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How to play Dallas in Rogue Company

Aaron Alford

Dallas is an intelligence rogue in Rogue Company who has access to a colorful array of western themed weapons, including a revolver and a leather action rifle. According to his character description, Dallas is a former Texas lawman who is well known as an incredible tracker. In game, he can use his Target Finder ability to provide crucial information to your teammates about the whereabouts of enemies. Plus, his weapons are capable of dealing a lot of damage, especially if you can hit headshots. Dallas is a perfect rogue for anyone in who is partial to methodical long range combat, has decent aim, and enjoys developer included wallhack abilities in Rogue Company.


Dallas is an intelligence rogue with access to powerful cowboy themed weapons. (Photo courtesy Hi-Rez)

Dallas Abilitiess


Dallas’ active ability is called Target Finder and it reveals the closest enemy to you and your entire team for a short duration. When an enemy is found, you will be able to see them through walls. This ability is very powerful since it gives both you and your teammates key intelligence about where the nearest enemy is and what the enemy team’s position might be. When using Target Finder for the first time in a round, wait long enough into the round that the ability is useful to you. If you use it too early, it may go to waste since enemies are still too far away to engage. Enemies who are revealed will receive a message that they are visible, so keep that in mind.

His passive ability is called Recharge and it recharges Target Finder every time Dallas downs an opponent. This means that if you are able to pick up a kill on an enemy, you can immediately pop your reveal to see if any of their teammates are nearby looking for the revenge kill, or you can hold onto it for later use. In some scenarios, Dallas can chain multiple kills together using this recharging Target Finder ability. Dallas active and passive ability combine together into one of the most broken kits in the game. Being able to reveal enemy locations through walls multiple times a round to your whole team is very powerful, and one of the big reasons to play this rogue.

Dallas’ Loadout

HRM-30KS Assault Rifle

Dallas HRM-30KS

Dallas’ first option for a primary rifle is the HRM-30KS. This is a standard automatic assault rifle, carried by multiple rogues in the game. This rifle will kill an unarmored opponent in five shots, and an armored opponent in six shots. The HRM-30KS features a 20 round magazine and a 1.9 second reload time. If you upgrade the gun to tier 1 it sees an increase of range from 23 to 27, at tier 2 the hip fire accuracy is significantly improved, and finally at tier 3 this rifle gains a suppressor and has reduced recoil.  When used properly, this assault rifle can deal devastating damage very quickly at midrange, and can hold its own at long range when upgraded.


Dallas Devotion

The Devotion lever-action rifle is Dallas’ second primary option. This is a DMR type weapon with six shots, which are reloaded one by one, allowing for partial reloads. This gun goes well with Dallas’ cowboy theme, and is quite deadly if you can manage to land headshots. It takes three body shots to down an enemy, but only one headshot and one body shot to down an unarmored opponent. As far as upgrades go, at tier 1 this weapon has increased bullet penetration, at tier 2 the magazine size is expanded to eight and the reload speed is increased by ten percent, and at tier 3 this rifle no longer experiences damage falloff at range. A fully leveled up Devotion is incredible at long range and mid-range, though you will likely struggle in short range encounters.

LW6 Revolver

Dallas Revolver

The LW6 Revolver is a unique and fun to use side arm which also goes with the cowboy aesthetic. It has a magazine size of 6 and can kill enemies with 3 body shots up close, though its ranged damage drops off considerably. You can improve the revolver’s range by nearly 30% by upgrading this weapon to tier 1, and a tier 2 version of the revolver will also have 25% better hip fire accuracy and lower overall recoil. This is one of the weapons where upgrading it actually makes sense, especially if you plan to carry the Devotion which is weak at closer ranges.

Throwing Axe

Dallas Throwing Axe

Dallas’ melee weapon is the throwing axe. The axe deals the standard 40 damage to the body and 100 throw damage like most other melee weapons in the game. You can upgrade the weapon to tier 1 to increase its throw speed and to tier 2 to increase the throw damage. With increased throw damage, the throwing axe can down even armored opponents in a single throw.


EMP Grenade


EMP Grenade

The EMP Grenade can be thrown to damage equipment and block enemy rogues from using their abilities, gadgets, or minimap for a short time. It can be upgraded to tier 1 to increase the duration of the EMP effect and at tier 2 you will be able to carry an extra grenade. Although this grenade won’t kill anyone, it can be a useful way to breach a site where you expect a lot of resistance, since it essentially disables enemies from using anything but their guns.

Incendiary Grenade

EMP Grenade

The Incendiary Grenade is a lethal ordinance that creates a pool of fire for a short duration. Enemies who are in this field will take damage, so it is useful for clearing an enemy position, or blocking enemies from taking specific routes for a short time. At tier 1, the radius of the fire pool will be increased and at tier 2 the duration of the fire pool will increase as well. Lethal grenades are highly useful, especially for attacking teams trying to breach the site. This is a great purchase option for both attack and defense.


Dallas has access to the following perks:

  • Padded Steps – Silences your footstep sounds whenever you are not sprinting
  • Berserker – Gain the ability to reload while you sprint
  • Stalker – Removes the aim down sites speed penalty, allowing you to move faster while aiming
  • Bounce Back – Reduces the delay before your health starts regenerating
  • Headstrong – You gain an extra 25 Armor
  • Replenish – Downing an enemy reloads your weapon and gives you extra ammunition

There are a couple really strong perks here that can help supercharge Dallas’ kit. Padded Steps can enable Dallas’ to take devastating flank angles, especially when combined with his Target Finder ability. Stalker is a must have for late half aim duels, since it will allow you to peak in and out of cover faster. Finally, Headstrong is always a good option to purchase when it is available, since it never hurts to have an extra 25 armor.

Buy Order

  • In the first round, buy the upgrade to your pistol to Tier 1
  • Second round, buy your primary rifle
  • Third round, invest in the incendiary grenade or the Headstrong perk if you can afford it
  • Fourth round, upgrade your rifle
  • Fifth round, buy Stalker or Headstrong if you haven’t bought it yet

This buy order starts with the tier 1 version of the pistol. This will give you a big range advantage against almost every other rogue in the first round, since most pistols are worse at range than Dallas’ unique revolver. In the second round, pick up your primary rifle. The Devotion is the better weapon, but both guns are effective choices. Next you want to invest in either armor or the incendiary grenade. Both of them are good options at this point, the armor is probably the better option on defense assuming you have enough money, while the grenade is stronger while attacking. If you buy the incendiary, you may have enough left over to purchase your tier 2 pistol upgrade at this point as well. In the fourth round invest in weapon upgrades to make your primary rifle better, then finally in the fifth round start purchasing perks like Stalker and Padded Steps to improve Dallas’ overall effectiveness.

Tips and Tricks

When using the Devotion, your biggest advantage in aim dules is how much damage each shot of his weapons can deal. As a result, the best way to win many Dallas’ duels is to fire a shot, then duck back into cover before the enemy can acquire you as a target. With the single shot damage advantage, this strategy can often translate into duel wins, if you actually hit your shots of course.

If you decide to play with the Devotion, it is a good idea to upgrade your pistol completely. The Devotion is a powerful weapon, but it can be very ineffective at short range due to its slow rate of fire. In a pinch, it’s good to know that you can whip out your tier 2 revolver to pick up a short range kill when needed. Dallas’ is one of the few rogues in the game where upgrading his pistol is worth it, so keep that in mind.

Finally, if you down an enemy and don’t feel immediately threatened by another enemy player, try to save your Target Finder ability until you really need it. Many Dallas’ players will pop their surveillance ability as soon as they get a kill, and in some situations this is definitely the right thing to do. However, late round fights can often come down to which team has intelligence on the other, so Dallas’ ability can come in really handy in those high pressure situations. If you can save it, Target Finder is a nice ace to have up your sleeve.

Aaron Alford

Aaron Alford

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