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DXRacer Air Series Gaming Chair Review

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DXRacer Air Series

DXRacer has long been one of the top names in gaming chairs. With the introduction of their new Air Series A, they add a mesh back gaming chair to their catalog. With their long history of excellence, DXRacer hit a home run with the Air.

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DXRacer has long been one of the premier names in racing and gaming chairs. However, there has always been one thing missing from their catalogs of chairs. A mesh back gaming chair. That is no longer the case with the newly released DXRacer Air Series chair. The biggest revolution to the Air is spring-based construction. While many mesh chairs on the market rely on the mesh to bear the weight of the user, causing issues over time, DXRacer has alleviated that pressure using springs. Does this make the Air an immediate home run?

DXRacer Air Series Specifications

Chair Height: 4.2 feet to 4.6 feet

Maximum User Height: 6’6

Weight Limit: ~250 lbs

Tilt: 90 to 135 degrees

Armrests: 4D


One of the biggest pros of mesh back gaming chairs is the breathability the material offers. And the Air is no different, as the mesh allows great airflow for lengthy hours of gaming. During the review process, lengthy gaming sessions would last upwards of six hours without any back sweat to speak of.

Additionally, the lightweight Air feels like you are floating on a cloud. DXRacer has built some of the best wheels in the business and the chair simply glides around while moving. The lightweight feel also helps with the construction process, which can very easily be completed by one person in short order.

In terms of comfort, mesh chairs can lag behind their plushier, memory foam counterparts. That remains true for the Air, to a degree, as it can be a tad stiff. That being said, the Air does tend to be far more comfortable than most other mesh chairs on the market. Additionally, this was no longer an issue after spending some time to figure out the best positioning of the lumbar support. So, as long as you’re willing to tinker a bit and find what works best for you, there is nothing to complain about.

The chair does not adjust vertically as much as others in the market and that can be a turn-off to some. Optically, the height is pretty much in the perfect spot for hours sitting at a desk. But, if you like having your chair very high or very low, the Air might not be the best choice.


At this point, we know that DXRacer can build comfortable, sturdy chairs. The Air is no different, as everything from the armrests to the head pillow to the adjustable lumbar support is wonderfully constructed. The chair reclines deeply and with ease. So, if you are looking to take a nap in your gaming chair – hey, we don’t judge – you are more than able to do so.

Just like other DXRacer chairs, the Air has a modular design. This means that there are several extra components that can be added to your chair. These include a footrest, a cup holder, and a “multifunctional support” to hold a laptop and phone. These are completely optional, it is still pretty cool that there are some added features you can purchase if you love your chair.

DXRacer Air Footrest

DXRacer Air Footrest

What is it? This modular addition allows you to kick your feet up after a long day of gaming and relax. The pull-out design makes it easy to put away when not needed and extend when it is time to chill and watch your favorite streamers.


The DXRacer Air Series is immediately one of the best mesh back chairs we have had the luxury of testing. It is amazing what the shock-absorbing springs can do for prolonged sitting. Though you may never specifically notice them, they make a huge difference.

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Typically, if you are specifically looking for a mesh back chair, you have certain expectations. The Air exceeds those expectations and we don’t think you are finding much better on the market.

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