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Twitch Hosts Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown

Aaron Alford

Twitch Rivals is hosting the North American Hyper Scape Launch Showdown on Monday to promote the release of Hyper Scape to open beta. The event features popular streamers competing against each other in a unique pub stomp format for $100,000 in prize money. Twitch Rivals hosted a separate competition in Europe as well. Team Pow3rtv won the European competition earlier on Monday, led by Fnatic Fornite professional Giorgio “POW3R” Calandrell.

The American competition featured a number of notable streamer teams, including Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Brandon “Seagull” Larned, Benjamin “Dr. Lupo” Lupo, and more.

Hyper Scape is the latest Battle Royale title from Ubisoft, featuring a futuristic world filled with arena shooter elements. A Twitch Rivals event makes sense for Hyper Scape, since it is designed to be played by streamers. Ubisoft has worked with Twitch to implement features which allow streaming audiences to influence events in the games they are watching.

Monday’s tournament features 21 teams of three competing for a $100,000 prize pool. The teams first compete in a two and a half hour qualifier on Monday afternoon, seeking the best scores and placements in a “pub stomp” format, whereby teams play against the public rather than against each other. Teams receive one point per kill, and 15 points for a win. During the initial qualification competition, teams are ranked based on their highest three scores, with the top four teams advancing to finals.

The finals of the event continue the pub stomp format, with teams competing in as many games as possible within the 45 minute time period. The best Final’s score is then added to the qualifier score to determine each team’s final score.

You can tune into Twitch Rivals tournaments on the TwitchRivals channel.