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Rampart in Apex Legends: How to Play

Ryan Shay

Ramya Parekh is always ready to go with her rambunctious attitude and excitable voice lines. Better known as Rampart in Apex Legends, she spent her childhood messing around in junkyards, building what she could. Rampart grew up to make a name for herself in the Arenas and eventually in the Apex Games. With a wrench she calls Problem Solver as her heirloom, even equipped with a gum dispenser, it’s clear to tell she is here for some fun.

Rampart apex

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Considered a defensive legend, she can create cover in places there usually wouldn’t be, meaning she can expose angles other players won’t be familiar with engaging, allowing for more aggressive play. Rampart has a slightly higher learning curve than some other legends, but it can pay off in terms of pacing the battle, creating cover and controlling the fight. Let’s grab Rampart’s heirloom and get prepare to swing that wrench in action!

All information in this guide is updated for Apex Legends Season 14.

The Abilities of Apex Legends’ Rampart

Modded Loader

Rampart’s passive increases magazine/heat capacity and provides faster reload/recharge time when using LMGs and her minigun ultimate, “Sheila”. Magazine size is increased by 15%, reload time is decreased by 25%, and it does stack with the magazine increase of extended mags and the reload time decrease of standard stocks. It also stacks with the splatter rounds hop-up, which has the same effects as the modded loader. Rampart’s passive is great for Arena Mode, as it lowers the cost of the LMGs. 

Amped Cover

Rampart’s tactical allows her to deploy a wall, with a crouch portion for full cover and an amped part that will block incoming shots and amp outgoing shots. Be aware of which side amps bullets, the blue/purple side, and which side stops bullets, the orange/red side. You can have five walls deployed at a time, and you can hold three charges at once, gaining one charge every 20 seconds. You can pick up a previously placed wall and restore one charge.

One Amped Cover takes 3.6 seconds to deploy, and has 120 health during this time. Once deployed, the amped portion has 175 health and the base portion has 400 health. You’ll be able to tell how much health is left as shown in 7 hexagons, each worth 25 health. Shooting outgoing bullets from the blue/purple side of the amped cover will give a 20% damage boost; however, shooting through multiple walls doesn’t stack, and will destroy all amped covers after the one being shot through.

Amped Cover can be destroyed by Crypto’s drone EMP or two melee hits; however, meleeing an enemy who is too close will only damage the enemy. The Amped Cover takes 1.5x damage from an arc star, and thermites only damage the base portion and not the amped part of the wall. It can be damaged by Caustic’s nox gas traps and nox grenade, but it will not destroy them. The cover is not penetrable by any sniper except while it’s being deployed.

Don’t worry about teammates being in the way when placing Amped Cover, as it should allow to you avoid collision with teammates upon placement. When behind amped cover, look down at the ground to maximize cover due to the tilting effect of the head’s hitbox when not engaging. If you currently have five Amped Covers placed and go to deploy another, it will remove the first one you set. Keep this in mind and try not to use too many walls, as you may accidentally remove the wrong one somewhere else.

Mobile Minigun “Sheila”

Rampart’s ultimate is a mobile minigun with a single high-capacity magazine. Upon activation, Sheila has a magazine size of 173 rounds. When you place down Sheila as a turret, anyone can use it and it becomes reloadable. You can place up to three turrets at a time. When set, you only get a 180-degree horizontal view, upward to 71-degree, and downwards to a 53-degree vertical view. It takes two minutes to charge, and after firing all of its shots while mobile, it can either be placed down as a turret or put away. Use the switch weapon button to holster Sheila after activation if it isn’t empty, and it will remain at the same magazine size as when put away. Place down Sheila to start your recharge or set it in cooldown mode by toggling your fire mode, refunding some of Sheila’s charge-up to 75%.

While placed as a turret, Sheila has 350 health and a magazine size of 150 for any characters other than Rampart. Sheila also comes with infinite ammo in turret mode; however, it requires a spin-up before it can start firing. Mobile spin-up takes 1.25 seconds and activates a laser sight that can be seen by enemies. While in turret mode, it takes 1.25 seconds to spin up and also starts the laser. Aiming down sights will spin up the barrel before firing to help avoid delay. Doubling damage to the head and dealing 14 damage per round at 20 rounds/second, Sheila’s accuracy starts out poorly but improves as it heats up, making it very deadly. However, it does only take two melee attacks to destroy a turret.

You can mount Sheila on the back of a Trident for great fun, and it can also be excellent for destroying doors.

rampart apex

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How to Play Rampart in Apex Legends

Rampart’s primary ability is her amped cover. From quickly deploying amped cover for blocking a grenade explosion to controlling the fight, these barricades are helpful in many ways. However, don’t think of your amped cover only as walls, but as decoys that your enemies will pay attention to and shoot. Opponents will often try to rush your amped cover to jump over it or get passed it before it is effective. Be ready for this with a second amped cover close behind to bait them for a counter-strike.

Rampart players should push an area, drop some amped cover, and be prepared to be pushed back by the enemy, dealing out extra damage while taking minor damage. Use amped covers strategically to block off areas of buildings and isolate or trap opponents by preventing movement and stopping flanks. You can use amped covers to create excellent funnels, forcing enemies to make specific movements and frustrating players trying to get through doorways. They can also be great for blocking ziplines, making it more difficult for enemies to use them.

Amped cover can be tricky to set up if you’re already heavily engaged, so the ability is best used proactively. For example, if using Rampart aggressively, you can use the amped cover as a decoy by deploying your wall and then strafing into the open. This forces the enemy to shoot you while your cover builds, which you then return to if needed. Or, the enemy will shoot at your cover, allowing you to fire back at them. Even though you can’t shoot through multiple amped barriers for a stacking effect, the base cover will remain and still work. With the base remaining, in some situations, it’s still beneficial to stack multiple in a row if needed to protect the deployment of the next wall while advancing.

We can’t forget Sheila. Be very wary of the spin-up time and delay in firing with Apex’s fast gameplay. Sheila also hinders mobility, so try to focus less on movement. Nearby enemies will see the laser and hear the gun spinning before firing, so be cautious of giving away your position. Finally, don’t leave Sheila or any amped covers you placed down behind, as an enemy will use them to their advantage.

Advanced Tips for Rampart in Apex Legends

  • Carrying two purple-stocked L-STARS means Rampart can fire a quick burst of one and then bypass the heat cooldown by swapping guns before the gun reaches critical heat.
  • If you engage with an enemy at a certain angle and they are holding that position, you can place a wall to trick them into thinking you’re going to engage from behind that wall, but approach at the opposite angle and catch them off guard.
  • If fighting someone through a door with an amped cover up and the door breaks, you can quickly slide into your cover, picking it up just before sliding into it, and not losing any speed moving through the doorway. Most players won’t suspect this.
  • You can super glide (crouch and jump simultaneously after mantling a ledge) off of the amped cover to surprise enemies and reach some places you may not have been able to jump to before. You can also use this tactic to close the gap quickly after a knock.

rampart apex cover

Source: Electronic Arts

Best Loadouts in Apex for Rampart

  • M600 Spitfire
  • L-Star
  • Devotion

Rampart benefits the best from LMGs due to her passive ability. However, you don’t need to force yourself to use them, as she still benefits a lot from her tactical and ultimate. Most guns are fine when playing Rampart, as the amped cover boosts every weapon.

Best Legends to Pair With Rampart

  • Octane
  • Revenant
  • Caustic
  • Seer
  • Bloodhound

Mobility legends like Octane paired with Sheila can quickly make for an aggressive push dealing out heavy damage. Revenant gives a chance to deal damage with Sheila recklessly while it’s mobile. Caustic & Rampart make for a tough push for enemy teams. With Caustic’s gas traps and Rampart’s amped cover, you can easily direct, isolate and trap enemies in buildings. Seer & Bloodhound provides fantastic recon and greatly help get information on enemies, allowing you to effectively prepare your amped cover or Sheila.

Being successful with Rampart in Apex is all about knowing your angles and limitations in fights. Unlike other defensive legends, Rampart’s tactical is effective anywhere you can get a line of sight, and she makes moving cover. Not only is she one of my favourite legends personally for her abilities and gameplay, but her absurd and taunting voice lines mixed with her incredible style make it super fun to play Rampart in Apex. Now, you’re ready to come in swinging with Rampart’s heirloom, and as she would say, “Time to show them what we’re made of! Which is just blood and guts, really…”!

Ryan Shay

Ryan Shay

Ryan competed in high-level international sports growing up. This has led him to be very competitive. He developed a passion for gaming in his early 20’s and has been heavily into the scene since, especially any ranked or competitive play. His favourite games include PUBG, Apex Legends & NBA 2K, but he plays everything from No Man’s Sky & The Witcher 3 to Magic: The Gathering.

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