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Octane in Apex Legends: How to Play

Ryan Shay

Octane is Apex Legends’ daredevil, who moves fast and creates excitement. He looks like a Borderlands character with goggles. He acquired bionic legs after jumping on a grenade to launch himself across the finish line while trying to set the record for a nearby gauntlet.

Octane Apex

Source: Electronic Arts

As Octane says, “by the time you see me coming, I’ll be going, and you’ll be gone”, and his speed is what has endeared him to gamers’ hearts and their main character position. Being one of the most-frequently picked Legends, you are likely to see many Octanes running around your lobby. This guide breaks down the essentials, and provides tips and tricks for you Octane junkies. Let’s hop right onto the jump pad and launch ourselves into it.

All information in this guide is updated for Apex Legends Season 14.

The Abilities of Apex Legends’ Octane

Swift Mend

Octane’s passive ability is health regeneration (with no ensuing damage), allowing you to regain 1 health every second. It takes 6 seconds to kick in, but can be useful when you don’t have that extra healing time during a fight. Its biggest bonus and main purpose are to counteract the health loss from Octane’s tactical ability.

Stim Shot

Being all about speed, Octane’s tactical is a stim shot that increases walk speed by 30% and sprint speed by 40% for 6 seconds. Each use costs 20 health per activation, unless you have less than 20 health. In that case, it’ll put you to 1 health. When Octane’s stim is active, you take less impact and recover quicker from things like arc stars, so keep running. The cooldown to re-use is 1 second, making for frequent use if needed. His tactical is mainly for starting or getting out of a fight. It can be great for scouting as well but, don’t get caught alone.


The ultimate works perfectly for Octane, as Apex’s focus on movement is such a large part of the game. Octane throws down a jump pad, which the whole team can use to launch themselves through the air, rotate, close distance, or create general movement to be a harder target. While soaring through the air, you get one double jump if you press the jump button. Mastering the timing is important to maximize distance. You can place it in doorways to prevent entry or an easy escape. If you slide into the jump pad it’ll launch you farther horizontally but not vertically. Recharging is quick, only taking 90 seconds, which gets Octane in the fight frequently if needed. The launchpad can be great for escaping situations, but enemies can use it just as easily. Don’t hesitate to also use this to your advantage as an air target on your enemies. Be proactive with your team’s rotation before moving, for proper placement of your jump pad.

octane apex jump pad

Source: Electronic Arts

How to Play Octane in Apex

Octane encourages an aggressive playstyle with lots of rotating. His main team role is helping the squad re-position and gain crucial ground. As welcoming as his abilities are to a fight, keep in mind it’s easy to get caught up in overextending in any engagement. Take advantage of Octane’s passive, be mindful of his health at all times.

Apex Legends is a team-based game, but Octane can be an individual character, better to play at odd angles. He is a great character for running flanks while your squad disorients the other team, and he can regroup with the team fast. Compared to characters with longer cooldown times on their abilities like Valkyrie and Wraith, he makes for great mid-game play with lots of rotation and a focus on proper movement.

Octane specializes in moving and rotating your team early-mid game. In the late game, he needs to play a bit differently and cautiously. It can be easy to lose position due to a poorly placed jump pad or get yourself caught overextending. Nonetheless, he can be your team’s first aggressor, and help finish a game quickly after getting that first knock. Octane isn’t as good late game as legends like Gibraltar or Caustic, but his jump pad can launch your squad to places that are not easy to reach, or it can be thrown in the last small circle to elevate yourself and buy some time while people fight below.

The skill ceiling for Octane can be quite high, with some forgiveness compared to other legends. He can be a highly competitive legend but requires more discipline as you increase your skill level with him. His speed isn’t only useful for combat, as it can make the difference between getting a gun or shield off the drop. His tactical also gives great leeway with landing. You can get great early game loot as you can land slightly away from your team, cover more ground faster, and rendezvous with the squad as fast as possible.

Advanced Tips for Octane in Apex

  • Wear gold armour so Octane can counteract the health lost from his tactical. He’ll do this by getting better value from a single syringe. 
  • Destroying your jump pad after use so enemies can’t follow you can save your life. Your jump pad has 200 health.
  • Use Octane’s tactical moments before finishing a phoenix kit or medkit for one free use of his tactical.
  • When engaging an enemy squad, have your team push with you on the jump pad very close together. You’re an easier target flying through the air solo, but if coordinated as a team, three people together make a harder target.
  • Only engage mid-fight with a jump pad if you can get a knockdown, then apply pressure to finish the team. Don’t get caught overextending!
  • Increase zoom by using Octane’s tactical and popping a stim while aiming down sights.
  • Launchpad pairs up great with specific legends and their ultimates as well, especially Revenant
  • Keep shields topped off to help balance the health lost from using his tactical.

octane apex midair

Source: Electronic Arts

Best Loadouts in Apex for Octane

  • Flatline/R-301 & EVA 8/Peacekeeper
  • R-99/C.A.R. & EVA 8/Peacekeeper
  • Prowler & EVA 8/Peacekeeper
  • R-99/C.A.R. & Wingman/Peacekeeper

Octane performs best when engaging in close-mid range combat. Try using guns with great mobility that can perform in closer ranges.

Best Legends to Pair With Octane

  • Gibraltar
  • Bloodhound
  • Revenant
  • Bangalore
  • Wraith
  • Pathfinder

With Apex Legends’ evolving updates and changes, we can never be certain what the game holds for its characters’ nerfs, buffs and other adjustments. Nonetheless, the pick rate for Octane has managed to stay quite healthy over the game’s life. He’s a more offensive and aggressive legend than some others, created for fast movement and exciting gameplay. He’s earned his place in the high-tier meta of Apex Legends, where he’ll probably remain. What are you waiting for… outrun your opponents to the last circle, and use that jump pad to mop up your enemies!

Ryan Shay

Ryan Shay

Ryan competed in high-level international sports growing up. This has led him to be very competitive. He developed a passion for gaming in his early 20’s and has been heavily into the scene since, especially any ranked or competitive play. His favourite games include PUBG, Apex Legends & NBA 2K, but he plays everything from No Man’s Sky & The Witcher 3 to Magic: The Gathering.

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