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Best Gaming Energy Drink In 2022: Improve Focus, Energy & More

Hotspawn Team

Gamers are always looking for ways to improve gameplay. And that includes boosting our energy and focus. If you are looking to attain peak performance while gaming, sometimes you need the extra boost. That is why there are so many gaming drinks on the market. Or, really anyone looking for that boost of energy. If you are in the market for a gaming energy drink to help your grind, there are so many to choose from that it can feel overwhelming.

Don’t worry. Hotspawn is here to help.

Best Energy Drinks for Gaming
Glytch Energy Drink Flavor Tropic Thunder
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Glytch Energy
Glytch Energy Drink Flavor Tropic Thunder
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Glytch Energy
Rogue ENergy Blue Raspberry
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Rogue Energy
mixt fruit punch
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MIXT Energy
Juggernaut energy tropical onslaught
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Juggernaut Energy
nerd focus can
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Nerd Focus

We have tested more than our fair share of energy drinks for gamers. We have separated the top from the bottom. The best from the worst. The hard carry from the int-er. If you are in the market for the best energy drink for gaming to boost your focus, concentration, and energy, these are your best options.

Best Gaming Energy Drink with the Most Flavors

Glytch Energy Drink Flavor Tropic Thunder

Best Energy Drink for Gaming

Glytch Energy

Caffeine 175mg per serving

Variety of Flavors 19

Calories 15 per serving


Glytch Energy is one of the newer brands in the gaming energy drinks space, but they have quickly established themselves as a premier choice. Glytch focuses not just on providing gamers with a boost of energy, rather, they focus on a more comprehensive goal of full-boost wellness. For just energy drinks alone, Glytch has 19 various formulas that help provide not just energy but increase cognitive function and helps protect against eye strain.

Of course, this means that Glytch provides a wide range of flavors. You have the basic flavors you expect with any energy drink provider, but Glytch also has more exotic tastes like cotton candy, gumball, and various flavors inspired by classic cereals.

If you are unsure which of their flavors you may like, they also sell their Big Pac, which is a variety pack to test out what might work best for you. Undoubtedly, not all the flavors are going to be to everyone’s liking, but, there should be something for everyone.

All in all, Glytch Energy boasts a wide array of amazing gaming drinks that taste good, mix smoothly and offer a variety of health benefits.

Best Gaming Supplement with Unique Formulas

Rogue Energy Strawberry Kiwi

Rogue Energy

Caffeine 0-300 mg per serving, based on type

Variety of Flavors 13

Calories 0-5 per serving

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Rogue Energy has been a product that has been steadily climbing to prominence for gamers. Rogue clearly built its products with gamers in mind. It gives you plenty of energy and focus. It also mixes extremely well, making sure there is no undissolved product sitting at the bottom of your glass.

One of the biggest perks to Rogue Energy gaming supplements is the sheer number of options you have. Rogue has four different formulas with unique properties. Energy, Hydration, Extreme, and Shake.

Energy is what you would call the “typical” energy drink formula, for focus and energy. Hydration has zero calories and zero caffeine, focusing on essential electrolytes. Extreme is Rogue’s “pre-workout” and contains the most caffeine of any of their products. And Shake is, obviously, a milkshake formula.

In terms of giving you a wide array of options tailored to your specific needs, Rogue Energy is one of the best on the market.

Energy Drink with Simple Ingredients

MIXT Energy Drink Best Energy Drink Fruit Punch

MIXT Energy

Caffeine 160 mg per serving

Variety of Flavors 10

Calories 0

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If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, MIXT Energy is the winner. The big reason for MIXT providing such amazing value is that their formula primarily focuses on energy.

Some energy drinks on the market have a massive list of ingredients that would require a doctorate to understand. The key ingredients to MIXT are Taurine, Tyrosine, Caffeine, and B Vitamins. These are all staple ingredients in energy drinks, but MIXT does not bog them down with a bunch of other ingredients.

One of the biggest positives for many users of MIXT is that they ship to Canada without massive shipping and handling costs. MIXT also gives you the choice to see the cost of the product in USD, CAD or even AUD.

Low Sugar Energy Drinks for Gamers

Juggernaut Energy Tropical Onslaught

Juggernaut Energy

Caffeine 175 mg per serving

Variety of Flavors 6

Calories 0


Obviously, when you are looking to game at peak performance, your health should be in mind. And Juggernaut Energy helps you accomplish that, as their formula has zero sugar and zero calories.

One of the key ingredients in Juggernaut that you are not likely to find in many other energy drinks is Cognizin Citicoline. Citicoline is a “brain-health nutrient that’s been clinically tested to support attention and recall.” We are not scientists here at Hotspawn, but we did seem to notice a significant increase in focus and energy after drinking Juggernaut. Maybe more than any other brands we tasted.

Stemming from that, a small con of Juggernaut is that we have found that too much usage can cause some smaller headaches. That is to be expected with any energy drink, but we would recommend easing into using Juggernaut.

Overall, Juggernaut is a really interesting and growing energy drink company. Unlike many of the brands trying to jump into the space to get their share of the pie, it is obvious that Juggernaut wants to create something unique. We highly recommend trying Juggernaut because you simply are not finding a formula like this anywhere else.

Energy Drink with Lowest Caffeine Per Serving

Nerd Focus

Nerd Focus

Caffeine 128 mg per serving

Variety of Flavors 2

Calories 170 per serving | 0 per serving of Zero Calorie version

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Nerd Focus is a brand on the rise for folks looking for energy drinks and it is easy to see why.

The formula was created by a University of Texas student in 2006 as an alternative to energy drinks that were just filled with nothing but caffeine. That means that Nerd Focus actually contains a smattering of ingredients that you typically don’t see in other energy drinks or in lower quantities. Things like ginkgo biloba, DMAE, and GABA are all geared towards improving mental acuity more than just being an upper.

Nerd Focus only comes in two flavors – their original formula and their zero-calorie version. The original flavor is actually really good, having a bit of a citrus-like taste that is a little reminiscent of Mountain Dew. From our taste test, the zero-calorie formula is not as good tasting as the original with the sucralose flavor being a tad strong in the zero-calorie version.

Nerd Focus is actually one of the better products on the market, despite being lesser-known. Additionally, it comes in a can, which does away with the shaking and mixing process that can give you inaccurate measurements.

Best Gaming Supplement for Eye Health

Juju blue raspberry

Juju Energy

Caffeine 180 mg per serving

Variety of Flavors 9

Calories 15 per serving

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Juju Energy truly makes a mark in the gaming energy drink market based on two things: unique flavors and the depth of ingredients.

Aside from the typical flavors, you would expect in an energy drink like Blue Raspberry and Green Apple, Juju Energy also comes in flavors such as Horchata and Pina Colada. These unique flavors, especially Horchata, might not be for everyone. However, they offer something unique that you simply can’t find elsewhere. 

In terms of ingredients, you can also tell that Juju has created a more complex formula aimed at more than just giving you a quick sugar high. Aside from the typical things like Taurine you find in many energy drinks, Juju also features things like Lutemax 2020 for eye health. It also has Cordyceps Mycelium to help with fatigue and cognitive function. Juju really aimed for improving gameplay by creating one of the best gaming energy supplements, not just an energy drink for gamers.

One smaller knock on Juju Energy is that it did seem to settle to the bottom of the bottle if it is left too long. It is not something that should stop you from purchasing it, just a small aside to make sure you shake it frequently.


Choosing the Best Energy Drink for Gaming

As with choosing any gaming energy supplement, it depends on your body’s needs and your taste buds. With intense gaming sessions, you will likely be sitting for long periods at a time. That means you won’t burn a lot of calories being stationary. You want to avoid energy drinks with high sugar content. Also, health and nutrition professionals advise avoiding consuming more than 400 mg of caffeine daily. So, you want to look for a gaming energy drink that has a moderate amount of caffeine per serving, but not more than 300mg.

Also, not every energy drink supplement that claims to be healthy is actually healthy. And with more brands trying to cash in on gamers, there are so many options that it’s hard to distinguish which is the best gaming energy drink. In addition to checking ingredients, look at what the energy drink is promoting. Is it promoting eye health, mental focus, or a boost of energy?