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Twitch to Host Rivals VALORANT EU Showdown

Aaron Alford

Twitch Esports announced that they will be hosting the Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Europe Showdown on May 2nd and 3rd at 5 am PT. The tournament will feature a variety of EU based Twitch streamers competing for a $100,000 prize which will be donated to the pandemic relief efforts. Details about the format and streamers involved are forthcoming.


Twitch is hosting yet another VALORANT Rivals tournament, this time for EU. (Photo courtesy Twitch)

Twitch Rivals has been one of the first tournament organizers to put on VALORANT events. The Europe Showdown will be the third VALORANT event hosted by Twitch Rivals in 2020. The tournament series previously hosted the Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Showcase on April 3rd followed by the Showdown on April 7th.

VALORANT is expected to release in the Summer of 2020. Although Riot’s tactical shooter is currently in closed beta, there is already a large demand for tournaments and competitive events. Riot has been very vocal about their intentions to make it into a global esport and they released plans earlier this month which detailed how they will sanction tournaments.

Ranked mode is also coming soon. Riot announced on Tuesday that they will be launching the VALORANT competitive mode with ranked matchmaking very soon. According to their tweet, the ranked mode will be activated “when everything is stable.” Presumably they want to make sure their matchmaking servers are up to snuff before launching the new mode.