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How to Play Rainbow Six’s Iana and Oryx

Craig Robinson

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1 has just dropped, marking the game entering a new year of Rainbow Six content. The first season of Year 5 brings us two new operators, Iana and Oryx, plus a freshly reworked Oregon. The two new operators in the game will spice gameplay up. Both have interesting strategies and mechanics that could be game-changing. Here we give our best tips to help you perform on the two newest operators in Rainbow Six.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege's Year 5 Season 1 just launched and added two new operators to the game. (Photo courtesy Ubisoft)



Iana is a Dutch space explorer joining Rainbow’s attacking roster. (Photo courtesy Ubisoft)

Iana is the latest two speed – two armor attacker to grace the game. Iana is armed with two different assault rifles, the G36C and ARX200. Also, she carries an MK1 sidearm, with a choice of smoke or frag grenades. Her special ability is where it gets interesting. Her Gemini Replicator projects a hologram of herself in the world, which she can use for many different situations.

Gemini Replicator is a drone – kinda

First off, the Gemini Replicator’s primary function is to be an intel gatherer. The hologram acts as a drone, with a recharge rate. She can use her ability for 15 seconds before the hologram disappears. This can be used to gather as much info in that time, working much more effectively than a drone. This also counteracts any Mozzie pests in the area. Your strongest asset here is your communication with your team. This is an infinite way for attackers to gather intel, so you best use your mic whilst playing Iana.

There are counters to be aware of though. Bulletproof cameras and Maestro’s evil eyes will detect that Iana’s hologram doesn’t give off a heat signature, nor will cameras ping the hologram’s location when scanned. Mute jammers will also turn off her hologram when it gets in range of one.

Support Fragging potential

The Gemini replicator is also a handy tool for making the opponent think the hologram is an easy pick. When Iana has support, the hologram can be used to bait the opponents into thinking it is real. For entry fragging, this can be a great tool to lure out the Caveira, Vigil or whoever is opening on the defense.

Another great application for this is in the post-plant scenario. An Iana may act as a stall or make angles harder to win for defenders on the retake. She can fake which side of cover she is on by having her hologram lean peak from another angle. This will then give Iana an advantage to peak elsewhere. In turn, her teammates can benefit from flanking the person dealing with an Iana duel.

MacieJay has a great use for this in Coastline’s Kitchen Service, which forced the defender’s last player to push an unwinnable angle. You can see what this means in the clip below.

Furthermore, the hologram can be used well to bait an opponent’s utility out. This is useful for sites like Bank’s Lockers/CCTV. Smoke canisters and other operators C4 are used as bomb denial at default from red corridor. A hologram may work wonders to set up a safer plant by baiting them out to create a safer default plant. There may be other instances where defender utility can be wasted, so get creative on your hologram plays.



Oryx is your new freight train joining the defensive side. (Photo courtesy Ubisoft)

Oryx is the new defender entering the game. Oryx is a two speed – two armor, that has the fastest movement ability in the game. He carries a choice between the SPAS-12 or MP5, with a Bailiff or USP for a sidearm. He can also carry barbed wire or a bulletproof camera. His ability is called Remah Dash – a quick dash which requires recharging and can hold a max of three charges at any given time. This allows him to roam effectively, or breach soft walls when needed.

Freight Train

The best way to use the Remah Charge is for rotation hole set up. This will free up impact grenades from defense strategies completely or allows for easier soft destruction elsewhere on the map. Defensive sites where the charge comes works well is Border’s vent / Workshop room, Coastline’s Billiard / Hookah, and Kafe’s Piano lounge / Freezer, to name a few.

Although, there is a catch to Oryx’s Remah Charge. When breaching soft walls, he will take 10 damage, and spend all Remah Charges he has at the time. So be warned about that. Another thing to note is that it isn’t worth to use the Remah Charge on soft walls all that much. Otherwise, a Doc will be required to top him back up.

Furthermore, his charge can destroy destructible cover easily. For example, the long bar on Kafe’s top floor is used for maestro strats. Oryx can speed up the process of destroying the bench without consuming as many shotgun rounds or impact grenades. This use of the Remah Charge only spends one charge per attempt. This can be used on other sites like Border’s soft wall, which creates a line of sight between South Balcony windows and 2F Office Halfwall, as well as Consulates 2F desk atop of spiral stairs.


The other big trick is that his charge tackles defenders to the ground. This is the go-to counter against shield operators, besides c4 use.


Oryx’s charge makes him a super quick roamer. His Remah Charge’s speed boost quickens up the process for rotations. This ability comes at a cost, as it makes him rather loud when activated. This can be good for rotating from one end of the map, where the attackers are less likely to notice your presence.

Another trick is to use hatches to climb up. By jumping once, you can peak the hatch and choose to drop down or climb up to the floor above. Alternatively, you can climb straight up without checking.  This can be big for Consulate as Yellow Stairs play an important role in map control. Oryx can effectively rotate from the basement canteen to 2F in five seconds. To safely pull this off will require his bulletproof camera, the bailiff to destroy the hatches, and teammates letting you know balcony is safe, or vice versa. Other possible hatch rotations may work on maps like Border, Coastline, Kafe, etc, so get exploring.


The Don’ts

One don’t involves using the charge as a means of immediately surprising the attackers. Going through a soft wall disorientates Oryx, giving him blurred vision and a shaky screen. He will then redraw his weapon and clear those effects after two seconds. This gives attackers the upper hand if performed incorrectly, plus those most vigilant will shoot the wall when they hear it coming.

During the preparation phase, taking down soft walls that lead outside will only hinder Oryx. The red wall that pops up in the prep phase doesn’t allow defenders to leave the building works against Oryx. For sites like Border’s armory, you will only take out one layer of softwall, will take 10 points of damage and spend your charges as normal.

That’s it for our Rainbow Six Operation Void Edge guide. Check back for more Hotspawn news as we head back into the Rainbow Six esports season, or look at our beginners guide and what is Rainbow Six guide here.

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson

Craig is passionate about two things: History and Gaming. Whilst at university, Craig focused his degree on history and voluntarily wrote about esports on the side. Nowadays, he tends to write about esports whilst enjoying history as a hobby.

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