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Apex Legends

ALGS Championship Finals Team Profile: TSM

Zakaria Almughrabi

TSM enters the ALGS Championship Finals in second seed behind NRG. The long-time fan favorites of the Apex world are still as consistent as ever, averaging 10.94 points per game. Hal and Reps make up one of the longest-standing cores in the game and the addition of Snip3down has given TSM even more firepower. How does TSM manage to keep themselves ahead of the competition?

Team: TSM


ImperialHal – Octane

Snip3Down – Bloodhound

Reps – Gibraltar

Group Stage Performance:

2nd Overall – 197 Points

Two Wins, 128 Kills

Drop Spot:

East Fragment

Best Zones:

West Fragment

No Name/Overlook



ImperialHal: Controlled and Calculated

ImperialHal main calls for TSM on Octane. Hal is indisputably one of the best in-game leaders in Apex. His game knowledge is near unrivaled which allows him to direct TSM like a maestro conducting a symphony. Frequent viewers of his stream know that Hal calls almost everything for his team. On top of that, Hal boasts amazing combat ability. He has the potential to run through entire teams while deciding on TSM’s next move.

Snip3Down: Shredding through Squads

Snip3Down is TSM’s Bloodhound. This old dog has certainly learned many new tricks since his introduction to the roster. Snip3Down was already one of the most threatening controller  players in NA. The previously rambunctious frag hunter has since been able to refine his play and become a composed and consistent source of DPS and kills. Make no mistake, when TSM chooses their moment to strike, it will be Snip3Down who comes in guns blazing.

Reps: Clutch when it Counts

Reps plays Gibraltar for TSM. While it did take Reps some time to adjust to the character after Wattson meta, the result was more than worth it. Few Gibby’s have better in-fight instincts than Reps. TSM’s team fighting is incredibly oppressive as a result of his positioning and micro. Bad Bubbles are a rare sight, allowing TSM to roll through squads and reset right after. Reps knows exactly what needs to be done to put his team ahead.

Big Games, Big Results

TSM’s defining feature as a team is their huge games that allow for them to stay at the top of the table. Seven of their 18 Group Stage games resulted in over 10 kills. Even with TSM only winning two games, they’re still far ahead of the rest of the field in points. If they can find their rotations and get the positions they want, few teams can rack up points like TSM.

However, there is a problem with this. Whenever the zone is not in favor of TSM, they can struggle to get any points at all. TSM had five or fewer points in 50 percent (9/18) of their Group Stage games. If they have a hard time turning unfortunate luck into a passable point count, it’s going to take a ton of pop-off performances to make up for it. Look for TSM to bring the heat (anywhere but Skyhook) in the ALGS Championship Finals on June 13th.