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Twitch Rivals Recap: Rust Team Battle II ft. Disguised Toast

Izabela Tomakic

From August 9th to August 13th, Twitch Rivals hosted Twitch Rivals: Rust Team Battle II ft. Disguised Toast. The epic 100-hour-long Rust event invited four teams of 40 from both NA and EMEA to be the last team standing on a custom-made map for a total prize of $100,000. Not including bonuses such as most nodes farmed and most animals killed, the surviving team took home $25,000. The second-placed team was awarded with $15,000, and the third-placed team with $10,000.

twitch rivals recap rust team battle ii

Image Credit: Facepunch Studios

The custom-made map featured four peninsulas which functioned as the main base for each team, and a neutral mainland packed with loot, hackable crates and cargo ships. On top of that, mid- and high-tier vanilla Rust monuments were scattered across the mainland.

Since this Twitch Rivals event featured a uniquely designed map, it also had a specially made timeline. The first day was marked by a four-hour-long Primitive Era, followed by open play and farming. During the second day, resource farming was doubled, making gathering materials less arduous. Day 3 raised the stakes, since raids and eliminations were officially enabled. On Day 4, not only was one more team eliminated, but teams finally saw all the tech unlocked. The final day did not include any additions, as it was heavily focused on the concluding battle.

The items banned from use at Twitch Rivals: Rust Team Battle II ft. Disguised Toast were the 8x Zoom Scope, 16x Zoom Scope, L96, Heavy Armor, and High-Quality Metals. Although explosives were initially ruled out from the tournament, they were enabled starting in hour 25.

The team captains tasked with leading their teams to victory were Félix “xQc” Lengyel, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Daniel “Dhalucard” Hagen, and David “Grefg” Martínez.

Day 1

On the first day of this event, the teams were heavily focused on gathering essential materials and building their designated bases. Although the ultimate goal of Day 1 was to finish building the base, the teams had also divided their roles into builders, farmers and strictly PvP-oriented players that invaded the enemy territory in an effort to steal more materials. On Day 1,Tteam Disguised Toast, which invaded both Team xQc’s and Team Grefg’s islands, stood out by a large margin and found themselves in a significant lead.

Day 2

Only gaining steam and momentum, Team Disguised Toast continued their reign of supremacy on the second day by taking numerous risk-free fights across the map. Even though the number of gathered resources were doubled, the teams were still elimination-oriented and led fights on different fronts. The cherry on top of the cake were crate drops and cargo ships, which heavily sped up the finishing touches on base building and offered a wide variety of state-of-the-art loot. Even though teams weren’t planning on hitting the brakes any time soon, Team Disguised Toast, thanks to a strong first day, stayed in the lead.

Day 3

Pressured and anxious to secure their spot for the fourth day, Team Grefg kickstarted Day 3 with an all-out effort to raid Team xQc’s base. However, Team xQc, relying on their strong defenses, repelled their every effort and stayed headstrong. Hungry to prove themselves, Team Grefg simultaneously attacked Teams Dhalucard’s and xQc’s bases. Although they put their backs into it, Team Grefg fell short in the end and were eliminated from the tournament, leaving Teams xQc, Disguised Toast, and Dhalucard still in the running.

Day 4

With the stakes higher than ever, the teams were sitting at the edge ready and willing to take over the show. With this in mind, Team Dhalucard courageously attacked Team Disguised Toast to both earn more eliminations and hopefully destroy their base. This escalated quickly, with Team xQc joining them with high hopes of earning more eliminations. The large-scale battle that lasted for hours ended with Team Disguised Toast on top and Team Dhalucard desperately needing to prove itself. Team Dhalucard did, in fact, make one more grand effort to return to the game, as they invaded Team xQc’s territory. However, as Team xQc repelled Team Dhalucard’s forces, the latter accepted their destiny and held a concert featuring Austin “Mr. Wobbles” O’Brien.

Day 5

With $25,000 on the line, Teams xQc and Disguised Toast resorted to rather methodical and well-thought-out strategies that would guarantee a win. The first crate of the day, which awarded 30 points, caused incredible distress and tension between the teams. Although Team Disguised Toast surrounded the crate, Team xQc tried to sneak in and steal the crate out from under them. Their efforts proved to be futile and only set them behind. As the second crate spawned, Team xQc, relying on the element of surprise, invaded Team Disguised Toast’s island. Although Team xQc invested everything they had in this elaborate plan, their invasion failed, and in the end, Team Disguised Toast was crowned the winner of Twitch Rivals: Rust Team Battle II ft. Disguised Toast.