langland

After a disappointing loss yesterday at Rainbow Six Siege’s DreamHack Montreal 2019, Team Luminosity is forgetting about their past performance and focusing on their match today against BDS. Ahead of their match against BDS, Hotspawn’s Gillian Linscott had the opportunity to talk with Kian “Hyena” Moyazani to talk about the team’s second LAN event, how they prep for a match, and how Luminosity has adjusted from yesterday’s loss.

Luminosity Gaming

Team Captain, Kian "Hyena" Moyazani, of Luminosity Gaming's Rainbow Six Siege team spoke with Hotspawn. (Image via Luminosity Gaming)

Gillian: This is your second LAN event on team Luminosity. How has the team adjusted to the different atmosphere and pressure of a LAN event? 

Kian “Hyena” Moyazani: Well, the first time was a little bit of a different roster and I don’t know, I feel like I still noticed some things from the first LAN under this one. We’re still happy, and I feel like we’re still addressing how to play at a LAN as opposed to online.

Gillian: What are the biggest differences between playing at a LAN versus playing online?

Hyena: At least for our team, I feel like we don’t play as confidently as we [do online]. We’re not taking as many of those risky gunfights as my teammates take online and we’re not as hyped. I feel like we’re a little more cautious, and it ends up costing time and us rounds.

Gillian: What could you do, potentially, for your next game that gets you more hyped in these situations?

Hyena: We talked about it and we VOD review and [we’re] going to do a pep talk [before the game] and we’re just going to make sure everyone’s on the right page. And I’m telling everyone, don’t worry about the scoreboard – if you think of plays right, don’t hesitate, just go for it.

Gillian: When you talk about risky gunfights or aggressive plays, do you have a player on your team who doesn’t have an issue with aggression?

Hyena: Probably [Richie “Rexen” Coronado]. I mean, yeah, he just doesn’t [care], he plays his game no matter what and he doesn’t let anything get to him. I’ve been teaming with Richie for like two years now. We were on our first competitive team together. So if I need anything or need to get through his head, I’m the one that talks to him.

Gillian: You mentioned pep talks. Do you and the team have any before game rituals or activities to get more hyped?

Hyena: No [laughs]. We just try and treat it like we’re at home and it’s a scrim game.

Gillian: So no big team high fives. So your next series is against BDS. How have you and the team strategized for playing against them?

Hyena: So there’s not that many VODS on BDS. Obviously there’s the game yesterday against G2 [Esports]. So we’re just going to go in and try to play our own game and just make them uncomfortable – have them play to our pace as opposed to letting them control the pace of the game.

Gillian: How are you focusing on making them uncomfortable?

Hyena: We’ll take away some operators that they like to pick a lot and force them to play maps that they are not so comfortable on.

Gillian: You talked about forcing them to play maps that they aren’t comfortable with. Is there a map at DreamHack Montreal that teams are more comfortable on?

Hyena: I feel like a lot of people are trying to play the new Kafe ‘cause everyone thinks that they have a mastery of the newest map. So I mean like against like a team like TSM who’s really good at Kafe – you might want to take that away.

Gillian: Sounds like you’ve got some secrets up your sleeve. When it comes to the event, have you gotten the chance to meet any fans? 

Hyena: Yeah, it’s actually crazy. Some dude asked to take a picture with us and since it’s all of our first time in Pro League – We’ve been here for like five, six months now. So I thought that was a pretty surreal experience.

Gillian: So besides getting hyped and having the pep talks, what are you and Team Luminosity doing to creating more synergy?

Hyena: I think time is a big factor, but also I’m trying to let my team know that everything’s fine. [They] just have got to play like we’re at home. This isn’t the end of the world if we lose, [we] just have to treat it like it’s another match, another Pro League match or another scrim. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Gillian: It sounds like you’re doing a good job as a captain as helping the team grow together. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about your upcoming match against BDS and we wish you all the best at DreamHack Montreal. 

Be sure to check out Team Luminosity’s Rainbow Six team on Twitch as they fight to make it into the quarterfinals.