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Everything new coming to Sea of Thieves Season 5

Aaron Alford

Sea of Thieves announced details for its fifth season on Monday, just in time for the holiday season. Sea of Thieves Season 5 starts on December 2nd and will bring with it some holiday-themed cosmetics and a ton of new features for players to use and enjoy. New content includes the ability to now bury treasure, the ability to sit and sleep, and even the ability to go on player-created treasure hunts.

Here is everything new announced for Sea of Thieves Season 5

New features and mechanics in Sea of Thieves Season 5

  • Burying your own treasure + Custom treasure maps
  • Brand new player quest board
  • Firework crates
  • Signal Flares
  • Sitting
  • Sleeping
  • Speaking trumpet private communication
  • Canon rowboat
  • Enemy’s drop ammo pouches
  • Ship rats
  • New markers on Megladon and Kraken loot
  • Improved storage crate looting mechanics
  • Pirate’s mouth now moves while speaking

Burying your own treasure and creating custom treasure maps

In Season 5, players will gain the ability to use their shovels to bury the treasure they have found. When you bury a chest on an island, the game will automatically create a treasure map marking the location of that treasure so you can come back for it.

buried treasure

Player quest board

For those who want to challenge the treasure-seeking abilities of others, you can post your custom treasure maps on the new player quest boards scattered around the Sea of Thieves. Players will be able to seek their fortune with your map. Should they find the treasure, you will be rewarded with the reputation you would have gained by turning it in.

quest board

Fireworks and Signal Flares

Firework crates can now be purchased from the Merchant alliance. These celebratory crates allow you to load your cannons with colorful fireworks. You can also now acquire Signal Flares that can be used to light up an island or warn friendlies of impending danger.



It may seem simple, but the art of sitting has been missing from Sea of Thieves up until this point. With Season 5, you will be able to take a load off, whether it be sitting on a chair, dock, boat, or the edge of a cliff face.



You will now be able to get some shut-eye on your ship using the new beds. Sleeping will slowly recover some of your health for free. So it might be useful for anyone running low on food.

sleeping sot

Speaking trumpet private communication

You can now turn your speaking trumpet backward to only communicate with your crew. This will be helpful for those who are playing with randoms or using in-game chat to speak with their friends. Enemies will no longer be able to easily eavesdrop on your plans.

Canon rowboat

You can now find and use rowboats equipped with a single cannon.

canon rowboat

Enemy’s drop ammo pouches

Gun-wielding enemies will now drop ammo when you kill them, which is a nice quality of life change. So there is now no need to head always back to your ship for ammo or carry an ammo crate around with you. You should be able to replenish some ammo on the go by acquiring kills.

Ship Rats

Rats can now be found on your ship and around islands. The rats are harmless. However, if you see rats running from your lower decks, that might be an indication that you are taking on water.

ship rats

Improved markers on Megladon and Kraken loot

There will now be more visible markers for loot from Meg and Kraken fights.

Improved storage crate looting mechanics

You can now use a storage crate to pilfer barrels wholesale. Simply walk up to one with a storage crate in hand and follow the prompts to quickly loot everything inside a barrel.

storage crate update

Pirate’s mouth now moves while speaking

When you are speaking in-game, your mouth will now move.

New cosmetics, emotes, and shanties in Sea of Thieves Season 5

  • 100 new cosmetics in the free battle pass
  • Pirate Legends: Meriks tankard and Grims jacket
  • New paid plunder pass
  • Ancient gold flag and sails + New emissary awards
  • Party boat ship set, clothing set, and weapon set
  • Captain Barbosa set + Royal Revenge Ship and weapon set
  • K9 mutinous mutt
  • New Emotes
  • Three new shanties

Free Season 5 Battle pass

The season 5 battle pass will include a number of festive items, including the Bell Brigade cloth set, the MIssiletoe Fishing Rod, and the Snowbound Ship Lantern. Pirate legends will be able to claim Merik’s Tankard and Grim’s Jacket.

sea of thieves season 5

New paid plunder pass

As an optional paid extra, you can purchase the Plunder Pass. This extra pass will give you the ability to unlock the Boreal Aurora ship set, three variations of the Creeping Cove costume, and the sand angel emote.

plunder pass

Ancient Gold Flag and Sails + Emissary awards

You will be able to earn the ancient gold flag and sails for your ship in season 5. There will also be numerous Emissary awards that you can earn, with rare ship parts to add to your collection.

ancient gold flag

Party boat ship set, clothing set, and weapon set

For those who complete all the accommodations in Season 5, you will earn the new party boat ship set, clothing set, and weapon set. These are the perfect cosmetics to use while celebrating with your crew.

party boat

Captain Barbosa costume + Royal Revenge ship and weapon set

For fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean Season 5 is bringing some paid cosmetics to the store that might interest you. The Captain Barbosa costume will let you dress up as the villain of the first movie. This goes with the Royale Revenge ship, a dark brown, scarlet, and gold ship set, perfect for villainous players.

captain barbosa

You will also be able to buy the Frozen Horizon instruments and equipment, to go with the holiday spirit.

K9 mutinous mutt

The K9 Mutinous Mutt enjoys wearing his hat and captain’s jacket. He is available for purchase in the store this season, in all his fluffy cuteness.

mutinous mutt

New emotes

Numerous new emotes are coming to the game in Sea of Thieves season 5. There are several weapon poses emotes and a “say cheese” picture pose emote available to unlock, as well as a free Dice Casting emote and a free Festive Tree emote.

say cheese

Three new shanties

Three new sea shanties are coming to players’ songbooks with the new season:

  • Ballad of the Mer
  • Row Row Row Your Boat
  • The Infernal Gallop.