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Apex’s Season Six Brings Rampant Along with Weapon Crafting

Lawrence "Malystryx" Phillips

Respawn Entertainment have confirmed Season Six will drop on August 18th, and uploaded a vivid trailer for their new legend Rampant. Season Six is called “Boosted” and will welcome a brand new crafting mechanic to the Battle Royale title.


S6 is Boosted: New Legend Rampant and weapon crafting arrive. (Photo courtesy Respawn)

In the Boosted launch trailer, a space rocket is about to fire from what looks like World’s Edge. Amidst the chaos below, new legend Rampant is seen unleashing a volley of bullets onto her unsuspecting enemies from what appears to be a Gatling gun which she also holds in her artwork.  Unlike in the trailer for Loba, the Boosted trailer does not clearly hint towards any of Rampant’s abilities, but being able to set up a turret is likely one of them.

The description on the EA website states Rampant is: “An expert modder, who made her name in underground fight clubs. Rampant talks big and has the ballistics to back it up.” Furthermore, In the cryptic voice message which dropped on the Apex Legends Twitter on August 5th, we hear a female voice called Dion Bakar compliment Parekh – likely Rampant’s real name – on modding her pistol.  Outside of that, we don’t yet have much to go on.

Aside from the reveal for Rampant, Respawn Entertainment confirmed a ladder reset, a new BattlePass and a chance to upgrade your gear by collecting materials in-game via crafting. A new weapon will also be entering the game, the Volt, an energy SMG we have yet to see showcased yet.

Apex Volt

New Weapon Volt: “Charge into battle with the energy SMG that packs a punch” (Photo courtesy Respawn)

No mention of a new map or Olympus

Ahead of the announcement there were whispers of a potential brand new map for Season 6. In the finale to the Broken Ghost storyline which takes place on the planet of Psamathe, Lifeline suggests the team go to Olympus, the floating city in the clouds. Olympus has appeared a few times already in the lore, it is the city where Revenant kills Loba’s parents in the trailer for Season Four, and also appears in Loba’s backstory video “Legacy of the Thief” for Season Five.

Surprisingly, the announcement did not mention any new map, and given King’s Canyon’s growing reputation for being unfit for competitive play, this may come as a bit of a blow. However, given construction signs did pop up on World’s Edge, map changes are almost certainly coming. What is more the start of the Boosted launch trailer does include a space rocket for interplanetary travel. Could they be going somewhere beyond Solace and Talos, the home of King’s Canyon and World’s Edge? We’ll soon find out.

Apex Legend Season 6 is set to launch on August 18th.