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Apex Legends

ALGS Championship Finals Team Profile: G2 Esports

Zakaria Almughrabi

G2 Esports’s newly acquired Apex Legends squad is making waves at ALGS, taking fourth seed behind NRG, TSM, and MLP. The long-time core of Dezignful, Gentrifying, and Resultuh, also known as Aim Assist, is one of the most terrifying teams to find yourself up against in-game. All three of them play on controller, hence the Aim Assist name. However, G2 is much more than their sticks and sprays.

ALGS G2 Apex

Can the long-time core of Dezignful, Gentrifying, and Resultuh with the ALGS Championship for G2? (Image via G2)

Team: G2 Esports


Gentrifyinq– Octane

Dezignful – Bloodhound

Resultuh – Gibraltar

Group Stage Performance:

4th Overall – 159 Points

Three Wins, 90 Kills

Drop Spot:

Thermal Station

Best Zones:

Thermal Chokes

Back Thermal


ALGS Championships G2

Dezignful: A Surefire Spearhead

While every player on G2 has the ability to contribute to macro calling, Dezignful takes on the biggest role from Bloodhound. Dezignful is a strong, confident figurehead who will gladly call any fight that G2 can get points and positioning from. His fighting style is extremely aggressive, not being afraid to take on full teams on an angle by himself. Dezignful’s ability to lead G2 into combat makes them an incredibly powerful force.

Gentrifyinq: One Two Punch

Gentrifyinq is G2’s Octane player. While he doesn’t always take on the frontman role like other Octane/Wraith players do, Gentrifyinq is no stranger to getting in deep. Despite being on controller, his movement is good enough to make him an elusive target. Combined with his gun skill being through the roof, not many teams can withstand the one-two punch of Dezignful and Gentrifyinq pushing them with picture-perfect beams.

Resultah: A Stable Foundation

With all the fiery aggression that G2 is packing, having a good anchor is crucial to their success. Resultah on Gibby fills that niche perfectly. Resultah is the glue that holds G2 together. He will play any position that his team needs and can do so with any weapon. Don’t let his role player aspect fool you though, putting a Scout into his hands makes Resultah a kill farming machine. When it comes to Bubbles, he’ll always be there to clean up the fights.

Combining Brains and Brawn

G2 takes the controller player stereotype of all aim no brain and throws it out the window. Their ability to perceive the entire map allows the aggressive plays that give them their best games. The Aim Assist core is notorious for having massive single games where they get 10+ kills winning fight after fight on edge.

Unfortunately, their style has been adopted by a lot more teams as of recent. With the big edge game being on everyone’s mind over consistent spots in zone, G2 have a lot more competition awaiting them. Even so, the controller boys will still be at the forefront of their signature playstyle. Look for them to wipe squads and take names at the ALGS Championship Finals on June 13th.