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Boston Uprising Announces Munchkin’s Departure

Jalen Lopez

Boston Uprising announced Monday that Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byun has mutually parted ways with the organization. Munchkin’s reasons for leaving are currently unknown and it is unclear if he is moving to a new team.

munchkin overwatch boston

Munchkin has left Boston Uprising. (Photo courtesy Boston Uprising)

The President of Gaming Chris “HuK” Loranger wished the DPS player luck and respected his decision to leave: “Munchkin is a talented veteran and smart, capable leader.” Said Loranger. “We are respectful of his decision to depart from the team and wish him luck in his next venture.”

Munchkin joined the Boston Uprising in November of last year and only made one appearance this season while on the team. He played against New York Excelsior during the first Homestand Series of the season where Boston was defeated in a swift 3-0 match.

Prior to joining the Uprising, Munchkin played for Seoul Dynasty. Towards the end of season two in 2019 Munchkin was removed from the active roster due to health concerns and suffered tenosynovitis in his hands. Before playing for Seoul Dynasty, Munchkin was a part of the Lunatic Hai roster that eventually formed the basis of the Seoul Dynasty lineup.

Munchkin’s departure leaves Boston with two DPS players: Min “Jerry” Tae-hui and Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse. The two players have played almost match together so far this season but might be affected by the new hero bans that will take effect this week. The players may not be efficient with certain heroes which could be very detrimental for the team.

Boston Uprising will face Washington Justice and Atlanta Reign at the next Homestand Series on March 7th – 8th.