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How to Play Talon in Rogue Company

Craig Robinson

Talon is one of the few intel-gathering rogues in Rogue Company designed for making tactical plays and relaying information for the team. He throws his Radar Dart into specific parts on the map, which then continuously scans for enemies in the line of sight making him by far one of the best Rogues in the game.


Talon is one of Rogue Company’s best information and team playing rogues in the game. (Photo courtesy Hi-Rez)


Talon’s active ability his is Radar Dart. The Radar Dart is a throwable ability that deploys a radar scanning radius that continuously picks up enemies in its line of sight. The Radar will always pick them up and display them on the HUD if the Dart survives. Also, Talon can reclaim his Radar Dart if he gets close to it.

Mag Gloves is Talon’s passive ability. The passive allows him to pick items up at ranged, meaning he can reclaim his Dart in awkward positions, or pick up ally or enemy gadgets, weapons and more lying on the floor at a distance.

Talon’s Loadout


LMP-X Talon

The LMP-X is the strongest SMG in the game with its 16 damage per round. To compensate it has a slower fire rate but one of the better ranges at its base which only grows with its tier two upgrade. The weapon also contains one of the highest ammo counts for SMGs with its tier one upgrade. The final upgrade is an increase to its ADS accuracy. Because of the LMP’s upgrade path, Talon is not supposed to use this as an SMG like other rogues in the game. For him, it is better to play at medium range and chip away with its high damage against other duelists getting into the fray, and then using its fire rate in the close-quarter skirmishes. This weapon is the go-to for more close-quarter maps and site focuses, like Doc’s Arena.

D3D-I Talon

The D3D-I is a marksman rifle, and it certainly packs a punch. Its base damage does 36 damage, with even more if it headshots. The upgrades only make it even more dominant with a tier one upgrade to 16 round magazines from 12. The weapon becomes more stable as it upgrades further, with Tier two having hip fire and reticle bloom upgrades and Tier three gaining a suppressor and recoil improvement. The DMR is undoubtedly a master of the long-range suppressive fire for maps like Skyfell and Factory.

The P12K pistol is like his LMP-X because of the range to damage ratio. The pistol takes four body shots to down an enemy, and it has a decent range compared to other burst machine pistols other rogues have. This means that Talon is once again about chipping away enemies at a distance in the pistol round. Further upgrades are not necessary as both his SMG and DMR does the job better after the pistol round.

Once again, melee weapons are not that efficient. The Katana has similar base stats to other melee weapons like the baseball bat, with upgrades to increase throwing damage and weapon swing damage. However, melee weapons don’t have much cost efficiency and will likely not prove too effective in close quarters post the pistol rounds.


Flashbang Talon

Flashbangs are one of the best gadgets in the game. The gadget blinds anyone in its blast radius, temporarily reducing vision. Upgrades can improve throwing distance and increase gadget count to two. This means that Talon can be too oppressive with his blinds, information gathering, and chip damage.

The C4 is extremely powerful when used in the right moments. A C4 deals 100 damage from the center of the explosion, downing anyone caught in its radius. It can then be upgraded to increase throw range, which is a big deal since the base range is very small. The final upgrade increases damage to 150, which takes out rogues with upgraded armor and can deal more damage to enemies caught at the edge of its radius. The only issue with it is that it takes proper planning to use, and there are very few scenarios where it pays off.

Talon Perks

Here are Talon’s perks in order of cheapest to most expensive.

Shredder Rounds – Deals more damage to equipment and carry more rounds.
Padded steps – Silence the sound of footsteps when not sprinting.
Tenacity – Reduced damage from explosives.
Nimble Hands – Increases weapon swap speed and reload speed.
Tracker Rounds – Damaging enemies reveal them to your allies for several seconds.
Life Drain – Downing an enemy heals for a significant amount over a short duration.

The perks that seem most beneficial for Talon is the Tracker Rounds to boost his information gathering skills. The weapon swap speed from Nimble Handsis useful for when enemies decide to push you.

Talon Buy Order

Need a build order for completing Talon? We’ve got you covered.

Don’t buy anything in the first round.

Purchase your primary weapon in the second round. If you cannot buy in round two then save for round three. Consider the LMX if you are on a shorter map or playing a more CQB site. For anything else go the D3D-I, with Factory’s A site as a good example.

Third round should look to upgrade your primary weapon if possible. Alternatively, purchase the flashbang to give yourself some chance of escaping enemies pushing you. Another good use for the flashbang is to put pressure on your enemies for your allies, allowing them to flank or charge at enemies with little resistance.

Continue to upgrade either your gadgets or primary weapon in the fourth round so Talon can further scale is effectiveness.

By the fifth round, you can likely buy the Tracking Rounds perk to complete the ultimate information build for Talon.

The buy order is all about getting the most out of chip damage from his primary weapons. From there, the rest is about buying necessary utility and upgrading it when needed. While we didn’t suggest buying the C4, it is worth it if you know the enemies like to funnel certain chokepoints, or there is an Anvil on the enemy team. Some of the other perks are also situational, such as Tenacity. If a player finds that a Dima or Ronin are causing them problems, then Tenacity is a good counter for that playstyle. Talon is all about countering the opponent’s build path while trying to do as much chip damage as possible and playing for the team. Talon is very versatile and fills a solid role in the game that most other rogues do not. Keep this in mind when building Talon every game.

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson

Craig is passionate about two things: History and Gaming. Whilst at university, Craig focused his degree on history and voluntarily wrote about esports on the side. Nowadays, he tends to write about esports whilst enjoying history as a hobby.

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