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Sinatraa Suspended Six months for Failing to Cooperate

Jalen Lopez

Riot Games has concluded its investigation against Jay “Sinatraa” Won in response to sexual abuse allegations from his ex-girlfriend. Sinatraa was originally suspended just before the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters One tournament. He is now suspended for six months after failing to “fully cooperate” during the Tournament Operator’s investigation.


Sinatraa is suspended until September. Image via Sentinels

In March, sexual abuse allegations surfaced from Sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend, and Sentinels and Riot Games immediately suspended him. He remained suspended while Riot Games investigated the situation. The Competitive Operations Team worked alongside Riot’s investigative team to “being an objective an objective and neutral fact-gathering exercise to evaluate whether Siantraa’s behavior was in conflict with the VCT Global Competition Policy.”

During the investigation, the Competitive Operations team had “serious concerns on two occasions” where Sinatraa did not cooperate, misrepresented certain facts, and made false statements. The statement also confirmed the Sinatraa never provided the full audio and video clip referenced in the original accusations despite stating that he would on social media.

As of right now, the investigation did not come to a “definitive conclusion,” and the Competitive Operations team learned the law enforcement is further investigating the claims. The team will let the authorities investigate the situation, but the team can reopen the initial investigation and take further action as needed.

However, the team did determine Sinatraa violated Rule 8.1 from the VALORANT Global Competition Policy for not cooperating and will be suspended for six months. He will also need to complete professional conduct and professional conduct training before returning to competition.

The suspension will last until September 10th, 2021. Sinatraa’s suspension is considered to have started in March when he was initially suspended. It is unclear if Sinatraa will return to Sentinels when his suspension is finished or if further actions will be taken.