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CR4ZY Fills Out Entirely Ukrainian Roster

Aaron Alford

CR4ZY have picked up Ukrianian players Sergiy “DemQQ” Demchenko and Evgeniv “7oX1C” Motsevoy to make their Counter-Strike roster entirely Ukrainian. The two new players will replace Belarussian players Igor “dERZKIY” Radosavlevish and Roma “dOOBRIY” Rusak, who will be staying on with the organization and moving to the bench.


The two new additions make CR4ZY and entirely Ukrainian Squad. (Photo courtesy CR4ZY)

Both DemQQ and 7oX1C are relatively new faces in the CS:GO scene, having only competed in a few regional circuits. 7oX1C comes from the Ukrainian organization Gucci Squad, while DemQQ was formerly competing with Ukrainian organization Bring Me The Horizon.

“With the recent changes made for ESL One Rio Major 2020 we had to make necessary improvements in our CS:GO roster to stand a chance to qualify for the Minor and the Major eventually.” Stated CR4ZY in a press release on Thursday. “We are very pleased to announce that Sergiy ‘DemQQ‘ Demchenko and Evgeniy ‘7oX1C‘ Motsevoy are new members of CR4ZY.”

CR4ZY’s current roster now includes:

  • Sergey “Sergiz” Atamanchuck
  • Alexandr “Psycho” Zlobin
  • Dmitry “SENSEi” Shcorak
  • Sergiy “DemQQ” Demchenko
  • Evgeniy “7oX1C” Motsevoy
  • Roma “dOBRIY” Rusak (Bench)
  • Igor “dERZKIY” Radosavleich (Bench)
  • Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov (Coach)

CR4ZY will debut the new roster at the upcoming DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Europe Open Qualifier, which started on Thursday April, 16th.

“This project is about a long-run.” Explained Ivan “Johnta” Shvtsov, CR4ZY’s CS:GO Coach. “We understand that we need time to get the results we aim for when we formed this roster but the pace we had was not as fast as we felt it had to be. So we decided to make this change to see how it will work.”

CR4ZY was briefly without a CS:GO team in January after they agreed to sell their team to the North America organization C0ntact Gaming. In February of 2020, they signed the Project X CS:GO roster coached by Johnta to replace their former squad.

When CR4ZY announced their decision to acquire the Project X roster, they stated their intentions to “become the one of the most promising top 20 teams in the world.” Thus far, they have struggled to live up to those standards. Since Feburary, CR4ZY has played in three BLAST Premier CIS Cup Open qualifiers, failing to qualify at any of those three events. Maybe the switch up in roster will help the team find greater success going forward.