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Top 3 Legends to Play in Apex Legends Solo Mode

Craig Robinson

Apex Legends’ newest update, Iron Crown, officially released on Tuesday, and it brings the much-anticipated solo mode. The new solo mode is only available in Iron Crown, active from August 13–27, which allows players to queue into a 60-player server filled with solo-only players. If you want to dominate in the new solo mode, then this guide will help you select the best solo legends.

Looking to clean up in the new Apex Legends solo mode? These three legends are your best bet to win.

Looking to clean up in the new Apex Legends solo mode? These three legends are your best bet to win.


Pathfinder war machine skin

Pathfinder is the nimblest legend available. All players have access to this vanilla legend. When mastered, Pathfinder navigates the map with ease.

His passive, Inside Knowledge, is great for being able to pre-plan map movement to gain a significant advantage.  Knowing where the next ring closes before most of your opposition is great for tactical minds or pre-emptively camping the zone.

Pathfinder’s tactical ability, Grappling Hook, allows for great plays. The most frequent use of this ability is to ascend hills, buildings, and other hard-to-reach spots on the map. This offers great leverage over the solo battlefield, granting an advantage over unsuspecting victims.

Additionally, the grappling hook is a great flanking tool. Flanking and getting the upper hand in a one-on-one situation normally results in an advantage. This can be used to refill shield cells easily, genuinely surprise people, and avoid incoming grenades.

In the clip below, Team Liquid’s Lucas “Mendokusaii” Håkansson utilized Pathfinder’s ability to heal mid grapple and surprised his opponent to win the match.

As for the Zipline ultimate, this ability is one of the best map navigation tools in the game. Placing a zipline efficiently can act as a free grappling hook but at a very long range. In addition, this is a great advantage to use when escaping an incoming circle.


Bloodhound Centurion skin

Bloodhound is the battlefield tracker. In a group setting, Bloodhound isn’t that great, but in a solo set, he excels at hunting campers and battlefield fleers.

Bloodhound’s passive, tracker, allows the user to see fresh tracks left by players on the move. This makes finding solo players much easier. You can follow the trail that leads the user to a firefight, a freshly looted building or a haven for camping players.

Beast of the Hunt enhances your senses, allowing you to move faster and highlights your prey. If you’re a player who struggles to spot players or wants to make fighting opponents easier, then this ultimate makes those longer-range battles more satisfying.

This toolkit better suits players wanting to actively look for fights, rather than prowl the map or deploy defensive tactics.


Lifeline judge jury executioner skin

Lifeline is the medic of Apex Legends and is a great fit for solo mode.

Lifeline is the most self-sufficient legend available right now, with the chance to provide yourself with purple quality gear. Her care package ultimate normally offers weapon attachments, health and shield kits, armor and other such high demand goodies. Despite the RNG element of the ultimate, there is always something useful available.

In addition, the D.O.C Heal Drone is great for holding out in a firefight. Whether that is in a 1v1 or in a 1vx situation, the free healing tick will show its merit in clutch situations.

Despite Lifeline’s passive being almost useless in the solo mode, Lifeline also gets the 25% decrease cast time for healing items. This time efficiency is invaluable when it comes down to the wire. This reduces the cast time on most items by a second or more depending on the item. This spare time allows the user to prepare better for the incoming push, go on the offensive yourself, or flee and flank depending on the situation.

So, if you want an all-around self-sufficient and effective legend, then this may be the choice for you.

Note that almost every legend gives brings something to the table. The legends selected above generally offer a balanced or a greater amount of value in more situations than other legends.