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ALGS Championship Finals Team Profile: NRG Esports

Zakaria Almughrabi

NRG Esports have long been considered one of, if not the best Apex Legends team in North America. Their Group Stage performance was nothing short of dominant. NRG were an insane 127 points ahead of the next team in Group B and were 65 points clear of 2nd place overall, TSM. Their average of 14.55 points per game at ALGS is absolutely mind-blowing. How does a team show that much consistency at the highest level of play?

ALGS Championship NRG Logo

What makes NRG one of the deadliest Apex Legends squads in the world? (Image via NRG)

Team: NRG Esports


SweetDreams – Octane

Nafen – Bloodhound

Rocker – Gibraltar

Group Stage Performance:

1st Overall – 262 Points

Six Wins, 152 Kills

Drop Spot:


Best Zones:

Thermal Choke

Back Thermal


Where NRG Likes To Drop

ALGS NRG Locations

Sweetdreams – Calling with Composure

SweetDreams is the Octane and in-game leader for NRG and is almost universally regarded as one of the two best in the region. Sweet’s ability to envision what a zone will look like and which rotations and fights NRG can take is second to none. He is always planning several steps ahead, knowing exactly what must be done to optimize NRG’s games. Sweet also has the ability to call with flexibility, allowing NRG to switch gears faster than anyone.

Nafen – Pure Fragging Force

Coming in on the Hound is Nafen. Nafen is one of the best mechanical players in Apex, period. Put any weapon in his hands and Nafen turns into an unmatched fragging machine. On top of his accuracy, Nafen also sports some incredible movement. Everything from combat wall bounces to tap strafes are second nature to him. Combine all of this skill with Bloodhound’s Ultimate movement speed and you have one of the most terrifying players on the server.

Rocker – Fastest Fat Man in the West

On Gibraltar is Rocker. Although he is the least flashy player on NRG’s star-studded roster. Rocker plays an imperative role. Many Gibby players end up moving at a slower pace than the rest of their teammates due to the defensive nature of the character. Rocker suffers no such setbacks. He is able to keep pace with Sweet and Nafen in every way despite NRG’s frequent speed changes. When the moving fortress is moving at that speed, NRG can take seemingly any amount of space whenever they want.

Confidence Creates Dominance

NRG have many defining features as a team. One of those features that impact their gameplay the most is their pure, unbridled confidence. NRG are not afraid to take fights to anyone for anything. They will go off of the smallest bits of information or advantages if it means getting what they want. Even when NRG have their spot in the zone, they still try to assert themselves over as much space as possible.

That said, they aren’t reckless to a fault as a result. NRG knows when it’s time to dial it back and wait for their time to shine.

Playing the Villain

Whether you love watching NRG clown on people on a whim, or you believe their frequent tea bagging is a bit much, the amount of respect they have earned is not to be underestimated. This team is where they are for a reason. Amazing main calling combined with the skill and speed to back up their aggression creates a squad that strikes fear into the hearts of any team. Look for NRG to lead the pack in the ALGS Championship Finals on June 13th and stay tuned for more ALGS coverage.