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Psyonix Announces Rocket League Esports Shop, Rocket Pass 3

Amanda Zelauskas

Psyonix took a page from Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by offering a season pass that includes exclusive items for only $10 USD. Rocket Pass 1 and 2 were massive successes for Psyonix. The company has major plans for Rocket Pass 3 which arrives later this month.

Coming soon: Rocket League's new Esports Shop and Rocket Pass 3. (Image courtesy of Psyonix)

Coming soon: Rocket League's new Esports Shop and Rocket Pass 3. (Image courtesy of Psyonix)

Ever since Psyonix entered the esports scene with Rocket League back in 2016, fans have been wanting a way to show their support towards their favorite teams in the game. It has been almost three years, but on April 16, 2019, demands have finally been answered. On April 16, the Rocket League Esports Shop will be live and will allow players to “show off your team pride for your favorite esports squads competing in Rocket League Esports!”

Rocket Pass 3 will launch a day later on April 17 and will be available for approximately $10.  Psyonix will also be upping the ante by offering a Challenge system. Not much information was divulged, but it is hinted that players should “get ready to climb your way to the Pro Tiers.”

Finally, Psyonix will be adding a new Replay FX system that content creators can take advantage of in order to get sick shots and cinematic angles.

You can check out a quick bulleted list to see what players can expect at the end of April 2019!

  • Arrival of Rocket League Esports Shop on April 16
  • Rocket Pass 3 with tier challenges on April 17
  • Revamped Replay FX system
  • HDR Support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles
  • Brand new Monstercat Flags

Psyonix has hinted that more is to be announced leading up to the Esports Shop and Rocket Pass 3 releases, suggesting more surprises.

Keep an eye out to learn more about the upcoming Esports Shop, Rocket Pass 3 and other updates headed to Rocket League.