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Apex Legends

Apex’s Newest Legend: Loba

Jalen Lopez

Respawn has officially announced that Loba is the next character coming to Apex Legends. The new legend will make her debut in season five, May 12th.


The infamous thief is out of revenge on the person who murdered her parents. (Photo courtesy Repsawn)

Loba made her first official appearance in season four’s trailer where Revenant killed her mother and father leaving her an orphan. The latest Stories From the Outlands video reveals that after her parents died, she became a successful thief who never stopped hunting for the person who murdered her parents. She eventually found Revenant competing in the Apex Games and is now joining the deadly competition to avenge her parents.

Respawn has not officially released Loba’s ability or kit, but her status as a thief will likely influence her traits. Data miners have found information on the character who will likely be able to help her team find loot quickly and even teleport out of harm’s way. Loba will reportedly be able to scan through walls to identify specific types of loot for their teammates to quickly find what they need. This is not confirmed by an official source and may change before her release in season five.

Loba has already made an in game appearance on the main menu screen. She is seen appearing on the right side of the screen behind a banner and slowly makes her way across before teleporting again. This may confirm that she will have some sort of ability that allows her to teleport to a different area, but it is unclear on how far she can travel.

Fans will likely receive more information on the new character and her abilities before the beginning of season five on May 12th. Respawn has made drastic changes and even killed off champions before they were released, so fans should expect anything to happen within the next two weeks.