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How to Play Gl1tch in Rogue Company

Craig Robinson

Gl1tch is one of the two current initiators in Rogue Company. While Dima is the ideal initiator with his constant barrage of grenades, Gl1tch plays quite a different role in Rogue Company. The game’s resident hacker man uses a mix of intel and ability denial to set his team up for breaking down key points in the map or taking sites.

We break down how to play Rogue Company's Gl1tch

Gl1tch is an initiator that hacks his opponents to secure victories for his team. (Photo courtesy Hi-Rez Studios)

Gl1tch’s Abilities

Gl1tch’s primary ability – Hack serves two functions. The first function is to scan his proximity, detecting enemy rogues and any deployed equipment. When he presses his hack ability any enemy gadgets or rogues will get a message saying, “intrusion detected”, which either destroys placed equipment or prevents enemies from using their ability for several seconds.

This ability allows Gl1tch to initiate fights in several ways. One way is to provide information to his team on whether there are enemies in the close area, and with a little luck, be able to call precisely where the enemies are with a bit of map knowledge. Alternatively, getting no information on the usual play locations means enemies are not there, which can indicate another push or defence strategy. During our playtesting, we found Gl1tch on the defense allowed a rotation from site to flank the enemy, which helped win the round that way.

The other strategy to initiate fights is by using his hack. Hacks prevent opponents from using abilities, which means your team can gain an advantage in fights for that window their abilities don’t work. This is particularly effective against duelists like Chaac or Scorch who need their ability to win the fight. However, there is one downside to the ability, enemy players that know the hack is coming will press their ability before the cast completes. If a gadget is picked up or an enemy rogue turns their ability on before the hack activates, then it will do nothing.

Gl1tch’s passive – Intuition allows him to detect enemy equipment at a distance. The passive is much more useful for the attacking side as Gl1tch can pick up where the enemy team is playing by reading deployable placements. This is particularly useful against pre-placed C4 that players might walk into, or for spotting Trench’s or Anvil’s Active Protection Systems, and Anvil’s Barricade ability. Combining this with his hack ability and he can wipe out those gadgets and equipment with ease.

Gl1tch’s Kit


Gl1tch's LMP-x is one of his main weapons

Gl1tch’s LMP-x is one of his main weapons and packs quite the punch.

Gl1tch shares his primary weapon choices with Chaac and Talon. Gl1tch’s SMG is the LMP-X the strongest SMG per round with it having the longest range for an SMG. This makes it a decent weapon for mid-range fights despite only using an SMG. The only issue is that Gl1tch’s role is an initiator, so this SMG might not be up to the task of contending against the longer range DMRs or assault rifles in the game. However, it is still an effective weapon as it has great damage potential and range. It techs up even further with the magazine and ADS improvements through its upgrades. Players will need to think about their engagements more and use the duelist(s) on his team to execute the initiations properly.

Gl1tch skl-6

Gl1tch’s choice weapon for defensive plays is the SKL-6.

The other weapon is the SKL-6, a pump-action shotgun that packs a punch. Unlike Chaac, who has an active healing ability, Gl1tch does not. For that reason, Gl1tch should avoid using the shotgun on the attacking side, as it creates a disadvantage when needing to push sites. However, the weapon is a great choice on the defense. Shotguns excel on narrow map pathways and surprising enemies by hiding in full cover near bombsites. Gl1tch can also perform the site denial role better by using his hack radius or detect where enemies are pushing from to better prepare for their site execute. Upgrading the shotgun to an eight-round capacity and increasing its range to nine are decent, especially when contending SMG players at a slight distance.

His sidearm is the Executioner, a long-range pistol that has a low rate of fire and high damage. The sidearm does well against all pistols at a distance but falls off against the machine pistols in close quarters. While it is a solid pistol fit for his playstyle, it does, however, fall off after the first round. His LMP has 16 range compared to the Executioner’s 15, so it does get side-lined in the later rounds. Though it is still an effective weapon for rotating if you go the shotgun build.

The melee weapon for Gl1tch is the Baseball Bat. It can deal 40 body damage and 100 throw damage. You can upgrade it to tier 1 to improve its lunge distance, and you can upgrade it to tier 2 to improve its body damage from 40 to 65. Once again, melee weapons are rather cost-inefficient, so avoid buying it in competitive games.


Gl1tch's Semtex Grenade

One of Gl1tch’s many gadgets is the explosive Semtex Grenade.

Gl1tch has a competent list of gadgets that help him get the job done. One of them is the semtex grenade. Because of the combination of his ability to gain intel, a Semtex grenade synergizes well. The situations could be to launch a semtex during the initiation or to deny pathways on certain sites. The semtex is also great for regular 1v1 since Gl1tch will likely lose gunfights at long angles or really short ranges with the SMG.

The upgrades for the Semtex increases the stick damage goes to 250, guaranteeing they one-shot a stuck opponent. The tier one upgrade also increases throw speed for securing those well-aimed throws. The final upgrade widens the explosion radius, so the 250 direct damage goes a lot further to surrounding enemies. This is going to be a crucial buy for Gl1tch regardless of strategy.

Gl1tch’s other Gadget is the flashbang. The flashbang is a good tool for also executing invitations by temporarily blinding opponents in its line of sight and radius. Tactically throwing flashbangs behind cover to give your team more room to execute a push is useful. Further upgrades can give Gl1tch better throwing range and increases the amount to 2 by the final tier. It is indeed an excellent addition to Gl1tch’s collection if you afford it.


Padded Steps – Silence the sound of your footsteps when not sprinting.
Cloaked – Become Immune to being revealed by enemies.
Bounce Back – Reduce health regen delay.
Nimble Hands – Increase weapon swap and reload speed.
Headstrong – Gain 25 points of armor.
Tracker Rounds – Damaging an enemy with a firearm briefly reveals them to your team.

Unlike most rogues in the game, Gl1tch has plenty of situational perks that are perfectly viable. However, a typical half in Rogue Company only really offers one – maybe two perks. This is where some situational awareness comes in. If you are struggling to push through with Gl1tch, buying the Headstrong perk is worth it. Typically, Tracker Rounds is useful, especially if no other ally has got that perk. Alternatively, Padded Steps and Cloaked are two great perks to buy as this means enemies will have fewer ques to work out what site Gl1tch plans to initiate a fight.

Buy order

Purchase nothing or buy a gadget.

Purchase a primary weapon of choice if you have $8000; if not then you can save.

Continue to upgrade primary weapon and or gadgets.

Ideally buy a perk for this round and spend the remaining money on upgrades to your kit.

Assess whether you need more perks, gadgets, or primary upgrades for the remaining rounds in the half.

Like with other rogues, the buy order is all about getting most bang for your buck every round. Normally saving the first round to secure a primary weapon in round two is the play, but Gl1tch is an initiator so taking a gadget is quite useful. For the remaining rounds, it is a standard build path.

Furthermore, adapting Gl1tch’s purchases from game to game is incredibly useful. Gl1tch is very flexible in his build path as he needs to adapt to the opponent’s strategy to initiate fights successfully. This is why most perks are so useful. Keep this in mind as you dominate the game with Gl1tch.

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson

Craig is passionate about two things: History and Gaming. Whilst at university, Craig focused his degree on history and voluntarily wrote about esports on the side. Nowadays, he tends to write about esports whilst enjoying history as a hobby.

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