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Everything We Know on Rainbow Six Siege Flores

Craig Robinson

Ubisoft has revealed Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Crimson Heist through the Rainbow Six Siege community event on Feb 21. The announcement revealed a glimpse at the Year Six Road Map, detailing map reworks, gameplay features and updates to pre-existing features. However, one of the big announcements of the event was the reveal of Rainbow Six Siege Flores. Here is everything we know about Flores.

Rainbow Six Siege Flores New Operator Year Six

Flores is the first operator launching with Rainbow Six Siege's Sixth Year (Image via Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege Flores Kit

Flores is the first operator releasing with Year Six Season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege. Flores is an attacker, bringing an explosive drone capable of destroying walls, gadgets, and operators up. Furthermore, Flores brings a mix of rifles and gadgets to alternate his playstyle.

  • Flores Ability – RCE Ratero
  • Primary Weapons – AR33 Assault Rifle and SR25 Marksman Rifle.
  • Secondary Weapon – GSh-18
  • Gadgets – Flashbang and Claymore
  • Style – Two speed and two armor

Flores Playstyle

Flores’ playstyle is centered around his RCE Ratero ability. Rainbow Six Siege Flores deploys a drone that cannot stop moving. He guides it towards its destination and activates a bomb on the drone. The drone will anchor onto the surface it first touches as the bomb sequence begins and armor up so defenders cannot take it down with bullets. After several seconds, the drone will explode like C4, taking out almost anything nearby.

The Argentinian has two main roles to fill with the ability, anti-anchor and anti-placement. The drone can take out Maestro Evil Eyes, Bullet Proof Cameras, unreinforced walls and hatches, Deployable Shields and more. It can also one-shot any defender who fails to run away in time.

Flores Lore

Flores is Rainbow Six Sieges’ first openly gay character. Ubisoft has decided to offer more character diversity for the player to get behind.

Furthermore, Flores is packed with lore about him joining the Argentinian army, being a youth criminal, and now fighting organized crime. Flores uses his drone to rob rich criminals, ultimately returning that wealth back to his community. Ash met him by chance in Argentina as she was set on a mission to stop crime syndicates, and now Flores resides in California after getting citizenship for helping Ash fight crime.

How to Unlock Flores

Flores unlock works a little differently. In the past, Rainbow Six Siege Operators could unlock on day one by buying the yearly pass. Instead, this option is moving to the first tier of the premium battle pass. The Premium Battle Pass unlocks on the first day of the new season, meaning Rainbow Six Siege Flores can unlock on Day One as normal. Operation Crimson Heist releases on March 16, 2021.

For those that do not want to purchase the Battle Pass, Flores will unlock two weeks after the Crimson Heist’s launch. This is just like every other Operator release, meaning Flores will likely cost 25,000 renown or 600 R6 Credits.

That is all we know on Flores for now. Check back more for the latest news and information on Flores, as of course, we will have a guide on how to play Flores to his full potential.