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Apex Legends Tier List: Apex Character Rankings

Ryan Shay

Apex Legends is a game filled with many team-based dynamics. With squads that consist of three unique legends, and Apex having a total of 21 legends to pick from, you can use many combinations to get the edge on your opponent.

apex legends tier list

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Some legends are better than others, not because of their kit, but how friendly they are to learn and use, and how many legends they can pair up with. The thing that separates top-tier legends from low-tier is a mix of the current meta with how easy that character is to use. The meta is always changing, and some Legends, like Crypto, have a very high learning curve. Other Legends, like Gibraltar and Bloodhound, are more straightforward and easy to use while also having a high skill cap.

Now that we know what separates the legends a bit, let’s rank them from most to least competitive in Hotspawn’s Apex Legends tier list.

Apex Legends Tier List for Season 13

S-Tier: Gibraltar // Valkyrie // Bloodhound

A-Tier: Wraith // Ash // Horizon // Octane // Newcastle // Seer // Caustic // Crypto

B-Tier: Bangalore // Lifeline // Revenant // Wattson

C-Tier: Pathfinder // Rampart // Loba // Mirage // Fuse // Mad Maggie


apex legends tier list gibraltar

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The man himself is still holding strong at the top of the Apex Legends tier list. To start, he has a dome that is crazy useful, and can only be destroyed by Crypto’s drone. It provides instant protection from every angle, making it great for reviving, repositioning or whatever you need. Reviving is also quicker in the dome. This means you can get the edge on picking up downed teammates before the enemy pushes. With an ultimate that is both aggressive and defensive, you can’t go wrong either. Raining down bombs can make for easy repositioning, stopping enemy pushes, or even finishing off teams. Not only does he come with all this, he then has his arm shield for 50 extra health, as well as the Fortified perk giving him 10% damage reduction. Gibraltar is 100% a team player and a great Legend that’s pretty basic to use. This is what makes him the best Legend to play at the moment.

apex legends tier list valkyrie

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This Legend’s pick rate keeps going up, and it is for a reason. Crazy repositioning skills for the whole team, while using an ultimate that also provides enemy locations to your team is awesome. Her ultimate also charges fast for frequent map rotation. Her passive is a selfish one, but amazing for repositioning and getting into hard-to-reach places. The instant vertical movement she has, and being able to move in any direction is unlike other legends. Her tactical is a free arc star on recharge, and can stun enemies or move them from cover. All the while she is easy to use, making Valkyrie an S-Tier Legend.

apex legends tier list bloodhound

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One of the easiest legends to use, and one of the most picked legends. Recommended for newer players, but with the potential to be competitive, Bloodhound is the best recon legend in-game by far. Using Bloodhound;s tactical instantly provides teammates with data, while being easy to use. Bloodhound’s ultimate gives you extra information with movement, while actively tracking and providing information to your team all the time. Bloodhound should not be overlooked.


apex legends tier list wraith

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We kick off the A tier of our Apex Legends tier list with the original portal sister. Her portal still has so much utility and opportunities for creative use. Being able to go invulnerable by combining her abilities is crazy. Repositioning your whole team through the storm is great, while being able to scout ahead then portal back is very strong also. Although her passive is just okay, it can still alert you and your team of nearby enemies. Wraith’s movement abilities combined with her ease of use put her at this spot.

apex legends tier list ash

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Keep an eye on this legend as the future comes. Depending on which characters get released, which ones get nerfed or buffed and how the meta changes, Ash has a lot of potential. She is great for repositioning like Wraith, but more for getting to tight spaces quickly. Her tactical can help slow enemies for you or your team, while her passive gives great awareness of where fights are happening. It can also help you pick fights or choose proper rotations. She falls behind Wraith, which is what slots her here.

How to Play Ash.

apex legends tier list horizon

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Another legend with lots of future potential. Horizon is amazing for getting herself height with her tactical, and her whole team can use it. Her ultimate is quite useful and great at breaching doors or disorienting teams as well. Her biggest downfall is her passive being selfish, though it still helps with repositioning Horizon herself.

How to Play Horizon.

apex legends tier list octane

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I don’t need to write much about everyone’s favourite speed junkie. His jump pad is a great team repositioning tool. His abilities are so easy to get a hang of. Despite his passive and tactical being a little selfish, he can move around fast for recon and provides forgiveness for healing. A great Legend for new players, but don’t get caught over extending.

How to Play Octane.

apex legends tier list newcastle

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The newest addition to the Apex roster, Newcastle has an amazing ultimate that is great for saving teammates. He is the first support legend for healing with real movement capabilities, as you can launch yourself with his ultimate. You can also use his fortified wall to lock down buildings for great defense or create cover in the open. His passive is also strong, being able to reposition downed teammates with a shield out. His tactical falls short of Gibraltar’s dome, as it is only protective on one side and is destroyable. He is so good at helping the team and has lots of potential for the future, placing him here on the Apex Legends character tier list.

apex legends tier list seer

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This legend makes for great recon and has some great usage. Seer gives your team valuable data, even providing how many shields and health enemies have. Timing a push with his tactical and interrupting heals can be lethal for opponents. His ultimate can be great for controlling and slowing down fights by revealing all enemies inside of it who are moving. There are a few things that leave him in this tier. Seer has no movement compared to Bloodhound, while his tactical is harder to use than Bloodhound’s and needs more precision.

apex legends tier list caustic

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Always a strong legend, Caustic is especially great in the late game. He can be effective at slowing down fights, which can help secure areas, heal or get revives. His downsides are that he has no movement or recon, and his gas traps are destroyable. The middle of the Apex tier list is a great spot for this big boy.

apex legends tier list crypto

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This is another interesting one. Crypto comes packed with a bunch of awesome utilities, yet there is one huge downside. While scanning an area to see if it’s safe before rotating, reviving remotely, seeing how many squads are in the area, distracting enemies and using EMPs is great, your team will be down a man while using the drone. He actually has amazing abilities, but you give up control of him while using him, which knocks him down to being the last entry A tier entry on our Apex character tier list.


apex legends tier list bangalore

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Bangalore’s ultimate can be good for repositioning the team, but there are options that are much better, and it may get avoided by enemies. Her tactical smoke can be great, but is easily diminished if someone else has a recon legend or digital threat, which most teams will have. Her best trait of using her ultimate needs great team communication. When it comes down to it, she has no recon for her team, and her team movement abilities are replaceable.

apex legends tier list lifeline

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This legend has gone from overpowered to underpowered, now seeming to be sitting at an all-right balance. Lifeline’s ultimate is still kind of useless, as it takes very long to charge, is very noticeable, and sometimes provides almost nothing. However, her tactical can help teammates with saving health for the late game or getting out of pinches. Being able to shoot and revive at the same time is very underrated, especially if wearing a gold backpack.

apex legends tier list revenant

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A bit of a more unique legend. Revenant’s ultimate got nerfed a bit but it can still be great with good timing. You need excellent team communication and to pair him with the right legends to use it well. His tactical is great for hindering opponents, and while his passive climbing ability can get you to advantageous places, it’s only useful in certain areas or maps. In the end, not having any recon, defensive or team movement abilities lands Revenant at this spot.

How to Play Revenant.

apex legends tier list wattson

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Closing out the B tier section of the Apex Legends tier list is Wattson. This legend lacks in recon and team movement, but can help out on the defensive end. Wattson’s ultimate can be quite strong, especially in the late game when holding down a building. Her ultimate will block ordnance forever as long as it’s not destroyed, which can be crucial, but her ultimate can take shots and be destroyed if coordinated by the other team. Her tactical is still a bit broken and bugged, but can help lock down a building. If the meta changed to suit Wattson better, she would be a more viable legend.


apex legends tier list pathfinder

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It was hard to put this friendly robot in the bottom group of our Apex tier list. Unfortunately, his grapple can be very good but selfish. Pathfinder’s ultimate ability is in about the middle of the pack. Being able to move your team across a zip line is beneficial, but enemies can use it too. There are now better options like Valkyrie to reposition. His passive is basically non-existent, he can be clunky to move around, and very hard to learn to use.

apex legends tier list rampart

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Also getting some big improvements at the beginning of Season 13, this legend can be very fun to use. She is great for lots of damage and setting up some defense. She lacks in helping out the team though. Once again, she has no recon or team movement with a selfish passive leaving her lower on the list.

How to Play Rampart.

apex legends tier list loba

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With replicators and armories, it’s now relatively easy to get the loot you want. Loba does help the team a bit in comparison to some lower-tier legends. Her tactical is a selfish ability and is mostly used for escaping. Loba comes with no recon, defense or team movement, and although she can provide heals and ammo later game, this is why she ranks so low.

How to Play Loba.

apex legends tier list mirage

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Another legend focused more on selfish play than team play. Mirage may be fun to use at times, but doesn’t have quite the edge some other legends have. Bamboozling opponents can be valuable, but it can also disorient and confuse teammates. Mirage provides no movement for teammates, and while he is good at reviving, Newcastle has made this obsolete.

apex legends tier list fuse

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Although he has seen some improvements, Fuse also doesn’t help the team much. While he is great at slowing enemies, and potentially trapping them or making them move is good, he has little to no recon, defensive support or movement abilities.

apex legends tier list mad maggie

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Mad Maggie

The last character on the Apex Legends tier list is none other than Maggie. Though her tactical ability pushes enemies from cover, it can be difficult to use. Her ultimate can also be challenging to use, easily redirected by small objects and not hitting your target. When it comes down to it she offers little team play. She can help the team move a bit, but enemies can use this almost as easily. For these reasons, she closes out the C tier.

While abilities, usefulness, and ease dictate where Legends appear on our character tier list for Apex, not one legend stands out as awful, and every legend has its viable components. Some do have better abilities. Some are geared towards helping the team more. With the right combination of Legends, mixed with a mastery of your favorite Legends’ abilities, any Legend can pull their own weight. The most important thing is choosing the Legend that works best for you, and that you enjoy playing the most!

Ryan Shay

Ryan Shay

Ryan competed in high-level international sports growing up. This has led him to be very competitive. He developed a passion for gaming in his early 20’s and has been heavily into the scene since, especially any ranked or competitive play. His favourite games include PUBG, Apex Legends & NBA 2K, but he plays everything from No Man’s Sky & The Witcher 3 to Magic: The Gathering.

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