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How to Play Dima in Rogue Company

Aaron Alford

Dima is a breacher rogue in Rogue Company with access to a high utility, high damage kit. He can carry two grenades for his gadgets and can activate a powerful cluster grenade as his primary ability. As a result of all of this dangerous utility, he is a great character to lead the way when entering and clearing a site. Dima is one of the six default rogues in Rogue Company and he is one of only a few breachers currently available in the game.


Dima's abilities and perks make him a useful teammate in Rogue Company. (Photo courtesy Hi-Rez Studios)


Dima’s active ability is called MIRV Launcher. This ability gives him access to a grenade launcher which can fire a cluster grenade once every round. This means that no matter which round it is, Dima is already prepared to launch a deadly volley of grenades. The cluster grenade launches eight grenades and can deal devastating damage to the enemy team. This ability is particularly useful for breaching heavily contested sites and for forcing enemies out from behind cover.

His passive ability is called Burned. It allows you and your team to see enemies that you down for a short time period. When this ability is activated, the downed enemy will be visible through walls and highlighted in bright red. This ability offers you and your team some intelligence about where the enemy team might be, based on where the downed player’s location. Be careful though, it can be tempting to push the revealed player recklessly, but don’t be baited into overextending and dying unnecessarily.

Dima’s Loadout


KA30 Assault Rifle

KA30 Dima

Dima’s first option in the primary gun slot is the KA30 Assault Rifle. This assault rifle is reasonably effective at all ranges, but it isn’t exceptional at any range. This rifle requires six body shots to down an unarmored enemy, is decently accurate, and features a 30 round magazine size. The magazine can be expanded to 40 rounds by upgrading the rifle to tier 1. At tier 2, the rifle will see an increase to its hip fire accuracy, and upgrading it to tier 3 will improve its damage at range. There is something to be said for a reliable and flexible rifle like this, since at the very least you will be equipped for whatever situation comes your way.

Mamba DMR

Dima Mamba DMR

The Mamba DMR is a high damage three-burst assault rifle which has the potential to absolutely destroy an enemy if you are accurate. Before damage falloff, this weapon deals 45 damage to the body which means it kills in three shots at close and medium ranges. It features a 30 round magazine, which means at a base level it can fire ten times before needing to reload. If you upgrade it to tier 1, the Mamba can carry 42 shots in its magazine. At tier 2, the overall recoil is reduced by 12% and its accuracy is improved slightly. At tier 3, the damage at range is increased significantly turning this weapon into a long range beast. The Mamba is likely the superior weapon to the KA30, especially if you can consistently land headshots with it.


Dima Executioner

Dima has access to the standard Executioner pistol. This is the most common pistol in the game. It deals 32 damage to the body, which means that it can down an enemy in four shots. It has a magazine size of 12 by default, which can be increased to 16 by upgrading the pistol to tier 1. At tier 2, the weapon will have improved hip fire accuracy and reduced recoil. This gun is generally not worth upgrading while playing Dima.

Throwing Axe

Dima Throwing Axe

Dima carries the throwing axe for his melee weapon. The axe will deal 40 damage when used to slash enemies and will deal 100 damage at base level when thrown. If you upgrade the axe to tier 1, it will be thrown faster, making it easier to land the hit on your target. At tier 2, the weapon will deal an extra 50 damage, which means it can down any opponent in the game, even if they have access to the Headstrong perk which gives them 25 extra armor.


EMP Grenade

EMP Grenade

His first available gadget is the EMP Grenade. This non-lethal grenade will disable enemy equipment and temporarily disable enemies from using abilities, gadgets, or their radar. Dima’s grenade can become exceedingly valuable for breaching sites or pushing a chokepoint. Throw the EMP in before launching your MIVR, and you may be able to disable equipment like an Active Protection Systems or Anvil Shields that would have otherwise intercepted your cluster grenade. You can upgrade this grenade to tier 1 to increase the duration of its effect and at tier 2 you will be able to carry two of them.



Dima also has access to a standard lethal grenade. Although this may seem boring, it is actually a very useful piece of utility for clearing out cover or finishing downed opponents that you can’t see, especially on attack. Learning the timing of the explosion is crucial to longterm success with this gadget. Grenades take a few moments to explode, so you can learn to cook your grenades, throwing it at the last moment so that the enemy doesn’t have enough time to clear out before it explodes. You can upgrade the grenade to tier 1 to increase its damage radius and at tier 2 you increase its overall damage to 125.


Dima has access to the following perks:

  • Shredder Rounds – Allows you to deal more damage to enemy equipment and carry extra ammunition
  • Berserker – Allows your character to reload while sprinting
  • Nimble Hands – Increases your reload speed and how quickly you can swap weapons
  • Bounce Back – Reduces the delay before you health starts to regenerate
  • Replenish – Downing an enemy reloads your weapon and gives you extra ammunition
  • Life Drain – Downing an enemy heals you

Dima tends to end up in a lot of heated gun fights, since he is usually the point man when assaulting a site. As a result, Bounce Back can be useful, since Dima often takes light to moderate damage while exposing himself to use his various breaching explosives. Nimble Hands can also be useful since it will lower your reload time, keeping you ready for action. Overall though, Dima’s perks are less important than unlocking both of his gadgets, so invest in the gadgets before buying any perks.

Buy Order

  • In the first round, buy nothing
  • Second round, purchase your rifle
  • Third round, invest in EMP and grenade
  • Fourth round, upgrade your primary weapon
  • Fifth round, either upgrade your gadgets or pick up a perk like Nimble Hands and Bounce Back

Since the biggest asset Dima brings to his team is his utility, that should be the primary focus of your buy order. You don’t need to buy anything in the first round. You already have your MIVR Launcher in the very first round and you want to ensure that you can purchase your primary in the second round. In the second round, pick up the primary. The Mamba is generally regarded as a superior weapon if you can use it, but both rifles are effective options. In the third round, pick up both of your gadgets if you have the money. If not, the EMP is more valuable for Dima, since it can set up his MIVR. Fourth round, add upgrades to your primary. Finally,  either upgrade your gadgets or start picking up perks.

Tips and Tricks

Although the MIVR launcher is a great breaching weapon, that isn’t the only way you can use it. For example, you can save it for a teamfight and then launch it at their cover once they are pinned down. Alternatively, you can use the MIVR Launcher to disengage from a fight, allowing your team to accomplish a tactical retreat. The MIVR is an incredible ability and when it is used creatively you can pull off some big brain moves.

Another tip for the MIVR Launcher is that you can control the spread of your grenades based on the angle you launch the weapon at. If you fire the cluster grenade directly at an enemy location, all the grenades will bunch up in one spot dealing a massive blow. This method is good if you are trying to pick up a kill on an enemy or force them out of a very specific spot. Another option is to launch the cluster grenade off a wall above the area you want to cover, which will lead to a larger spread of the grenades over a wider radius. This second method of using the launcher will do less damage to a single target, but will flush out enemies from a wider area overall.

When you have the choice between the EMP grenade and the lethal grenade, it is typically best to buy the EMP grenade. Although it won’t net you any kills, it will be a massive thorn in the side of enemies every single round. If you upgrade it all the way, you can even carry two of these things. There is nothing more frustrating to an enemy team than losing access to powerful abilities because the enemy Dima invested in the EMP grenade gadget.

Aaron Alford

Aaron Alford

Aaron is a 25 year old esports journalist who has worked with,,, among others. Aaron completed a Master's degree in Communication from the University of Dayton in 2018 (Go Flyers). Aaron has also worked as a national circuit debate coach and communication manager for emerging technology companies.

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