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Quincy Crew Off To Flawless Start at DOTA Summit 13

Patrick Bonifacio

The Quincies are at it again. After eight days of play at DOTA Summit 13’s Americas division, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan and the rest of Quincy Crew stand head and shoulders above everyone else in the field. With a record of 10 wins and zero losses in terms of maps thus far, they are proving once again that they are the undisputed rulers of the North and South American Dota 2 scene.

Quincy Crew

To no one's surprise, MSS and the rest of Quincy Crew are taking no prisoners in the group stage. (Photo courtesy EPICENTER)

At this point, it would take nothing short of a miracle for their neighbors in the region to slow them down. Quincy Crew have shown the same level of poise and confidence that we’ve come to expect from them in any American tournament these days, crushing their rivals left and right in a fashion that could only be described as utter massacres.

Quincy Legend

Case in point: their first match of the tournament took Quincy Crew just 44 minutes and 44 seconds in total to complete. Their opponents in No Pangolier (then known as Plasma1337x) didn’t even stand a single chance throughout the series as they notched just 20 kills across both games compared to Quincy Crew’s 77.

The first map looked like a pub game, much to No Pangolier’s misery and embarrassment. Literally everything went Quincy Crew’s way, with the laning phase going about as smoothly as anyone could ever hope for. Their roaring start helped propel them to a net worth lead to the tune of 10,000 gold just 15 minutes into the game, and from there they simply ran away with the victory. Every one of the players on the roster ended the game with a positive KDA ratio — including the Io of Arif “MSS” Anwar who himself scored 29 assists.

The second map saw more of the same. Capitalizing on what looked like a draft error on No Pangolier’s part, Quinn made sure to punish accordingly with his signature Leshrac. A farming pace of more than 700 gold per minute allowed him to assemble an Aghanim’s Scepter merely 15 minutes after the game started, thus giving him the power to bully No Pangolier to no end. By the 21 minute mark, Quincy Crew’s net worth advantage had reached 21,000 gold, putting the game well out of No Pangolier’s reach.

Not content with brushing lower-tiered squads aside, though, Quincy Crew continued their domination of the group stage against catJAMMERS — composed mostly of the now-defunct CR4ZY roster. We think Quinn and friends decided that they would do their best speedrunner impressions versus catJAMMERS, finishing them off in Game 1 of their series October 24th in just 13 and a half minutes. Quinn himself aside, offlaner Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos was the star of the first map as Dark Seer, racking up seven kills on his way to a perfect performance. His contributions were felt immediately as the game began, and the mostly-melee draft they opted for certainly appreciated the movement speed bonuses from his Surges and extra damage from his Ion Shells.

The second game was a little more competitive — but only by so much. Though the game lasted almost thrice as long as the first and the kill counts were a lot closer as well, Quincy Crew grabbed the series by the throat heading into the mid game. Keeping it nice and clean until then, their two lead cores in Quinn and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan carried the load as expected. MSS however was not satisfied with just being a typical support, contributing plenty as Rubick with 18 assists and keeping himself out of harm’s way with just one death.

From there, Quincy Crew kept every last ounce of momentum going forward, thus remaining undefeated as of the time of writing. They are set to face Thunder Predator on Friday, which will probably end up with Quincy Crew winning 2-0 as well at this rate.

Fighting For The Scraps

Every other team in the field pretty much pales in comparison to Quincy Crew, which means that the competition from second place onwards is fierce and cutthroat. In fact, catJAMMERS’ map record as the current second place team comes in at nine wins and nine losses, indicating a real rollercoaster ride for Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling’s squad. Nico “Gunnar” Lopez and the rest of 4Zoomers follow them in third with an 8-4 map score, though they do have two more series to play over the last half of the group stage.

Mixed South American roster Infamous currently hold fourth in the standings at 7-3, and are looking quite solid as the group stage winds down. They’ve shown a strong capacity to at least trade blows with some of the top teams in the tournament, though some questionable losses to teams like No Pangolier have us a bit wary about their consistency here. Nevertheless, it’s clear that they have the talent and understanding to get further in the competition, so they could very well be the underdogs to watch.

Of course, there’s also 4Fun, led by the ever-present Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao. They currently hold a 6-4 record in the standings, which is a little underwhelming given the names that are on their roster. A team with guys like Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu and Eric “Ryoya” Dong should normally be doing better than they are here, but at least they’re keeping their heads above water thus far. Looking at their next matches, they have some good opportunities to get more points on the board, as they are slated to play No Pangolier and Infamous on Thursday and Friday respectively.

The steady performances expected of beastcoast have also not been present in this tournament. With five wins and seven losses to their names, their match scores are keeping them afloat for now — but they certainly could lose their spot in a hurry if they don’t improve soon.

As for the rest, it has either been a rough campaign, or they just haven’t played enough games to solidify their positions right now. Thunder Predator, and Team Brasil certainly fall under the latter, but No Pangolier and Team Spirits will probably be the first two to be eliminated from the competition. With time running out, we’re not exactly confident that they can still sneak into the playoffs at the rate they’re going.

Nevertheless, Hotspawn will continue to cover DOTA Summit 13 as it goes. Stay tuned for our coverage of the end of the North and South American division group stage on November 2nd, and for the playoffs thereafter!