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Raze: New Valorant Agent Released with Closed Beta

Zakaria Almughrabi

Valorant’s much anticipated closed beta released the morning of April 7th. Along with it came Raze, a new agent whose name says everything about her. Raze is a demolitions-based character who has an explosive attitude and access to even more explosive skills.


Raze will be the tenth agent added to Valorant along with the release of Closed Beta. (Photo courtesy Riot)

Blast Pack: Raze deploys a Blast Pack that sticks to surfaces. Using the ability again detonates it, doing damage and knockback in a small area. Raze can use this ability to move herself, allowing for boosts and mobility. Think similar to Junkrat’s mines from Overwatch.

Paint Shells: She throws a grenade which explodes in a moderate area, then drops many sub-munitions which deal damage to enemies in range. The projectile throws in an arc and detonates after a set time.

Boom Bot: Raze deploys a small motorized robot which travels in a straight line on the ground. The robot can bounce off of walls. If Boom Bot sees an enemy, it will lock onto and follow them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches them.

Showstopper: Raze wields the massive rocket launcher on her back. She can fire it once, dealing massive area-of-effect damage on contact with anything. This ability screams Jinx ultimate from League of Legends.

Raze will likely be used in conjunction with crowd control focused characters and abilities such as Sage with her Slow and Barrier Orbs. Her massive AOE potential also gives her a variety of uses in choke points and site defenses. Flushing out opponents will be a breeze with her skillset. As of now, she looks to have applications on both offense and defense, making Raze a viable agent.

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