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Twitch Rivals Recap: Fall Guys Season 1 Showdown

Izabela Tomakic

Fall Guys is a refreshing platform battle royale game that took the world by storm back in 2020 with its adorable jellybeans and whimsical mini-games. Initially, Fall Guys was released by Mediatonic, an award-winning British video game developer company. However, the game was re-released in July 2022 as a free-to-play game under the banner of Epic Games.

twitch rivals fall guys season 1 showdown

Image Credit: Mediatonic / Epic Games

In order to celebrate the global re-release of Fall Guys, Twitch Rivals hosted Twitch Rivals: Fall Guys Season 1 Showdown on July 1st. There were three separate regions featured: Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), North America (NA), and Brazil (BR). Each region had invited 60 players and their jellybeans to take part in an adrenaline-fueled and hot-blooded series testing both their mechanical mastery and persistence. Brazil, however, welcomed only 56 players for their event.

The Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Season 1 Showdown format, designed to discover Fall Guys prodigies, consisted of three elimination rounds, followed by the Finals. The first elimination stage was the most lethal and violent round, since it eliminated the five lowest-placed teams after three rounds. The second elimination stage, which featured only two shows, eliminated the next four lowest-placed teams. After the final elimination stage, which also played out in two separate shows, the three teams with the least points were eliminated. The Finals, which could span over four shows, crowned the team with two crowns a winner. The remaining teams were ranked by the number of Finals crowns and total points from eliminations.

The total prize for the event was $50,000, with the winners claiming $10,000. The second-placed team won $6,000, the third-placed team won $4,000, and each team eliminated before the finals won $2,500.


The first elimination stage in EMEA featured games from the Party Time Tumble, Jungle Jumble and Day at the Races playlists. Since Foudil_ displayed an unmatched understanding and skill in the first two rounds, he was, expectedly, targeted and pushed over the edge in the final round of Elimination Stage 1. This allowed RodriiFN_ to win the round and begin the legacy of the team led by David “Grefg” Martínez.

The second elimination stage included games from XTreme Solo Show and Day at the Races.  While Foudil_ was surpassing every expectation by effortlessly winning yet another round, Smash690 was ultimately the winner of the second round.

The final elimination stage included Slime Survivors and A Day at the Races games. In the first match, Aitorek proved to be the most resilient slime survivor. In the second match,  BeMoreRoyal clutched the final round and secured the team led by Jamie “bateson87” Bateson the finals.

The shows involved in The Finals were Lily Leapers Limbo, Thin Ice Trails, Hex-a-Gravity Trails and, once more, Lily Leapers Limbo. The teams which advanced to the Finals were the teams of Alexis “Marex” Girat, Grefg and bareson87. Although all teams heavily concentrated on winning two crowns, team Grefg remained uncontested in both rounds as they took the crowns and $10,000.

NA & Brazil

Like the EMEA event, the first elimination stage in NA included games from Party Time Tumbe, Jungle Jumble and Day at the Races. During the first elimination round, two  frontrunners for first place revealed themselves: Team ibabyrainbow and the team of Jason “JasonDolley” Dolley. Both teams astronomically outclassed their competition, with Team ibabyrainbow winning both the first and the final show while Team JasonDolley won the second round.

In the second elimination stage, which included XTreme Solo Show and A Day at the Races, Teams ibabyrainbow and JasonDolley once again remained uncontested in their overbearing supremacy.  The winner of the first show was DrewCru, as Anthemum89 took over the second show.

During the final elimination stage, which had Silme Survivor and A Day at the Races games, the other teams finally managed to come into the light. DrewCru once again overtook the first round, but in the second round, Tino “Triumph” Claudio outshined everyone.

Lastly, the shows featured in the NA Finals were, as with the EMEA Finals, Lily Leapers Limbo, Thin Ice Trails, Hex-a-Gravity Trails, and Lily Leapers Limbo once again. Although the team led by Anthony “ChilledChaos” DiMarco advanced to the Finals, they were no match for Teams ibabyrainbow and JasonDolley. However, in just three brief rounds of Lily Leapers Limbo and Thin Ice Trails, team ibabyrainbow won two crowns and Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Season 1 Showdown.

In Brazil, Team ogemadao dominated both the eliminations and the finals bracket with 26 points and almost effortlessly won the Brazilian Twitch Rivals.