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Best Gaming Chair For Your Needs

Hunter Fenollol

Your body is a temple deserving of a proper foundation. If you’re spending hours hunched over your gaming monitor each day you simply aren’t playing at your best. Modern gaming chairs have the best ergonomic features and focus on comfort and performance first rather than aesthetics. Whether for work or play, console or computer, an investment in the best gaming chair for your body can reap glorious returns further down the line.

The best gaming chairs you will extend your play stamina and improve your posture while you play objectives with laser-focused precision. By providing optimized angles and cushioning for peak play, you’ll outlast the competition now and avoid health issues later on. Leaderboard kings from Call of Duty’s rising star Simp to League of Legends’ reigning champ Faker sit on gaming chair thrones from the most popular brand manufacturers.

Best Gaming Chairs
DXRacer Master Series
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DXRacer Master Series
DXRacer Master Series
Use code HOTSPAWN for 10% off
DXRacer Master Series
Razer Iskur Gaming Chair
Razer Iskur
Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair
Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair
EWin Knight Series Ergonomic
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EWin Knight Series
SL5000 midnight blue
Vertagear SL5000

Quality gaming chairs are comfortable to use for extended gaming sessions and can be adjusted to meet your lifestyle needs. Whether you’re looking for a rigid support to stay alert for impending threats or a fully reclining backrest for midday catnaps at your desk. Streamers might prefer a lighter softweave fabric chair for luxury aesthetics, while a professional player may look for a durable PVC chair with easily accessible built-in adjustments critical for on-the-fly movements in the heat of a tournament.

After averaging out our choices, $500 seems to be the going rate. A budget gaming chair may cost less, but that doesn’t mean it can’t outperform a more expensive selection in crucial areas like breathability. Cop yourself a squat and take a look below to see our picks for the best gaming chairs.

Best Gaming Chair of 2021

DXRacer Master Series

Best Gaming Chair

DXRacer Master Series

Weight Limit 275 lbs

Tilt 155 degrees

Seatbase Width 22 inches

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DXRacer made its mark by making sleek, aesthetically pleasing chairs. The Master Series is the peak with the solid leather design fitting in at both a hardcore gaming setup or your typical home office. Though you can choose between three colors, the sleek black design that we tried looks absolutely gorgeous with any aesthetic.

Aside from the understated elegance of the appearance, DXRacer built a great chair for prolonged sitting. The lumbar support is fantastic, the chair feels plenty of spacious and has fully articulated armrests. There is only one knock against the Master Series in this regard, and it is something many DXRacer chairs suffer from, is lack of adjustability with the headrest. However, it was positioned excellently for this reviewer, it is something that may be a small point of contention for others.

The price point may be higher compared to some other gaming chairs on this list, but you pay for quality. And the Master Series is some of the top quality you can find on the market.

Best Materials in a Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

The Best Materials In a Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur

Weight Limit 286 pounds

Tilt Up to 139 degrees

Seatbase Width 22.7 inches

Height adjustment 3.5 inches

If you’re a hardcore esports player looking to improve your performance, Razer’s Iskur gaming chair is the secret sauce you need to level up your game. Its PVC construction outlasts polyurethane chairs to hold up to intense daily gaming. All support systems are neatly built into the chair for quick calculated adjustments on the fly.

An advanced lumbar system can be tailored to the specific curvature of your spine. A piston-controlled panel expands and retracts to perfect your posture with a push of a lever. This aligns your back to a truly neutral position, facing you directly towards your screen for uninterrupted performance. This is incredibly helpful during high-level FPS play where you need to be alert to every possible threat visible on your screen.

Designed to keep you upright, you won’t be able to extend beyond 130 degrees. This helps in preventing you from dozing off in your chair and helps you focus during marathon gaming sessions. You can use the included pillow, however, we’ve found that your head is pushed too far forward for it to be viable for extended use. Still, the Razer Iskur may be the best gaming chair for back pain.

Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys

Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair for Larger Gamers

Anda Seat Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair

Weight Limit 441 lbs

Tilt 160 degrees

Seatbase Width 22.83 inches

Height adjustment 2.23 inches

One downside to many gaming chairs is the rigid size limits that can make them unusable to some gamers. However, Anda Seat has the perfect product for the larger gamer. The Kaiser Series Premium Gaming Chair can accommodate users upwards of seven feet tall and over 400 lbs.

The solid steel frame and thick cushioning make sitting in the Kaiser Series a dream. The lumbar support and neck pillow are some of the largest and most supportive on the market. Though, if the neck pillow is too much, an understandable concern, you can easily remove it.

Though there are some smaller issues – the armrests feel subpar compared to the rest of the chair – you are not going to find a better gaming chair on the market if you have a larger frame. Still, the Anda Seat Kaiser is one of the best gaming chairs for big guys.

Best Budget Gaming Chair

EWin Knight Series Ergonomic

Best Budget Gaming Chair

EWin Knight Series

Weight Limit 330 lbs

Tilt 85 degrees to 155 degrees

Seatbase Width 21.3 inches

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There are plenty of options when looking for your best gaming chair, but one thing is for sure, you are not getting a much better deal than the EWin Knight Series. The chair provides excellent support and plenty of adjustability. Additionally, it is one of the easiest chairs to assemble on the market. One of the biggest perks is the inclusion of head and lumbar support pillows. These are often additions that get removed from products to make them more affordable, but not with the Knight Series.

One thing that may take some time to adjust to is the firmness of the Knight Series. Though it is created to provide the proper support for your body, the chair is undeniably firm. This won’t be an issue for everyone, but it is something to know if you are looking to buy a new gaming chair.

All and all, you are simply not going to find a better gaming chair at this price point. There are some nitpicky issues, but those come nowhere near outweighing all of the positives.

Best Mesh Gaming Chair

DXRacer Air Series white background

Best Mesh Gaming Chair

DXRacer Air Series

Weight Limit 250 lbs

Tilt 90 to 130 degrees

Seatbase Width 19 inches

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DXRacer’s introduction into the mesh gaming chair scene, the Air Series is an absolute winner. Of course, mesh chairs are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a more breathable chair than leather or cloth gaming chairs. The Air Series is extremely breathable, even compared to other mesh models, while also still being plenty comfortable.

DXRacer has long been one of the premier names in gaming chairs and their excellence in construction shows, once again, in the Air Series. Great wheels, fantastic adjustability, fully adjustable lumbar support and a new spring-based suspension system make the Air comfortable and sturdy.

Now, the Air doesn’t have the highest suggested weight limits compared to some other models on this list, which may mean you need to look elsewhere. But aside from that small issue, the Air Series comes onto the scene as the best mesh gaming chair you can buy.

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

SL5000 midnight blue

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Vertagear SL5000

Weight Limit 330 lbs

Tilt 80 to 140 degrees

Seatbase Width 22.6 inches

Height adjustment 4 inches

The Vertagear SL5000 mixes just about everything you could want in a gaming chair. First, the assembly was an absolute breeze. The company uses a patented assembly system that makes assembling this chair an absolute breeze. But that is not all that this chair brings to the table.

The chair uses PUC leather, which is different than most companies who choose wither PVC or PU. PUC is like a mixture of both the more popular leathers into one amazing package. Additionally, if you are willing to spend the extra few bucks to get the Midnight Blue model, the chair features HygennX, which is a Coffee Fiber Padding and Silver Lining Embroidery that does an amazing job at increasing breathability while remaining clean.

If you are looking for a really puffy and cushy chair, the Vertagear SL5000 might not be for you. The chair is plenty comfortable after extended gaming sessions but is also a little stiff when first breaking it in. It is far from a dealbreaker for us though, as the Vertagear SL5000 is one of the best chairs you can buy, especially for the price.

Best Cloth Gaming Chair


Best Cloth Gaming Chair

Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric

Weight Limit 320lbs

Tilt 165 degrees

Seatbase Width 33.9 x 27.2 x 13.8 inches

Arozzi upped their game by adding a soft, durable fabric to the Vernazza, their top-rated gaming chair. Thus, creating the Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair.

The seat cushion is soft, yet firm, allowing for hours of gaming without booty fatigue. The soft fabric is breathable and tear-resistant. It helps the body stay cool, allowing you to stay focused on the game. Also, no worries about the horrible sound leather and pleather make when you move.

The Vernazza Soft Fabric also added a gas lift. This gives more adjustable height to its ergonomic design and holds up to 320lbs. The soft neck and lumbar support pillows, combined with the seat cushion really do feel as if sitting on a comfy sofa. Or, your favorite rocking chair, with its pro locking tilt and 3D armrests.

Though it’s a gaming chair based on the Vernazza, its design is a departure from the typical gaming chair aesthetic. It comes in four colors: ash, soft blue, light grey, and dark grey. And they are stylish enough to match almost every gaming setup.

Bringing us comfort and style, the Vernazza Soft Fabric gaming chair is magic for the booty.

Best Chair for Gaming Professionals

Secretlab Titan XL Gaming chair

The best gaming chair for Esports Players

Secretlab Titan XL

Weight Limit 390 pounds

Tilt 85 to 165 degrees

Seatbase Width 22.64 inches

Height Adjustment 3.75 inches

You’d be hard-pressed not to believe Secretlab’s Titan XL gaming chair isn’t a gift from the gods themselves. Upholstered with an innovative PU leather or softweave fabric dependent on your preferences, the Titan XL offers a premium seating experience perfect for extended gaming. Not only do these materials keep cool and provide ample flex when things are heating up, but they are more resistant to abrasion.

The Titan XL is the business class version of the Titan with a build 25% larger than the original. Each core mechanism is doubly reinforced to support a maximum weight of up to 390 pounds. The ability to stretch out over the 23 inches of seat space can’t be overstated.

Secretlab’s 4D tilt system adapts effortlessly to the position of your elbows and wrist to reduce strain. Unlike the Omega series that uses pillows for neck and lumbar support, the Titan XL houses an integrated lumbar support system with a full range of adjustments. With the turn of a knob, you can provide support directly to the center of your lower back. The entire backrest reclines from 85-165 degrees so you can lie down during lobby intermissions or nap.

For the price, you’re getting a non-gimmicky gaming chair that will last a lifetime. Since their sole purpose is to engineer a great gaming chair, Secretlab innovations outperform a majority of the competition for the price.

Best Gaming Chair FAQ

Are gaming chairs worth it?

Today’s gaming chairs aren’t the color-splashed bucket seat abominations of the past. Taking a page from the ergonomics of office chairs, the best gaming chairs balance functionality with appearance. You’ll get the back and bottom support you need for extensive hours of quality gameplay in addition to flair. If a gaming chair meets your needs for both function and style you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

Should I get a gaming chair or an office chair?

Office chairs are subtle, come in a wider variety of constructions including breathable mesh, and are easy to adjust. If you’ll be working from your chair often and don’t want colleagues mistaking your pad for a racecar’s interior, you may want to opt for an office chair.

If you’re a competitive player or stream often, a gaming chair as the focal point of your battle station neatly ties everything together. Whether you prefer console or PC gaming, the right addition can complete your setup and vibe in a sea of RGB lights.

Ultimately, this choice boils down to your tastes and use cases for the chair. You can’t go wrong with either pick, but your feature set will be impacted by whichever type of chair you end up buying. Both are centered around improving focus and performance, however, office chair backs don’t climb as high or recline as wide.

What gaming chairs do pro gamers use?

The top esports players and streamers are parked in front of their battle stations each day for hours on end. For this reason, their choices lean towards more high-end chairs because of their advanced comfort and performance abilities. While watching the pros, you will see some of the best gaming chair brands on the market.
Shroud is known for his FPS skills and plays in an ergonomic Herman Miller Aeron Task chair. This is an expensive office chair worth the investment for its advanced adjustments, back support and overall comfort. It’s renown as the best comfortable chair for gaming.
The Argo replicates this experience at half the price but its lumbar backing is limited in adjustability. TSM’s Myth also prefers to use a Herman Miller office chair. The Embody is a model we included on our list. Not only does the cushioning stay cool under pressure, but the tailored pressure relief provides a weightless feeling and its support hugs your body in all positions.
DrLupo’s preference for a larger seat drew him towards the SecretLab Titan. This is the middle ground between the Omega and the Titan XL models we’ve included. The Titan packs the built-in adjustment mechanisms of the XL and is a great option for average-sized players.
Knowing your use cases and trying out chairs for minutes at a time is your best route to finding a gaming chair with the perfect seat height, width, and lumbar support for you.

Are gaming chairs good for your back?

Most gaming chair brands stick to the original DXRacer chair blueprint, but they continue to evolve. Engineered to contour the curvature of your spine and provide you with a true neutral posture, gaming chairs go beyond being great for your back. Proper spine alignment prevents health issues down the line while relieving the aches of players plagued with back issues. This reduces time spent taking breaks and fidgeting while keeping you immersed in the action of competitive play.

Still, when selecting the best gaming chair for back pain or overall comfort, your due diligence will have the best impact.