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Revenant in Apex Legends: How to Play

Ryan Shay

Apex Legends’ Revenant is a simulacrum, like Ash, who was once known as the human Kaleb Cross. He is one of the game’s most aggressive Legends, and comes with an array of abilities that help him ambush and pounce on your opponents. If you’re lucky enough to unlock Revenant’s heirloom, a scythe representing justice and death, you’ll be sure to strike fear into your enemies.

revenant apex

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You don’t want to cross paths with Revenant in Apex, as Loba’s parents learned the hard way. The Syndicate hitman is one of the easiest characters to pair with other legends and makes for some fun gameplay, so let’s hop right into it!

All information in this guide is updated for Apex Legends Season 14.

The Abilities of Apex Legends’ Revenant


Revenant’s passive is quite simple, but can be very effective if used in the right situations. Stalker allows you to crouch-walk faster and climb higher on walls. You’ll be able to crouch-walk as fast as you can walk upright at a normal speed. Be sure to use the faster crouch speed to gain an advantage. When crouched,  your hitbox will decrease, and the aim increases for certain weapons. Crouching also makes no noise while moving, so be sure to sneak up on your opponents. Bonus points if you have Revenant’s heirloom unlocked, to add to the fantasy of reaping souls from the shadows.

Revenant can use Stalker to climb walls six times as high as a normal Legend, which is one of the most underrated abilities in the game. He can also climb walls 25% faster than any other character, as his climbing speed deceleration time lasts longer than other Legends. Always keep this climbing ability in mind, as you can use it to gain a tactical advantage of height and positioning.


Revenant’s tactical ability has a lot more of an obvious use, as it involves hindering your enemies’ abilities while using your own. With a cooldown of 25 seconds and holding two charges. Revenant can shoot a device that deals slight damage and disables enemy abilities for fifteen seconds. This includes tactical, ultimate and specific passive abilities. Note that abilities already in use are not affected, with exceptions made for Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Pathfinder.

The device explodes on contact and then leaves a cloud that will still affect the player for 15 seconds. This makes it great for blocking paths or doorways and trying to funnel your opponent. Revenant can throw other items and use his tactical at the same time, both only using one hand each. Don’t shoot it towards Wattson’s pylon as it will get shot down, and throwing it at Caustic’s traps will cause the traps to go off.

Don’t expect to kill anyone or finish off any enemies with Revenant’s tactical unless they had less than one shot of health. Use it to interrupt enemy advances by making their abilities useless, and to give you the upper hand when being the aggressor and planning an ambush

Death Totem

Revenant’s ultimate ability allows him to place a totem that protects anyone using it from dying. After a player interacts with the totem, they will return to the totem upon being downed or killed. The totem takes one second to create, lasts for 30 seconds, has 100 health, and a recharge time of 180 seconds. Anyone, including enemies, can use the totem to enter a shadow form for death protection once per totem activation. Be cautious when placing the totem, as it creates noticeable audio and visual cues. When you activate the totem it will give you a preview before placing it so you can be sure it’s in the right spot. You also don’t want to place it in an easy spot for enemies to use or destroy the totem, so think before placing it.

You can’t use healing items or shields while in shadow form, and when you return to the totem after dying in protection, you will have 50 health. Before you use the totem, you want to heal your shield to full and make sure your health is full. While using the totem, any damage will affect your health and not your shield. After dying and returning to the totem, try and pop a medkit or Phoenix Kit right away. You can also do finishers while using the totem and recharge your shield this way.

You’re going to want to use the totem to push as aggressively as possible. You have nothing to lose while in shadow form. Take this opportunity to be extra aggressive, get as much damage in as possible, and finish any knocked opponents. For this reason, using the totem can be great for attempting revives or risky respawn plays. When you’re low on time in shadow form, let the enemy kill you if you can. Not only will this place you back with your team at the totem, but put you in a safer location. Note that if you don’t die after using the totem, you will have equivalent health to what you had remaining in shadow form.

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How to Play Revenant in Apex Legends

To use Revenant to his full potential, taking advantage of Stalker is crucial. Being able to have a smaller hitbox while moving at the same speed is a huge advantage. Be sure to use this to throw your enemies off in a gunfight while strafing. His passive is great for confusing and surprising enemies while catching teams off guard, especially when it comes to climbing into unusual or high places fast. One of the biggest advantages to playing Revenant in Apex is how simple but effective his passive ability can be.

Revenant gets awesome benefits from his other abilities too. When using Silence, be cautious and knowledgeable about which legend you’re targeting, as it is more effective against some than others. As mentioned, be sure to use it to block doorways, ziplines or pathways. Even though it doesn’t do much damage, most enemies will deliberately avoid passing through it to keep from losing their abilities. When shooting the tactical at a door, the device swings with the door when opened. Use this to sometimes catch people off guard, or to direct opponents where you want. In extreme cases, you can sometimes use your tactical ability as a distraction, or something to hide behind when healing. The device travels at about the same range and trajectory as a thermite grenade. Keep this in mind when using it, as players tend to think it will go a lot farther than it can.

If you match him with a premade squad and have a coordinated plan in advance, the value of Revenant goes up a lot. Three players using the totem is equal to about 150 extra damage your enemy has to do. It’s so important to place the Death Totem at the optimal spot before pushing. You only have 25 seconds to push; too far and you lose time, too close and enemies use it. You’ll want to get good with judging and timing distance when closing the gap between you and your opponents. Place the totem up high so you can drop down to the opponent. This will make it very difficult for them to use or destroy the totem. When using Revenant’s ultimate, there should be a sense of urgency and you should deal as much damage as possible.

Advanced Tips for Revenant in Apex Legends

  • When paired with Wraith, try to bait people into her portal when you have Silence, as you can quickly surprise and disable enemies.
  • The Death Totem can last for longer than a minute. The totem will last for 30 seconds after the last player has activated it. Spread out your teammates’ activations and it will last a lot longer, catching enemies off guard.
  • Carry a thermite grenade with you so that you can kill yourself while in death protection. This will return you to the totem if the other team falls back and leaves you with little health.
  • Always carry ultimate accelerants, as his ultimate can take quite long to charge.
  • Wearing gold armour helps make up for the health lost while in shadow form. Using a single syringe after returning to the totem will top off your health.

revenant apex death totem

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

Best Loadouts in Apex for Revenant

Close-range weapons are the best for Revenant, but he also benefits from mid-range weapons. Using fast guns like the R-99 and C.A.R. SMG, or shotguns like the Peacekeeper and Eva-8 are your best bet for close range. Guns like the R-301 & Flatline will work great for constant mid-range pressure, even if teleported back to the Death Totem.

Best Legends to Pair With Revenant

  • Mad Maggie
  • Pathfinder
  • Octane
  • Wraith

The number of characters that pair well with Revenant in Apex is pretty high up there, as he enhances another Legend’s abilities by stacking the Death Totem on top. Any Legend that provides movement will help the most, as they shorten the time it takes to get from the Death Totem to the enemy. These abilities will give you more time to do damage while in death protection. Octane’s jump pad, Mad Maggie’s speed bursts, Wraith’s portal and Pathfinder’s zipline all synergize well with Revenant. Throw a Rampart in the mix and you’ve got a high velocity, death-protected minigun flying off of a jump pad through the air right into the enemy team! Be creative, as many legends work well with Revenant for various reasons.

Revenant relies a bit too much on other legend pairings to be a great solo legend. However, since Apex Legends is a team-based game, his value increases. When playing Apex with Revenant, always have a sense of urgency while Death Totem is active. With his ability to reach unique places and be quite stealthy, he is a legend made for great flanking opportunities.

Revenant can be a pain to play against, and hearing an enemy Death Totem activating can be a scary thing, but he is also a blast to play yourself and pair up with other Legends. Don’t hesitate, and start swinging that scythe!

Ryan Shay

Ryan Shay

Ryan competed in high-level international sports growing up. This has led him to be very competitive. He developed a passion for gaming in his early 20’s and has been heavily into the scene since, especially any ranked or competitive play. His favourite games include PUBG, Apex Legends & NBA 2K, but he plays everything from No Man’s Sky & The Witcher 3 to Magic: The Gathering.

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