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How to Play Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

Jalen Lopez

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduces a new game mode that is a middle ground between Call of Duty: Warzone and the classic multiplayer experience: Fireteam. Fireteam sets 40 players in teams of four against each other on larger maps where they must eliminate enemies and complete objectives. The first available Fireteam game mode is called Dirty Bomb. It requires players to collect uranium and deposit it into the dirty bombs around the map. Once enough uranium is deposited, players can detonate the bombs.  This will creates a radioactive area that damages players overtime.

Learn how to play CoD's Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

Fireteam: Ditry Bomb introduces a unique and intense gameplay experience. (Photo courtesy Activision)

Players must reach 500 points by depositing uranium, detonating dirty bombs, and eliminating enemies to win the match. Collecting uranium and surviving might be daunting to new players, but knowing the fundamentals of fireteam and learning a few strategies will help you defeat your enemies. Make sure you are never low on energy either, with the best gaming energy drinks.

Understand where to spawn

Similar to Warzone, players will jump out of a plane at the beginning of each Fireteam match. Coordinate with your teammates on where to land to make sure you are not outnumbered on the ground. It is best to land at the same dirty bomb or the surrounding area to overpower enemies and take their uranium.

When you die, you have the option to parachute into the game again or to spawn on a teammate. If your teammate is in a safe and strategic position, it is likely best to join them. However, if your teammate is in a battle, make sure to parachute in to help fight the enemy or make it to safety.

There is a 20 second respawn delay if all team members are eliminated. This can significantly impact a team’s momentum. Avoid this by landing safely when possible or staying alive if you are the last surviving member.

Collecting Uranium

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

Uranium is primarily found in supply caches around the maps. You can also find uranium by picking them up from defeated enemies. Supply Drops containing uranium and other useful items will also sporadically drop during a game, so keep an eye out for these valuable containers.

Each dirty bomb requires 20 pieces of uranium before players can detonate it. This can be tricky to accumulate as players can only carry five uranium pieces unless they find a uranium pouch, which increases the limit to 10. Try to coordinate with your teammates to ensure enough uranium has been gathered before committing to a dirty bomb. The last thing you want is an enemy team to wipe you out and take advantage of your hard work.

Make sure to mark any uranium you are unable to carry for your teammates to avoid leaving any of the valuable material behind. Uranium will stay inside the dirty bomb once deposited, so it is possible to turn in your uranium and circle back for more if needed.

Dirty Bombs Respawn

Bombs will respawn after a short cool-down period. Another bomb will spawn on the map after a bomb is detonated. This means there are multiple opportunities to deposit uranium and detonate dirty bombs to accumulate points.

Before the next round of bombs spawns, each bomb must be detonated. This means the last couple of dirty bombs will be crawling with enemies. When you find that a bombsite has been overrun with enemy players, you should land elsewhere. The other option is to save the uranium you have collected. Another solid strategy is to pick off enemies on the contested area’s outskirts to steal their uranium and get a head start on another bomb.

A dirty bomb cannot be diffused once its detonated. Once detonated, it will release a toxic gas for a short period. Avoid this gas if possible, as it will damage your health over time. The gas causes weakness, fatigue, and internal bleeding, which is the final step before death. Rotating early when a dirty bomb is detonated or controlled by another team is critical so you can avoid the bomb.

Use the Proper Weapons and Equipment

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

There are currently two Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps: Alpine and Ruka. Alpine is a large snowy map with several points of interest and features tight interior spaces alongside large open areas. Ruka is also a sizeable map with more exterior locations than Alpine.

Most mid to long-range weapons are perfect for the majority of both maps.  It’s important to remember that certain areas on the map are suited for close-range guns. Alpine features several large cabins and buildings where dirty bombs can spawn. Long-range weapons are not good in these specific locations. This means its best to change your loadout when fighting for these positions.

Players can change and edit their loadout each time they die. You should select your class based on which objective you are pushing. If you are the person detonating the dirty bomb, it is best to have an SMG or assault rifle. If you are covering the entrances from a distance, marksman rifles or sniper rifles are perfect.

Teamwork is Key

An often overlooked strategy by players is simply working together. One player can make huge difference in a match while playing a regular multiplayer mode, but Fireteam: Dirty Bomb is almost impossible to win without the help of teammates.

Landing solo is almost always a bad choice as other teams will be at an advantage. This bad choice can allow others to easily overpower isolated players. Make sure to mark a location or bomb site when jumping out of the plane. It’s important to communicate to your teammates where you are landing so you can coordinate.  Landing with your teammates, or as close as possible, if you cannot land in your preferred landing spot.

Detonating dirty bombs will also be difficult by yourself. The bombs require 20 pieces of uranium which is easier with four teammates working together. The bomb also takes a few seconds to arm, and the player arming the bomb is vulnerable. Teams should work together to protect the player arming the bomb as other teams will try to stop it.

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Each match in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb is a different fast paced game. Work together with your squad to detonate bombs and wipe other teams with ease. Remember to use the proper equipment as needed and do not be afraid to retreat if necessary. This map is all about communication, teamwork, and map awareness. We’ve equipped you with the tools to win on Fireteam: Dirty Bomb – now it’s up to you to win your matches.

Jalen Lopez

Jalen Lopez

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